Nerd Words' Science Educational Board Game

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Product details of Nerd Words' Science Educational Board Game

UsageSince the dawn of man until today, people play games for entertainment, socialising, and to stimulate the mind in various ways. And of the many forms that games are available in, board and card games are among the classics. Indeed, it is not just children in kindergarten or elementary school, let alone high school that enjoy playing board games, but adults of every age as well.

Nevertheless, the act of playing games, whether on a board or otherwise, are still often viewed as hobbies and diversions that are viewed as entirely separate from the process of learning in school, or even training at work. Research and experience over the years suggest a different perspective: while they are not the only thing that is necessary, playing games based on understanding specific rules and practicing their use can contribute a lot towards applying that understanding in other ways.

For example, being exposed to a large English vocabulary in a game can encourage exercise of one’s understanding of spelling and grammar rules. The same can apply to other fields that involve a wide body of knowledge and varying principles, such as math or science.

So as someone responsible for education or occupational training, how do you take advantage of this concept? It’s simple: design and print board games based on the subjects you teach. And Allegro Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is here to help you produce an Educational Board Game, customized, assembled, and printable to your exact specifications.

How will you get started? Here are some advised steps to take:

1) Based on the subject or field you teach, take some time to design the Educational Board Game you wish to produce. It’s a good idea to get your students involved in the process right from the start as a sort of school project to get them interested. How many people will play? What is the goal of the game? How much space is needed to play? You can answer these questions and more during the design stage.

2) Place an order for your Educational Board Game with us at Allegro Marketing Sdn Bhd. During the process of taking your order and creating the board game, we will continue to consult and collaborate with you to ensure that this customizable product meets your teaching needs.

3) Once the design process is complete, the ordered quantity of board games will be manufactured and shipped to you. You may choose to specify certain parts such as boards or pieces that need to be assembled or filled out during play, to encourage a DIY approach among your students and other players.

With these steps in mind, we can surely deliver an Educational Board Game that matches your plans, and allows the students to get the most out of it!

Certifications & Mentions:

  1. Flexible and Customizable Designs: With considerable experience in the field of printing and manufacturing, Allegro Marketing Sdn. Bhd. knows all about designing and producing various physical products according to exact specifications. Whatever design you have in mind for your Educational Board Game, Allegro Marketing Sdn. Bhd. can make it just the way you imagined.

  2. Prompt Service: With the amount of precision and coordination it takes to make custom and branded products, a good team with strong internal and client communication is needed. So it is with us as well. Continued communication and instruction is essential to what we do, and we will be sure to fill your orders exactly.

  3. OEM Manufacturing: We aim to support businesses in need and aiming to expand based on our capabilities. Whatever products you order, you may specify labeling and branding as well, whether to carry your own brand or that of your organization.

PackagingThe Educational Board Games produced by Allegro Marketing Sdn. Bhd. will be stored in individual cardboard boxes and wrapped in a protective plastic layer. Shipments will be made in a volume sufficient to fill a standard 20ft container, or an agreed-upon less-than-container load (LCL) which can be determined upon placing your order.

Storage InstructionsEach Educational Board Game is stored in a cardboard box, and may include components made of paper, plastic, or metal. Therefore, you should store it in a place that is safe from humidity, excess water, or excess heat. This prevents any part of the game from being damaged and becoming unusable. After unpacking the board game for inspection or play, be sure to count each part and store them properly so that none are lost.

Overview of Educational Board Game

The practice of so-called “gamification” has become more common in both education and the workplace, the term referring to practices that provide scoring, rules, and practices similar to games, sometimes even rewards for the best performers.

Such forms of motivation can be good to encourage competitive instincts and have students or workers put forth more effort. However, that method alone does not promote the other notable benefit of playing games: the development of relevant skills.

Athletes like footballers or tennis players learn through hands-on competition, certainly. But they also master their skills through practice and simulation in a more controlled environment. This has been noted as well in the medical and aviation fields, where trained staff such as surgeons and pilots practice their expert skills using mechanical simulators as well. This is what we aim to help you do with our Educational Board Games too.

Not just students at any grade, but even trained professionals can brush up on their skills and see their duties in a new light every now and then when they play a well-designed game that emphasizes their knowledge, helps to expand it further and see it in a new light, and work as a team with their classmates and coworkers. With this in mind, the appeal of such ideas in helping to create a class of smart students or a team of smart workers can surely be seen as well.

Why not get started today? Place your order and add an Educational Board Game to your teaching repertoire!

Specifications of Nerd Words' Science Educational Board Game

- Customizable educational board games printed and manufactured to order by Allegro Marketing Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia
- May contain boards, pieces, and cards according to purchaser specification
- Incorporates cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal components

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