HP Ink Advantage 682 Ink Cartridge - 40g x 2

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Product details of HP Ink Advantage 682 Ink Cartridge - 40g x 2

Usage Guidelines: To use the HP 682 Ink Cartridge for your HP printer, follow these steps for optimal performance and quality results. First, ensure that your printer is plugged in and turned on, as the ink compartments will only slide into view when the printer is powered on. Open the ink tray in the centre of your printer, and if you have an HP Deskjet printer, you'll find this tray underneath the top lid used for scanning documents. In some HP printers, such as the HP All-in-One models, there may be a top lid that needs to be lifted to access the ink cartridges.

Next, remove the existing ink cartridges from your printer if they are already installed. To do this, press down on the ink cartridge you wish to replace, which will dislodge it from the ink holder. Once you hear a click and see the existing ink cartridge pop out, carefully pull it out the rest of the way. Some HP printers have individual cartridges for each colour, and if you have one of these, the process is the same; just pop out each individual cartridge that needs replacement.

Now, remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging, which will typically be a white plastic package. Tear open the packaging to reveal the new cartridge. Your cartridge will either have a blue or black top, unless you have individual cartridges for each colour. The blue-topped cartridge represents the coloured ink, while the black-topped cartridge is for black ink. Remove the protective tab on the ink cartridge, which is a plastic film covering the part of the cartridge that dispenses ink. Be careful not to touch the copper-coloured area of the cartridge or the ink nozzles, as touching this area can lead to clogs, ink failure, or a disconnection due to smudges.

Now, insert your new ink cartridges. Slide the new cartridge into the ink slot with the ink nozzles facing away from you. The colour cartridge should be placed on the left side, and the black cartridge on the right side. After inserting the cartridges, close the ink cartridge door. You should feel it click into place, and once closed properly, you will hear the cartridges slide back into their position.

Finally, you are ready to print with your new Original HP 682 COMBO Set Ink Cartridge. For storage, ensure that the ink and cartridges are kept in a clean, dry area with temperatures between 10°C and 30°C (50°F and 80°F). If the ink has been stored in a colder environment, allow it to come to room temperature before use. Remember not to dismantle the ink cartridges, as doing so could damage the print head. Enjoy high-quality printing with Original HP ink cartridges designed to deliver reliable and crisp results.


  1. ISO Certification: The HP 682 Ink Cartridge proudly holds ISO certification, signifying that it meets international standards for quality and performance. This certification is a testament to the cartridge's reliability and ensures that it consistently delivers professional results.

  2. Consistency and Reliability: Designed specifically for HP printers, this ink cartridge ensures consistent and reliable performance. Say goodbye to printing hassles and disruptions, as it's tailored to work seamlessly with your HP printer.

  3. Easy Installation: Replacing ink cartridges is a breeze with the HP 682. Follow simple, user-friendly instructions for quick and hassle-free installation. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to convenient printing.

  4. Vibrant Colour Printing: Whether you're printing documents or photos, the HP 682 delivers vibrant and true-to-life colours that leave a lasting impression. Your printouts will stand out with professional-quality results.

  5. Compatibility: The HP 682 is compatible with a wide range of HP printers, ensuring that you can find the right cartridge for your specific model. This versatility makes it a convenient choice for HP printer owners.

  6. Genuine HP Quality: Don't compromise on quality. With the HP 682 Ink Cartridge, you're getting genuine HP quality and performance, backed by a trusted brand known for its printing excellence.

  7. Longevity: Each cartridge is built to last, so you can print more without the constant need for replacements. This longevity is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  8. User-Friendly Storage: Follow the recommended storage guidelines, and your ink and cartridges will remain in optimal condition, ready for whenever you need them.

  9. Worry-Free Printing: With Original HP ink, you can print with confidence, knowing that your documents and images will consistently meet the high standards associated with the HP brand.

Packaging Information:

Packaging Design

Packed in a box

Number of Unit

2 units


40g (1.41 oz)


115 mm x 36 mm x 102 mm (4.52 in x 1.41 in x 4.01 in)

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

1 x 20ft Container


Storage Instruction: To ensure the longevity and peak performance of your HP 682 Ink Cartridge, it's crucial to store it correctly. Start by selecting a clean, dry environment with a controlled temperature range between 50°F and 80°F (10°C-30°C). This will protect the cartridge from environmental factors and prevent excess moisture buildup that can damage the ink. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, should be avoided; thus, steer clear of areas near heating vents, radiators, or leaving it in a car during the sweltering summer months. If the original packaging is available, use it to store the ink cartridge as it's designed to shield it from light exposure and environmental contaminants. If the original packaging isn't accessible, employ a sealed plastic bag or container to safeguard the cartridge from dust and other potential impurities. Ensure the cartridge is stored upright to prevent ink settling or clogging the nozzles, as horizontal storage may impede ink flow and print quality. Light sensitivity is a concern, so it's advisable to store the cartridge in a dark or opaque storage container, protecting it from direct sunlight or artificial light sources. Also, take care not to touch the copper-colored area or the ink nozzles, as oils and dirt from your fingers can cause clogs and affect print quality. Importantly, never dismantle the ink cartridge, as doing so can irreversibly damage the print head. If you have multiple ink cartridges, consider a rotation system, using the oldest ones first to ensure that you consistently use fresh and reliable cartridges. Following these storage guidelines will help prolong the life of your HP 682 Ink Cartridge, ensuring that it remains in top condition for future use and allowing your printer to continue producing sharp and reliable prints whenever you need them.

