Homemade Fried Garlic Chip - 95g

  • Karisma Teguh enterprise / KTE
  • Flavour enhancer
  • Crunchy
  • Garlic taste
  • Homemade, as a flavor enhancer for dishes, ready to cook
  • 95 Gram
  • 3 months
  • Selangor
  • Food production certificate, Typod Injection, Halal Certificate Stage 2
  • Malaysia

Product details of Homemade Fried Garlic Chip - 95g

UsageCardboard containers are commercially off-the-shelf boxes, to a large extent, utilized for packaging worldly goods and materials. A cardboard vessel will make an experience when you commissioned our thinly sliced, fried garlic chip. After receiving the packaged goods, you will see that the box is sealed with tapes around the opening of the box; this is to protect your goods from harm, during its delivery period.
To unseal the box, you may take a scissors or knife. These two objects are sharp applications which are suitable for you to use, to open the box. With these two objects, you finally can open the box and take out our fried garlic chip jar.
You may stockpile your fried garlic chip in a dry area, for example, in your kitchen cabinet. You may use the fried garlic in your cooking or as garnishing, in every savoury dish you’ve created. Alternatively, you can also consume the fried garlic chip as a quick snack, instead of consuming it with your dishes.
The fried garlic chip is crammed within the jar, so you only need to use your dominant hand and twist to the opposite side to gain access to the garlic slices. Our chopped garlic will last you no more than 3 months.
Certificates: Following the successful launch of our business, we received several certificates, including the stage 2 Halal certificate, the Typod injection certificate, and the food processing certificate. The rest of our items, including our fried garlic chip, complied with the criteria for these certificates.
  1. Food Production Certificate: Our fried garlic chip is acceptable for the food production certificate. To be granted this accreditation, we fulfilled all the necessary rules.
  2. Typhoid Injection Certificate: Typhoid injection certification is required for food handlers as doing so will guarantee that all items are secure for consumption. This certificate certifies that all of our products, including our fried garlic chip, are safe for consumption.
  3. Halal Certificate Stage 2: All of our products, including our fried garlic chip, deserve to preserve this accreditation because they are all suitable for consumption by Muslims.
Feature: We prepare our handcrafted, deep-fried garlic chip treats in our kitchen so that our clients are aware of this. When food is prepared from home, acquiring healthful ingredients is much simpler. We can always identify every ingredient in a dish when we list them all. A self-made characteristic ensures that our puddings are free of synthetic flavours, flavour enhancers, and genetically engineered ingredients.
Another advantage of choosing our garlic flakes is their quantity control, which is advantageous given that we do our assembly. It's common to practise to err on the side of excess when assembling the ingredients for fast food or restaurant meals. We simply steer clear of these quantity difficulties because we create our own fried garlic chips.
Packaging: In addition to the manufacture of consumer durables, packaging is another advanced idea. Only for distribution, trading history preservation, and use, the packaging is the act of confining or preserving trade stock. Packaging is synonymous with "designing, sizing, and drawing up packages." Our fried garlic chips are presented in the same way as other items that are sold in stores.
Net Weight/Unit: After determining the tare weight, the aggregate weight of the products is unaltered. Due to its density and abundance of nutrient-dense materials, the container is suitable for holding food. Weighing 95 grammes net, our handmade fried garlic chips.
Shelf-Life: Food products, for instance, have distinct shelf lives depending on the market. The general definition of a product's life span is the amount of time you can expect it to exist, develop, and endure while still being safe to use. This fried garlic chip should only be kept for three days.

Fried Garlic Chip Overview

Due to its strong flavour, garlic is frequently used as a flavouring or condiment around the world. The bulb of the garlic plant is the component of the plant that is utilised most frequently. The majority of garlic bulbs, except those with a single clove, are composed of several fleshy portions called cloves. Whether raw or cooked, garlic cloves are utilised for food and medicine. They have a distinctively sour, peppery flavour that significantly mellows and sweetens with cooking. Organosulfur chemicals, such as allicin found in fresh garlic cloves and ajoene produced when they are crushed or chopped, are mostly responsible for the characteristic aroma. Garlic breath is caused by allyl methyl sulphide, another metabolite. There are additional edible portions of the garlic plant. On the head, the leaves and flowers can occasionally be consumed. They have a milder flavour than the bulbs and are typically eaten while still soft and young. Sometimes young garlic is removed and sold as "green garlic," much like a scallion. Green garlic may produce a garlic "round," a bulb that looks like a boiled onion but is not divided into cloves like a mature bulb, if it is allowed to grow through the "scallion" stage but is not allowed to fully mature. Numerous traditional foods, including garlic bread, garlic toast, bruschetta, crostini, and canapé, can be made by rubbing garlic on various types of bread, typically in a medium of butter or oil. Depending on the cooking process, the flavour can differ in both intensity and scent. Onion, tomato, or ginger are common accompaniments. Garlic can be used for a variety of purposes, one of which is to be deep-fried and served as a snack. The three major ingredients of our fried garlic chip are garlic, frying oil, and a dash of salt.

Fried Garlic Chip’s Specification

- Our fried garlic chip is in the category of flavour enhancer.  
- The texture for our fried garlic chip is crunchy.  
- The garlic tastes are very prominent, as our fried garlic chip’s main ingredient is garlic. 
- Our fried garlic chip is 95 grams.  
- 3 months is the only ideal duration for our fried, garlic chip.  
- This fried garlic chip is Food production certification, Typod injection certification, and Halal certificate Stage 2 verified.   
- The main ingredient for our fried garlic chip is garlic, cooking oil, and a pinch of salt.  

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