HP 65 Ink Cartridge - 40g

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  • Malaysia

Product details of HP 65 Ink Cartridge - 40g

Usage Instructions: In this guide, we'll walk you through the refill instructions for the HP 65 Ink Cartridge with utmost confidence. Say goodbye to the frustration of running out of ink at the most inconvenient times as we empower you to take control of your printing needs. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time refiller, our detailed instructions will make the process a breeze. So, let's dive in and unlock the secrets to a seamless printing experience with the HP 65 printer ink!

  1. Ensure your HP 65 Ink Cartridge printer is powered on and plugged in. Open the ink tray located in the centre of your printer. For HP Deskjet printers, lift the top lid for scanning documents to access the ink tray above the output tray.

  2. The current HP 65 Ink Cartridge should be taken out of the printer. To remove a used cartridge, press down until a click is heard, and pull straight out. If your printer has individual cartridges for each colour, repeat this to replace each cartridge.

  3. Unpack the new black printer ink refill from its white plastic packaging. Be cautious not to touch the copper-coloured area or the ink nozzles to avoid potential clogs or ink failure.

  4. Remove the protective tab from the HP 65 Ink Cartridge. This will reveal the part of the cartridge that dispenses the ink printer.

  5. Insert the new ink printer into the corresponding slot. Ensure the ink nozzles are facing away from you and the two small plastic tabs on the cartridge are closer to you. The colour cartridge should be placed on the left side while the black cartridge goes on the right.

  6. Close the HP 65 Ink Cartridge securely until you hear a click. This will lock the cartridges, and they will slide back into their positions.

Certification(s) & Mentioning(s): As you delve into printing perfection, HP 65 Ink Cartridge has undergone rigorous testing and met the highest industry standards.

  1. ISO Certification:  The rigorous testing and meticulous evaluation of the HP 65 Ink Cartridge for ISO certification ensures that it excels in print quality and reliability.

  2. High-Speed Home Inkjet Performance:  Whether it's urgent work documents, school projects, or cherished family photos, the HP 65 Ink Cartridge rises to the occasion with remarkable speed and precision. Ink printer HP’s innovative features allow you to tackle printing tasks effortlessly, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters.

  3. Accurate Ink-Level Alerts:  The HP 65 Ink Cartridge features advanced ink-level monitoring technology that constantly monitors your printer ink usage. As soon as the ink printer reaches a certain level, the cartridge intelligently sends timely alerts, notifying you well in advance.

  4. Sharp Text And Vivid Colours:  The secret to HP 65 Ink Cartridge's brilliance lies in its advanced ink formulation and innovative technology. Each drop of black printer ink is carefully crafted to deliver consistent and flawless results, ensuring that your prints are of the highest quality, time after time.

  5. Fade-Resistant:  With its fade-resistant properties, the HP 65 Ink Cartridge ensures that your printed photographs, graphics, and text remain as vivid and striking as the day they were printed. Whether displayed in an album, hung on a wall, or archived for future reference, your prints will continue to shine with the same brilliance for years.

  6. Active Ink Balancing:  With the active ink balancing feature in HP 65 Ink Cartridge, your printer operates at its full potential, delivering flawless prints with every job. Whether you're printing intricate graphics, vivid photographs, or critical documents, this technology ensures that each colour is utilized to its maximum capacity, producing consistent and impressive results every time.

  7. Environmental Choice:  The HP 65 Ink Cartridge is designed with the environment in mind, utilizing recycled materials in its construction and adhering to rigorous environmental standards. By choosing the ink printer HP, you actively contribute to reducing waste and conserving valuable resources, positively impacting our planet.

Packaging Information: Experience the epitome of thoughtful packaging with the HP 65 Ink Cartridge. From the moment you unbox it, you'll notice the attention to detail that reflects HP's commitment to providing an exceptional user experience while being mindful of the environment.

The packaging of the HP 65 Ink Cartridge is designed with sustainability in mind. It features eco-friendly materials and is optimized to minimize waste, reducing its environmental footprint. 

Upon opening the package, you'll find the ink cartridge securely nestled within a protective casing, shielding the black printer ink refill bottle from potential damage during transit. The intuitive design makes installation a breeze, allowing you to slide the HP 65 Ink Cartridge into your printer effortlessly without hassle.

But the journey doesn't end there. HP also encourages responsible recycling with their Planet Partners program, making it easy to return used ink cartridges for proper recycling. This way, you can be confident that the packaging and HP 65 Ink Cartridge contribute to a circular economy, reduce waste, and conserve resources.

Storage Information: Proper storage is paramount to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your ink and HP 65 Ink Cartridge. Create a haven for your printing essentials by storing them in a clean and dry area, shielded from any potential contaminants that may compromise their quality.

Maintain an ideal environment with temperatures ranging between 50°F and 80°F (10°C-30°C), as this sweet spot will safeguard the ink's integrity and consistency. If the black printer ink is exposed to colder temperatures, exercise patience and allow them to reach room temperature before usage naturally. This simple precaution prevents potential disruptions to your printing experience and guarantees flawless results.

Above all, avoid any temptations to dismantle the HP 65 Ink Cartridge. Such actions may inflict irreparable harm to the precious print head, leading to subpar print quality and unwanted expenses.

HP 65 Ink Cartridge Overview

Discover the unparalleled performance and versatility of the HP 65 Ink Cartridge - the ultimate solution for all your printing needs. Designed to complement a wide range of HP Deskjet printers, including the popular HP Deskjet 2600 and Deskjet 3720 series, this original ink cartridge guarantees exceptional print quality and reliability.

Whether tackling black and white documents or bringing vibrant colour prints to life, the HP 65 Ink Cartridge has covered you. Its tri-colour ink capabilities deliver striking, true-to-life colours that leave a lasting impression on every page.

Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent cartridge replacement with the HP 65 Ink Cartridge's impressive ink yield. This efficient cartridge provides more prints per refill, saving you time and money in the long run. And when it comes to refilling, fear not, as the cartridge replacement process is made effortless with clear instructions that ensure a seamless experience.

Embrace the convenience of wireless printing with instant ink technology, allowing you to print virtually anywhere in your home or office. Gone are the days of worrying about unexpectedly running low on ink printers. You'll always be ahead of the game with instant printer ink alerts and never caught off guard.

Worried about the environmental impact? Fear not, as the HP 65 Ink Cartridge is designed sustainably, using eco-friendly materials and optimized packaging to reduce waste. And for those looking for DIY refill options, compatible and remanufactured ink choices are available, offering even more flexibility.

Experience the smooth, continuous flow of liquid ink, free from clogs or invisible gaps, ensuring pristine and consistent printing results. With the HP 65 Ink Cartridge, you can bid farewell to frustrating printing issues and enjoy effortless and reliable printing with every use.

Whether you're printing personal projects, important documents, or professional presentations, the HP 65 Ink Cartridge provides outstanding performance at a competitive price. Say hello to high-quality prints, inside and outside the office, with black printer ink, your ultimate printing companion.

HP 65 Ink Cartridge Specification:

- The HP 65 Ink Cartridge is in black.
- Standard capacity ink cartridge with an approximate yield of 100 pages.
- The black printer ink refill is compatible with various HP DeskJet printer models, including 2622, 2625, 2652, 2655, 3720, 3722, 3723, 3752, 3755, and 3758.
- HP Ink cartridges contain recycled materials.
- The refill ink printer is intended for use with HP models sold in Malaysia.

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