Promotional PP Hand Fan

  • Plastic
  • PP material - Smooth bright or Matte surface
  • Durable, Flexible, Long lasting good for promotional purpose
  • Corporate promotional item
  • Kajang
  • Malaysia

Product details of Promotional PP Hand Fan

Usage Instruction: Just like any other plastic handheld fan, you just need to hold, or gently grip the handle of the fan by using your hand, and swiftly swing the hand fan until you feel the nice breeze from the fan. If you want a stronger puff of air, you have to swing it faster.

Storage Instruction:  It is advisable to store Allegro Marketing’s hand fan at room temperature which is between the temperatures of 23°C and 26°C (73.4°F and 78.8°F) in a cool, dry environment. You can keep it anywhere in the house whether on the vanity desk, shelf, cabinet, and other places you like. However, stay away from putting it in a hot spot for an extended period of time, such as in a microwave, oven, near a fire, or in direct sunlight. This is due to the fact that plastic is quickly melted and destroyed when in contact with fire or other hot substances.

Manufacturing: The hand fan distributed by Allegro Marketing consist of two types, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). While ODM, also known as "private labelling," occurs when an importer selects an existing product concept and layout from a factory catalogue, modifies it slightly, and then markets it under their own brand name, OEM is essentially related to a business that produced an item that another business later resold or renamed. ODM products are finished or pre-designed goods that are marketed under the customer's brand name, while OEM products are sold by the manufacturer in accordance with the customer's personalized design.

Shipping Information: A unit of white rounded hand fan with a dimension of L 16cm x H 14cm (6.29in x 5.51in) manufactured under the brands of Allegro Marketing will be packed in a carton. The customers are free to request the preferable design (shape and size) of the hand fan as the manufacturer is providing the ODM and OEM. In addition, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this product is 1x Pallet in LCL or 1x 20ft Container. It is negotiable to combine any other Allegro Marketing product packaging in the same container.

Certifications/Claims: Since the company's founding, all products produced by Allegro Marketing, including this hand fan, have received significant accreditation. Among them are:

  1. Halal Certified: Allegro Marketing has received halal accreditation from the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) for the benefit of their Muslim customers in Malaysia, indicating that they rigorously comply with JAKIM's guidelines for manufacturing halal products like this handheld fan.

  2. Buatan Malaysia: All of the goods sold by Allegro Marketing, including these plastic handheld fans, are produced entirely domestically, in Malaysia.

Hand Fan Overview

Any wide, broad surface that is swung back and forth in order to generate wind flow is referred to as a hand fan or precisely a handheld fan. Originally, the majority of specifically designed hand fans are foldable fans, which are structured like a sector of a circle and created of a lightweight fabric or feathers set on slats that revolve around a pivot so that it may be folded when not being used. Before the invention of mechanized fans, hand fans were utilised.

The airflow from hand fans encourages water loss on human skin, which has a cooling effect because water evaporation causes heat transfer, which causes heat to be transferred. The warmer air produced by a body temperature that covers the skin improves heat convection when the environment's temperature is lower than the skin temperature, which is typically about 33 °C (91 °F), adding to the cooling impact. Folding fans are light and portable.

However, hand fans that are made of fabric, paper or feathers don't last long as they are fragile and easy to get damaged. Hence, as we are living in a world surrounded by advanced and high technology, the manufacturing of plastic-made hand fans started to emerge. Plastics are known as one of the most durable materials which have a longer shelf life compared to conventional materials for making a hand fan. This is why, our hand fan distributor and wholesaler, Allegro Marketing has opted to manufacture premium and top-notch quality hand fans made of Polypropylene plastic (PP).

Hence, what is PP and what is the difference between PP and any other plastic? Well, PP is one of the thermoplastics with the greatest global usage. Applications for polypropylene include fibres and fabrics as well as plastic packaging and components for industrial machinery and other types of equipment.  It's regarded as being among the safe and most sustainable plastics in general. Polypropylene has no known side effects that are suspected to be carcinogenic, and the FDA has authorized its usage as a material for food containers. Differing from any other plastic hand fan manufacturer, Allegro Marketing only utilized sustainable materials in producing its product, including this hand fan as they are very concerned about the sustainability of the environment, economy and society.

About Allegro Marketing

In the corporate gift market, Allegro Marketing has been a reputable supplier of corporate products since 1991. It specialises in bespoke product design, corporate mementoes, promotional gift items, official stuff, and licensee products. In addition, Allegro Marketing serves as a qualified promotional consultant for both the government and private sectors in this market. Our company can help you minimizes the amount of time you need to spend on research and raise your chances of success when creating your own product brand by offering a full range of design services. Additionally, OEM and ODM services are also provided, including idea generation, concept development, design, manufacture, and supply. Allegro Marketing is ready to help a company that offers any kind of business including import, export, retailing, and web marketing. Additionally, training, consulting, and promotional planning are also offered. Still feeling hesitant? Don't worry, more than 50,000 different samples in a wide range of categories are now on display in our showroom, which has a square footage of about 3,000. Feel free to come over and take a look at our samples anytime before wholesale our products.

Hand Fan Product Range

- Made of Polypropylene plastic (PP)
- Provides a smooth bright and matte surface
- Has a dimension of L 16cm x H 14cm (6.29in x 5.51in)
- Suitable to use as a corporate promotional item
- The design, printing colours, shape and sizes are customisable
- Made in Malaysia

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