Shallot Oil - 395g

  • Karisma Teguh enterprise / KTE
  • Flavour enhancer
  • Liquid, oily
  • Shallot taste
  • Homemade, as a flavor enhancer for dishes
  • 7(h)x3(l)
  • 395 Gram
  • 3 months
  • Selangor
  • Food production certificate, Typod Injection, Halal Certificate Stage 2
  • Malaysia

Product details of Shallot Oil - 395g

UsageWhen a customer bought this shallot-flavoured oil, it would be marked as delicate. We might consider labelling our oil as delicate given that its container is made of glass.
You can carefully unpack the shallot oil and carton packaging when you receive the oil, as is typical when purchasing a box online. Carton packaging is the type that business owners use the most when putting their products in storage. To cut open the tap enclosing the box, you can use sharp implements, like a knife or pair of scissors, to unfasten the carton packaging.
If you followed the above instructions, the shallot oil should be easy to remove and keep in your kitchen cupboard out of the sun. This oil will last you for about 3 months.
Certifications: Following the successful establishment of our firm, we obtained a few certifications, including the stage 2 Halal certificate, the Typod injection certificate, and the food production certificate. Our shallot oil and the rest of our items were all qualified to have these certifications.
  1. Food Production Certificate: Our shallot oil is eligible to obtain the Food Production Certificate. To obtain this certification, we have complied with the regulations that were requested.
  2. Typhoid Injection Certification: Food handlers are required to obtain a typhoid injection certification since doing so will guarantee that all products are safe for consumption. With this accreditation, all of our products, including our shallot-flavoured oil, are safe for consumption.
  3. Halal Certificate Stage 2:  Halal Certificate Stage 2: All of our products, including our shallot oil, are deserving of keeping this accreditation.
Feature: For the benefit of our customers' knowledge, we create the shallot oil that is suited for cooking right here at home. It is much simpler to obtain healthy components when meals are prepared from scratch. Every time we prepare a meal, we know exactly what goes into it since we have a list of all the components. Our oils are devoid of artificial flavours, flavour boosters, and GMOs thanks to a self-made feature.
Given that we conduct homemade assembly, another benefit of choosing our shallot oil is their portion control. Fast food and restaurant meals frequently assemble their elements in quantities that are not under control. Our shallot oil is used as flavour enhancer in your cooking.
Packaging: The idea of creating the product's packaging is proposed together with the creation of consumer durables. Packaging is defined as enclosing or maintaining trade stock exclusively for distribution, archiving, trading, and usage. Packaging also refers to the processes of creating, sizing, and drawing up packages. Our shallot oil comes in packaging just like other items on the market. Our shallot oils come in 7 (h) x 3 containers (l).
Net Weight/Unit: After the conclusion for tare weight, the weight of the goods that have been packed together remains unchanged. It is the container's density, which is full of nutrient-dense material that makes it ideal for food. The net weight of our shallot oil is 395 grammes.
Shelf-Life: Food products in particular each have a shelf life of their own on the market. The overall definition of a product's life span is the amount of time you can expect it to exist, develop, and continue while remaining safe to use. Only three months are left in our shallot oil.

Shallot Oil Overview

Cooking oil is a liquid fat made of plants, animals, or synthetic materials that are used in baking, frying, and other cooking processes. It may also be referred to as edible oil because it is used in cold food preparation and flavouring, including salad dressings and bread dips. At room temperature, cooking oil is normally a liquid, while some saturated-fat oils, like coconut oil, palm oil, and palm kernel oil, are solids. Many different types of cooking oils come from plants, including olive oil, palm oil, soybean oil, canola oil (rapeseed oil), corn oil, peanut oil, shallot oils, and other vegetable oils, as well as oils that come from animals, such butter and lard.
Similar to garlic, shallots grow in groups of offsets, and their heads are made up of several cloves. Shallots' off-white flesh is typically coloured green or magenta, and its skin can range in colour from golden brown to grey to rose red. Offsets are used to spread the crop, which is widely cultivated for use in food. The soil around the bulbs is frequently dragged away once the roots have taken hold, so it is important to keep the tops of the bulbs a bit above ground when planting. Although fresh shallots are now available year-round in supermarkets, they reach maturity in the summer. On newly manured soils, shallots should not be planted. Leek moth larvae attack the leaves or bulbs of the plant, causing harm to shallots. Cooks utilise shallots. They might be pickled. In Asian cooking, thinly sliced deep-fried shallots are used as a condiment and frequently served with porridge. The flavour of shallots, an Allium species, is similar to that of a milder kind of onion. Similar to onions, raw shallots release compounds when cut that irritates the eye and causes tears to be produced.

Shallot Oil’s Specification

- Our shallot oil is categorized as flavour enhancer.
- The texture for our shallot oil is liquid and oily.  
- Since it is a shallot oil, it’s bound to have a shallot taste.  
- Our shallot oil is home made.  
- The packaging for our shallot oil is 7 (h) x 3 (l) and 14 ounces. 
- The net weight for our shallot oil is395 grams.  
- Our shallot oil will last for about 3 months. 
- This shallot oil is Food production certification, Typod injection certification, and Halal certificate Stage 2 verified.   


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