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Product details of Exhibition Custom-Made Booth Design

UsageIn today’s fast-paced business world where transactions and promotions move at light speed in digital spaces, the importance of advertisement and promotion in physical space may seem less significant at first glance. However, the effectiveness of trade show booths and exhibit booths at conventions, trade shows, roadshows, and other exhibitions cannot be understated.

Trade events have long been a valued space in many fields of business for various firms to not only show off their quality products and services, but also network with various prospective clients or collaborators in order to grow their business and take it to the next level.

But designing your allotted space for an event to be welcoming to visitors can be difficult, on top of the logistics and labor of making sure that the necessary furniture elements like seating, tables, or kiosks are available for the comfort of guests, and present your products in the best light.

That’s where M&T Resources comes in! With their Custom Made Booth Design services, M&T Resources provides you all you need to set up a custom made exhibition booth design. From a creative design, to quality materials that are sturdy and attractive and made with high technology, to the work of setup and assembly, M&T Resources is here to assist you and your business in every step of the way.

While exhibition booths at various events can vary significantly in terms of scale and style thanks to the Custom Made Booth Design service, the steps to design and administer a simple shell scheme or island booth at an event are much the same:

1) Do your research: visit trade shows/events and make note of what makes other booths stand out, or reference images and video of such events.

2) Figure out your goals: recognise the identity and core products/services of your brand and decide how you’re going to highlight them.

3) Plan your budget: decide how much you can spare on the event, preferably several months in advance. Make your bookings and figure out how much you can work with in terms of displays and floor space.

4) Let the creative team work: when the practical details are figured out, marketing and PR can go all out and do their best with what they are given.

5) Trust the professionals: that’s M&T Resources! They’ll do all the heavy lifting for you, every step of the way. Even so, following the steps described can give them a good vision for what you want to go for as part of their Custom Made Booth Design service and get the job done fast and within budget.

Certifications & Mentions:

  1. Multi-Skilled And Experienced Team: M&T Resources is comprised of experts in several fields pertinent to the Custom Made Booth Design service; not only event managers, planners, and administrators, but also carpentry and construction experts that will assist you in getting an exhibit that’s just as you envision.

  2. Graphic Design And Printing Expertise: Having difficulty designing your own graphics for your booth? Don’t worry, consulting with M&T Resources graphic designers as part of the Custom Made Booth Design package ensures you’ll get the most striking and eye-catching visual designs for your exhibition, and the facilities to print them out as needed.

  3. Carpentry Expertise: Not only banners, flyers, and displays are designed to exact standards. With experience in carpentry and production, M&T Resources consultants use quality materials to construct and assemble exactly what you need for your booth, including modular and portable designs that you can customise for.


PackagingAll materials including banners, booths, and paneling can be shipped to business premises at an address of your choice, or a preselected event site. Shipment size is 1x20ft container as standard, or negotiable to a minimum of 1 pallet at below less-than-container load (LCL).

Storage instructionsAs M&T Resources’ Custom Made Booth Designs are composed in large part of metal, wood, and cardboard parts, make sure to store them in cool, dry places away from excessive heat or moisture to prevent warping or water damage. Storing components in boxes cushioned by bubble wrap and/or styrofoam is advised.

Overview of Custom Made Booth Design

Promoting a business and raising the profile of a firm doesn’t just take mechanical effort and repetition, it takes inspiration and vision. Trade events and exhibitions are prime time for creative work and passion to really pay off, but even the most inspired effort towards promotions and networking needs proper logistics to pay off well on the big day.

This is not to mention that design work is hard: events can take place outdoors or indoors, in a variety of environments. Floor space is at a premium, and all your biggest competitors will be exhibiting at trade events as well. That’s not something you have to deal with alone.

Call up M&T Resources and ask for their Custom Made Booth Design service today! Working hand in hand with you, M&T’s attentive, innovative staff will assist in every step to get you set up at your next event, from steps like planning and booking, graphic design and printing, all down to booth panel design, assembly, and construction.

Every aspect of the design remains in your firm hands, and M&T will spare no effort in making your vision into reality.

Before pulling your hair out planning for your company’s next trade show or exhibition, trust M&T Resources’ Custom Made Booth Design instead!

Specifications of Custom Made Booth Design

- Planning, design, and assembly services for events led by M&T Resources using modern technology
- Construction carried out with quality materials by experts
- Assisted conceptualization and execution of graphic design
- Transportation of booth components to event site or business premises

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