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  • This pop up system is attached to the exhibit frame using magnetic fittings
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Product details of Pop Up Counter

Usage InstructionsWith simple designs, the pop up display counter is straightforward to use. We have just the perfect steps to make your installment period a breeze. First, remove the components from the carry bag. Second, you’ll need to ensure you have all the necessary elements to install the pop up counter. Next, go ahead and erect the structure, making sure that the magnetic connectors snap together. Now, you’ll need to fix the vertical magnetic rails too, so go ahead and ensure the bars are connected well. These connectors are essential in securing the structure as well as holding the graphic wrap.

To form the curve shape at the corners, affix the flexible magnetic connector to the end of the pop up counter display. Now, this skeleton of a structure is ready to fit on the shelves. Gently insert the middle and lower shelves. Also, you’ll need to angle the shelf slightly to assist in the fitting. With M&T Resources, all popup counter shelves are sure to fit in place as per design specifications.

Time to bring in the graphics! Go ahead and line the graphic on the magnetic buttons of the top structure. Make sure that the magnetic tape aligns with the vertical connectors. Affix the graphics to both ends of the frame ensuring to align the magnetic tapes and buttons.

Now to assemble the countertop you’ll need to open up the laminated tabletop. This next step is a little tricky. You’ll need to align the underside of the hubs and graphics with the slots from the top. Once accomplished, you’ll be satisfied to know that you’re almost done with the assembly. All you need to do now is secure the exhibition counter table with velcro. It is necessary to secure the table top with velcro wrapped around the frame tubing before any show or event.

And there you have it, folks, that’s all there is to it! Your pop up counter is now ready for any trade show or promotional event. Once you’re done for the day, just reverse the process to dismantle the pop up counter and arranged it in the padded carrying bag. Ready to be stowed away in the storage room the pop up counter can also fit the trunk of your car.

Certifications & Mentionings: For their sustainable practices, the M&T Resources Pop Up Counter have implemented the following standards for their product.

  1. 100% recyclable: Built with aluminium frames, the pop up counter foldable frames are 100% recyclable. It is estimated that about 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still being used today. In fact, recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than producing it through raw materials. Also, it reduces 97% of greenhouse gases by cutting out the primary production process. So, remember to recycle those aluminium!

  2. No Solvents: As a company that values the health of the public, all graphics on the pop up counter are free of solvents. Solvents are compounds often used to dilute or dissolve certain materials or substances. In fact, different solvents can have different effects on your health. Lower levels of exposure to solvents can cause irritation of the eyes, rashes, nausea, lightheadedness, and even headaches.

  3. Scratchproof: All pop up counters are scratch-proof. This means that the M&T Resources portable display counter has been coated with an anti-scratch film that protects the surface of the exhibition stand. Scratches are small cuts left on a surface following friction from an outer element. Overall, these scratches can impair and damage the appearance of your pop up counter.

Storage Instructions: As it is simple to assemble and dismantle, the pop up counter table is also easy to store. Simply dismantle the parts of the pop up counter and arrange them by pieces. Once done, file them into the carrying bag provided by M&T Resources. Now that’s done, go ahead and place your foldable pop up counter in the storage room. Ensure to not place any heavy objects on the bag, as this can damage the graphics of your portable display counter.

Packaging: Each pop up counter has a net weight of 18.6 kilograms (41 pounds) and dimensions of 95.5 × 94.5 × 202 cm (37.6 × 37.2 × 79.5 inches). At M&T Resources, each pop up counter table is securely bubble-wrapped and packaged in a single cardboard carton filled with padding along with a carrying bag.  An advocate of sustainability, all our cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable.

Pop Up Counter Product Overview

All pop up counters by M&T’s are scratch-proof and are double the size of a mini pop up counter. The wide exhibition counter table makes it ideal for promotional and sample purposes. The pop up booth also showcases shelves that can hold up to 3kg of weight. Perfect, for storing pamphlets and brochures during a sales exhibition.

So simple to use, all pop up counters do not require any tools to assemble or dismantle. However, it’s advised not to use the pop up counter outdoors to prevent exposure to air, heat, or humidity. This can also increase the risks of the pop up counter getting scratched or damaged. 

As a company that strives for sustainability, all Aluminium frames used to prop the pop up counter are 100% recyclable. Convenient and lightweight, this pop up counter is just right  to use for exhibitions and tradeshows. Furthermore, all printing of the graphics does not contain any harmful solvents.

M&T Resources Company Overview

M&T Resources is a supplier of a multitude of products and services ranging from, pop up counter tables, brochure stands, roll-up and flying banner stands, virtual fairs, truss systems, and shell schemes. The company is a leading visionary and hopes to provide professional ideas and a wide selection of products and services for other businesses.

Pop Up Counter Specifications


 Brand Name:

 M&T Resources


 Events, Exhibitions, Sampling Shows

 Logo Size:

 95.5 × 94.5 × 202 cm (37.6 × 37.2 × 79.5 inches)

 Net weight:

 18.6 kilograms (41 pounds)


 Aluminium Frames


 Can be carried, able to reuse, and no tools required


 High-quality pop up counter, lightweight display stands,

 Packaged in:

 Carry Bag + Printing

 Product of:


Shipping Details:
For shipping purposes, all pop-up counters are secured and sealed in individual cartons of corrugated boxes. Each carton of pop up counters is wrapped in a stretchable plastic film for the protection of all products. All M&T Resources pop up booths have a minimum order quantity of 1 × Pallet in LCL or 1 × 20 feet Container.

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