Homemade Pandan Coconut Jelly - 80g

  • Karisma Teguh enterprise / KTE
  • Dessert
  • Soft and tasty
  • Coconut and longan fruit
  • Homemade, ready to eat
  • 80 Gram
  • 7 days
  • Selangor
  • Food production certificate, Typod Injection, Halal Certificate Stage 2
  • Malaysia

Product details of Homemade Pandan Coconut Jelly - 80g

Usage: When you receive the coconut pudding, as is common when buying a box online, you can carefully open the homemade coconut jelly and carton wrapping. When placing their products in storage, business owners primarily use carton packing. You can use cutting tools, such as a knife or pair of scissors, to unfasten the carton packaging and cut open the tap that is covering the box. 
If you follow the directions above, you might find your homemade coconut jelly inside the delivery box. Take out the pudding containers carefully so you can start eating right away. Alternatively, you might refrigerate the coconut pudding and eat it later.
No of the occasion, you may enjoy our homemade coconut jelly wherever you are. The lids of the containers can be gently and carefully opened to reveal your jelly. After that, you can grab a spoon and eat the coconut pudding.
Homemade coconut jelly ought to be on your dinner table, whether it's for a birthday celebration, Eid, or another tradition. Only seven days will our pudding be good.
Certificates: After the successful launch of our company, we gained several certifications, including the stage 2 Halal certificate, the Typod injection certificate, and the food manufacturing certificate. The rest of our products, including our homemade coconut jelly, met the requirements for these certificates. The rest of our products, including our homemade coconut jelly, met the requirements for these certificates.
  1. Food Production Certificate: Our homemade coconut jelly qualifies for the Food Production Certificate. We complied with the required regulations to receive this accreditation.

  2. Typhoid Injection Certification: Food handlers are obliged to obtain a typhoid injection certification as doing so will ensure that all products are safe for consumption. All of our products, including our homemade coconut jelly, are safe for ingestion thanks to this certificate.
  3. Halal Certificate Stage 2: All of our products, including our homemade coconut jelly, deserve to keep this accreditation because it is safe for Muslims to eat.
Feature: For the benefit of our customers' knowledge, we make handcrafted coconut jelly delicacies in our kitchen. It is much simpler to obtain healthy components when meals are created from scratch. When we list out all of the components of a dish, we always know exactly what goes into it. Our puddings are devoid of artificial flavours, flavour enhancers, and genetically modified organisms thanks to a self-made feature.
Given that we conduct homemade assembly, another benefit of picking our homemade coconut jelly is their quantity control. When putting together the ingredients for fast food or restaurant meals, their quantity is frequently uncontrolled.
Packaging: Along with the production of consumer durables, the concept of packaging creation is put forth. Packaging is the act of containing or preserving trade stock only for distribution, archiving trading, and use. The terms "packaging" and "designing, sizing, and drawing up packages" are interchangeable. We package our homemade coconut jelly in the same manner as other products sold in stores.
Net Weight/Unit: Following the calculation of the tare weight, the combined weight of the products is unaffected. The container is good for food because of its density and abundance of nutrient-dense material. Our homemade coconut jelly weighs 80 grammes net.
Shelf-Life: Food goods, for example, have their own market-specific shelf lives. The length of time you may anticipate for a product to exist, develop, and persist while still being safe to use is the general definition of a product's life span. You should only keep this homemade coconut jelly for seven days.

Homemade Coconut Jelly Overview

The gel from the coconut water that has undergone microbial cellulose synthesis is what makes coconut jelly. According to the coconut's maturity, the jelly, which is a component of the Aceraceae family and is thought to be perennial, can be either soft or firm yet chewy in texture. When ripe, the exocarp (skin/outer layer) of coconuts, also known by the scientific name coco Nucifera, is brown and slightly smooth (sometimes with wrinkles). However, the mesocarp, a fibrous husk beneath the exocarp, must be removed to reveal the coconut's typical brown, hairy, and hard outer shell. When fully grown (12 months and older), the meat/pulp is more hardened, extremely chewy, and has a milky flavour. It is also white. Green coconuts typically turn yellow or green as they approach maturity. A green coconut has pulp that resembles jelly more so than an older coconut. where, after maturing for about 7-8 months, the jelly-like pulp and water from it can be ingested. The only edible parts of the coconut are the pulp and water. The rest should be thrown away. When the jelly meat or pulp is more solid, the jelly is occasionally white or transparent, soft, but occasionally chewy (when at a higher maturity level). Therefore, if something is transparent and light in colour, it usually has a sweet and silky flavour. However, if it is whiter and tougher, it usually begins to taste milky but pleasant. Although there are many coconut Jellys in the market, there are business who have created their own homemade coconut jelly.

Coconut Jelly’s Specification

- Our homemade coconut jellies are in the dessert category.  
- The texture for our homemade coconut jelly is soft and tasty.  
- The coconut and longan taste are within our homemade coconut jelly 
- Our homemade coconut jellies are 80 gram and 3 ounces.  
- Our homemade coconut jelly will last you for about 7 days.  
- This homemade coconut jelly is Food production certification, Typod injection certification, and Halal certificate Stage 2 verified.   
- Our homemade coconut jelly is made with pandan coconut milk, coconut filling, brown sugar, longan, sugar and water. 

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