Mango Teabags

  • 10 Carton(s)
  • Raintree
  • 702057070608
  • Tea bag
  • Dried crushed tea leaves
  • Slight sweetness from the tea with Mango Flavour
  • 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea
  • 25.8 x 28 x 13 cm
  • 24 boxes per carton / 24 boxes per carton
  • 24 months
  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • Johor Port

Product details of Mango Teabags

Usage:- Take out a teabag of dried fruit tea Malaysia from the packaging. You can choose any type of dried fruit tea that suit your mood. Besides Mango Teabags, RainTree brand provides numerous variations of dried fruit teas for you, such as Coconut Teabags, Passion Fruit Teabags and Peach Teabags. No worries, there is always a RainTree brand tea that can satisfy your taste buds.

Then, select a cup or a pot to drink your tea from. After boiling the water, let it cool down for 2 to 3 minutes for the optimum flavour of tea. To make a cup of dried mango fruit tea, place the teabag in the cup and pour 180 ml of hot water, which is between 95°C – 100°C, onto the teabag. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes before consuming it for a stronger aroma. Take out the teabag and enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of tea!

This dried mango fruit tea from Malaysia may be consumed on its own or with other ingredients such as sugar or honey. You can even prepare it as hot or iced tea to your liking! Different preparation methods are sure to spark some new sensations in your life. Let’s fill your life with the sweetness of mango and the aroma of Ceylon Black Tea of Mango Teabags!

PackagingThis dried mango fruit tea comes with 100 sachets of teabags in each box. Therefore, it is suitable to be purchased by catering industries, hotels, retailers or offices in large bulk. Each bulk contains 12 or 24 boxes per carton. It is recommended to purchase in bulk for better deals.

About RainTree

has become a specialist manufacturer of teas, coffees and confectioneries for 38 years since 1979. For 26 years, the brand has worked as a Halal tea supplier and manufacturer. The founders' passion for gourmet tea and coffee drives the brand to continue sourcing high-quality materials, manufacturing, and scrutinising product quality. This makes the customers believe in RainTree and its products. As RainTree’s slogan, "Taste is our Passion, and Quality is our Principle," the brand will continuously offer its customers a selection of superior quality teas, coffees and confectioneries with its devotion in gourmet and principle.

Overview Of This Dried Fruit Tea In Malaysia

Made with high quality tea leaves, after processing, dried crushed tea leaves have been packed in a teabag for simple usage and storage. A unique fruit flavour with a slight sweetness is added to the teabag to brighten up your day. Our dried fruit tea Malaysia is an ideal beverage to get you started in the early morning, to refresh your breath in the afternoon, or even to relax your mind at night for a good sleep.

Our Mango Tea provides you a sweet, rich sensory experience. When you take the rich profile of Mango and toss it into a cup of Ceylon Black Tea, you get an amazing tea that is light, yet intense.

It provides a wonderful fruity experience served over ice, or hot!

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