Custom Packaging Tin Box

  • Custom Made/Branding Metal Tin box Packaging
  • Food grade Gold/Silver metal tin with Matt or Bright Vanishing
  • Light, Durable, Reusable, Long lasting
  • Promotional packaging - Any Exclusive shapes, Unique Colored design, Various Size
  • Depends on item specifications
  • Kajang
  • Malaysia

Product details of Custom Packaging Tin Box

UsageSafe, clean, and durable storage solutions and containers are an essential part of everyday life, whether to transport materials, ingredients, and documents around, to keep them safe and neat in storage, or simply to organize everyday things. Such containers can take the form of trays, boxes, or cans, and are easily taken for granted when you have them, but are quickly missed when you don’t have enough of them. So why not make use of Allegro Marketing Sdn Bhd’s Custom Metal Box service, to make sure that you always have the containers you need?

Made of metal or metallic materials such as aluminium or tin boxes with finish that resembles stainless steel, each Custom Metal Box can be ordered individually or in bulk. And instead of simply selecting one of many pre-made designs, you can order them with dimensions big or small, and either bright or matte varnished exterior that allows for simple or elegant designs. When it comes to your specifications, feel free to get as creative as you want, and Allegro will do their best to fill your order.

Allegro Marketing Sdn. Bhd.’s Custom Metal Boxes are built to last long. Furthermore, their structure being made out of tin means that while they are electrically resistant and not prone to corrosion, they may be easily scratched and warped, particularly if you use them to transport sharp materials such as nails, staples, or thumbtacks as part of everyday work.

Here are some simple steps you can carry out by yourself (DIY) to add a layer of padding to your Custom Metal Box:

1. Cut out a sufficiently-sized sheet of paper from sources such as old glossy magazines or newspapers.
2. Open the lid of your Custom Metal Box.
3. Cut out a thin layer of soft material like sponge or foam, no thicker than 2cm (0.79 inches) and use it to line the bottom of the Custom Metal Box.
4. Place your cut paper over the layer of soft material, and use your fingers to press it around and upwards, molding it against the corners and lip of the packaging box in a shape that resembles a bowl.
5. Store any sharp or heavy small objects in the box without worry about it getting scratched.

Just like that, your Custom Metal Box will last longer, without getting scratched up from the inside regardless of what you decide to use it to store!

Certifications & Mentions:

  1. Product Customisation: Each Custom Metal Box you order is specifically tailored to your needs and wants. Whether for souvenirs for a one-off event, packaging design for a product line, or simply a storage and organization solution for your home or office, Allegro will be sure to deliver exactly what you need.

  2. OEM Label/Packaging Customisation: Not only will each metal container be produced and assembled according to your exacting specifications, you may arrange to have them packaged, shipped, and labeled with your company logo or other information. This allows you to use each Custom Metal Box as packaging for a wide selection of your own products, such as packaging for snacks like cookies or chocolate tins, or as enclosures and containers on their own that can be sold to consumers.

  3. Competitive Prices and Swift Service: It is precisely because of the flexibility of the Custom Metal Box orders that you shouldn’t have to break the bank. When you place an order, you won’t have to worry about price whether you order just a few, or enough for lots of customers. Our agents will take your order to exact specifications, just when you need them to.

PackagingThe individual Custom Metal Boxes made to your specifications by Allegro Marketing Sdn. Bhd. will be shipped in individual cartons cushioned to avoid damage during shipping. Each order of Custom Metal Boxes and their cartons will be sufficient to fill a standard 20ft container load, though a less-than-container load (LCL) can also be negotiated to your specifications when you place an order.

Storage InstructionsWhile each Custom Metal Box is made to be durable, you are advised to take certain precautions when storing or transporting them. Avoid storing Custom Metal Boxes in conditions exposed to excessive heat or dirt to avoid warping, scratching, or stains. When storing Custom Metal Boxes stacked atop one another, remember to place the lids atop each one before stacking, to ensure that the top and sides are not strained and forced out  of shape by the weight.

Overview of Custom Metal Box

Do you ever feel annoyed when you’re faced with the situation of not having a place for all your small or loose household objects? Having trouble getting organized at home or in the workplace? Maybe you don’t worry too much about that because you have a hoard of plastic bags, plastic boxes, or even styrofoam. But those materials decompose over time, not to mention having a terrible environmental impact

That’s one reason to go back to the old classics: environmental impact and reusability. When you want to keep something around in a container that lasts against damage and decay, why not order a Custom Metal Box from Allegro Marketing Sdn. Bhd.? You may order as many as you need! Each is custom-made in size, shape, and design, to fit your living space and other needs exactly.

Need a gift box that stands out at an event you’re visiting? Or maybe you’re hosting the event and giving out souvenirs. Maybe you are even manufacturing delicious snacks or other small items and putting them up for sale! All these and more are a good reason to make a custom bulk order from Allegro.

While they may seem unassuming, each Custom Metal Box is not only sturdy and well-suited to last long, but can be coloured with various exterior patterns, with plenty of room to decorate even after you receive them.

As long as you need a safe and clean place to put something, Allegro’s Custom Metal Box will be able to meet your needs.

Specifications of Custom Metal Box

- Customizable metal boxes made in Selangor by Allegro Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
- Made of tin, which is resistant to rusting and electrical conductivity, on top of being waterproof and suited for the outdoors
- Prone to being affected by heat, avoid prolonged exposure to bright sunlight and flame
- Highly customizable upon order, feel free to specify dimensions and coulor

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