Hygiene PRO Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Surface Coating - 30 ml

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  • Hygiene PRO
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  • Liquid
  • Unique HD⁵ compound – Effective against germs and safe for humans, plants, animals and environment
  • 30 Milligram
  • 3 years
  • Philippine Food & Drug Administration
  • Philippines

Product details of Hygiene PRO Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Surface Coating - 30 ml

Usage: Hygiene Pro, a clear and translucent antibacterial liquid, is accessible. All natural, it has no artificial ingredients, pigments, or preservatives. Cancer, congenital disabilities, and allergic responses are not caused by it. Because of its high stability, it is best used in its pure form without any further processing.
Hygiene Pro's antimicrobial covering is entirely safe for all forms of life. Since it is non-oxidative, it may be safely used on abundant substrates. Hygiene Pro does not include chlorinated fluid to prevent diphenyl cleansing by yield-like disinfection byproducts.
To stop the spread of bacteria, an invisible, colourless, lengthy antifungal covering should be placed on the outside of goods. The antifungal bonding covering emits no discernible fragrance, pigment, or harmful particles upon application.
Certification: Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd exerts great effort to guarantee that its product offerings conform to the most up-to-date worldwide medical standards. Thus, Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd gained the necessary institutional approval in an effort to win over the general populace:
  1. Philippine Food & Drug Administration Certificate: Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd has been granted a Philippine FDA registration, managed by a Deputy Director chosen by the President of the Philippines and two deputies responsible. The Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) mission is to protect the general population's wellness by ensuring that people have access to healthy and potent medicines and meals and by facilitating the dissemination of truthful, scientifically sound facts on these topics to the broader population. Therefore, the corporate has given the green light for the manufacturing of Hygiene Pro to commence.
Packaging: The Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd business has calculated that a single jar or volume of Hygiene Pro would comprise roughly 30ml (1.01 fl oz) (1.01 fl oz). You should take a jar of this yield with you if you intend on vacationing. The object's slight lightness makes transport easy and keeping your spending at the same level as us is helpful. Every step of the way, from when we start covering it to the second it's in your arms, we promise you will be delighted.
Shelf Life: This Hygiene Pro product may endure for three years or 36 months, which is an excellent sign for anyone concerned about transmitting fatal illnesses. It lasts a long period and makes it so you can work in a clean environment, which is essential considering pollution and dirt may aggravate your eyes and lungs. After being appropriately stored, Hygiene Pro may remain effective for three years, eliminating the desire to spend time and money renewing it on a sporadic basis.
Storage Instruction: This Hygiene Pro antimicrobial layer is not a defective exterior protective layer like some others, as opposed to the common assumption. One must remember, though, that the object's durability may cause it to deteriorate and become unusable. The best approach to store this Hygiene Pro is explained.
If Hygiene Pro is stored in a cool, dark place, its shelf life may be extended. Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd recommends stowing these supplies away from direct sunlight in a damp, gloomy location.

Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd Hygiene Pro’s Overview

Hygiene PRO's one-dose protection is adequate towards bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and parasites. It is safe for use around humans and other animals. It can be cleaned easily, doesn't absorb aromas or pollutants, is safe for skin to skin, and doesn't hurt the environment.
Hygiene PRO is a versatile, long-lasting disinfectant used for a diverse target area of tasks. It first became accessible in Malaysia in 2014. Hygiene PRO is an antifungal constraint produced using yet another HD5 that may be used to prevent the transmission of harmful microorganisms in your household, workplace, or other venues. The current quat HD5 successfully kills germs without hurting humans, animals, or the environment. The germs we encounter, such as diseases, bacteria, fungi, microalgae, and protozoa, face their equal.
The medicated regions are sealed off from further contamination by the invisible antibacterial protective layer created by Hygiene PRO. When harmful microbes come into contact with this impenetrable wall, they immediately vanish due to a process called "lysis," affecting their inner coats. Bacteria do not acquire a greater degree of resistance to a particular sort of intervention since each HD5 coating is not passed to the cell membranes. The antibacterial covering of Hygiene PRO is effective against both resident and newly arriving viruses, halting their ability to propagate throughout disinfection phases. As a result, there are no vulnerabilities left.

About Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd

Farmaco Healthcare was founded in 2012 to completely change the face of health coverage in Malaysia. Medico Global Pte Ltd is a Singaporean company whose leaders have tremendous involvement in the health industry and want to develop their corporation using that understanding. We at Farmaco Healthcare continually strive to increase the brand's indigenous prominence in Malaysia and the other countries we are linked to.

Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd Hygiene Pro’s Specifications

  1. Trade name: Hygiene PRO
  2. Has solution consistency
  3. Characteristic: Unique HD5 blend, fruitful against bacteria and harmless for humankind, blossoms, fauna and the Mother Nature
  4. Accreditation: The Philippines FDA
  5. 30ml (1.01 fl oz) per bottle
  6. Shelf life: 3 years / 36 months
  7. Undoubtedly fabricated in the Philippines







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