Overview of HP 682 Ink Cartridge

The HP 682 Ink Cartridge is a reliable and cost-effective solution for all your printing needs. Designed to deliver high-quality documents and photos, this ink cartridge is compatible with a range of HP printers, making it a versatile choice for both home and office use. In this overview, we'll delve into its key features and advantages.

First and foremost, the HP 682 Ink Cartridge stands out for its affordability without compromising on quality. It provides an excellent balance between cost and performance, making it an economical option for those looking to keep printing expenses in check. Whether you need to print professional documents or vibrant photos, this cartridge delivers consistent and reliable results.

One of the cartridge's standout features is its compatibility with a variety of HP printers. This versatility ensures that you can easily find the right cartridge for your specific printer model, eliminating any compatibility concerns. The ease of installation and replacement also adds to its user-friendliness, as the process is straightforward and hassle-free.

When it comes to the quality of output, the HP 682 Ink Cartridge doesn't disappoint. It produces sharp and crisp text, ensuring that your documents make a lasting impression. Additionally, it excels in colour printing, delivering vibrant and true-to-life colours for your photos and graphics. Whether you're printing important business reports or cherished family memories, this cartridge ensures outstanding print quality.

In terms of longevity, the HP 682 is designed to last. This means you'll need to replace cartridges less frequently, reducing both cost and environmental impact. The cartridge's storage is also straightforward, with guidelines to keep it in a clean, dry environment within the recommended temperature range of 50°F to 80°F (10°C-30°C).

Overall, the HP 682 Ink Cartridge is a valuable addition to your printing setup. It combines affordability, reliability, and genuine HP quality to meet your printing demands. Whether you're a home user, a small business owner, or a student, this ink cartridge offers a cost-effective way to produce high-quality prints without the complexity often associated with printer consumables. With a focus on user-friendliness and performance, it's a trusted choice for all your printing requirements.

About T&C Ink Trading

T&C INK TRADING, established in February 2020, is not just another player in the printing industry. They are a passionate and energetic team with a clear mission: to address the diverse printing needs of individuals and businesses. They understand the importance of reliable and affordable printing solutions in today's fast-paced world and aim to make the printing experience seamless and cost-effective for their customers.

The company is committed to providing the best prices and unmatched quality for online ink cartridge purchases. They believe that high-quality printing supplies should be accessible without being overly expensive, striving never to be surpassed in either price or quality.

T&C INK TRADING goes beyond affordability and quality. They are pioneering an innovative recycling and trade-in option for used ink cartridges, promoting environmental responsibility while offering financial incentives. They believe in the synergy of going green and saving green.

Their product range includes a variety of options, from branded ink cartridges to ink refills and printers, catering to diverse printing preferences and needs. Whether customers are looking for genuine brand cartridges or budget-friendly refills, T&C INK TRADING has them covered.

The company's core values include unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, affordability, and sustainability. They invite customers to explore their extensive product offerings, discover unbeatable deals, and enjoy a seamless, customer-centric shopping experience. T&C INK TRADING is the trusted partner for fulfilling all printing needs, making the printing journey effortless and budget-friendly for their customers.

HP 682 Ink Cartridge Specifications

- Cartridge Type: Original HP Ink Cartridge
- Cartridge Compatibility: Compatible with a range of HP printer models
- Ink Types: Pigment-based for black ink, Dye-based for colour inks
- Cartridge Yield: Varies depending on printer model and usage
- Colour Options: Available in both black and colour (cyan, magenta, yellow)
- Print Technology: HP Thermal Inkjet
- Print Quality: High-quality results with sharp text and vibrant colours
- Installation: Easy to install and replace
- Storage: Store in a clean, dry environment with temperatures between 50°F and 80°F (10°C-30°C)
- Cartridge Recycling: Compatible with HP's recycling program for eco-friendly disposal
- Packaging: Typically comes in a white plastic package
- Longevity: Designed to provide lasting and consistent performance
- User-Friendly: User-friendly and suitable for both home and office use
- Cost-Effective: Offers a balance between affordability and quality
- Print Usage: Suitable for a variety of printing needs, from documents to photos
- Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of HP printers for convenience.

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