Hygiene PRO Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Surface Coating - 500 ml

  • Hygiene PRO
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  • Liquid
  • Non-toxic, Effective against germs and safe for humans, plants, animals and environment.
  • 500 Milligram
  • 3 years
  • Philippine
  • Philippine Food & Drug Administration
  • Philippines

Product details of Hygiene PRO Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Surface Coating - 500 ml

Usage: The antibacterial solution Hygiene Pro is colourless and transparent. No preservatives, fillers, stabilisers, colours, or colours are added to it. It does not cause cancer, congenital disabilities, or allergic reactions. Application as given, undiluted, is recommended due to its excellent stability.
The Hygiene Pro antimicrobial surface coating poses no threat to living organisms. Being non-oxidative, it may be applied to numerous surfaces and materials without fear of damage. Hygiene Pro has no chlorinated solution; thus, it won't generate brominated decontamination by fruit like trihalomethanes when used to kill germs.
When applied externally, an unseen, transparent, long-lasting antimicrobial coating is created that does not migrate to adjacent surfaces or dissolve into fluids or solutions. The bonded antimicrobial coating has no odour, colour, or toxic fumes as soon as it is placed.
Certification: Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd works hard to ensure that all of its wares are in sync with the current medical norms of the global community. With this in mind, Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd secured the appropriate official recognition to gain the public's goodwill:
  1. Philippine Food & Drug Administration Certificate: Skincare, pharmaceuticals, consumables, home potentially dangerous items, healthcare implants and electromagnetic energy generating gadgets, herbicides, nicotine and associated entities, vaccinations, and so on are all regulated by this FDA authority in the Republic of the Philippines to safeguard their legality, effectiveness, and reliability. In case you have yet to hear, the FDA has recognized Hygiene Pro. The firm has been granted permission to begin producing its sanitizer spray sort.
Packaging: The Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd firm has estimated that each bottle or unit of Hygiene Pro would measure about 500 ml (16.9 fl oz). So, pack a bottle of this fruit if you're thinking of taking a trip. The item is reasonably lightweight, so carrying it won't be a concern. Maintaining your purchases with us at this value would be beneficial. From the moment we begin the wrapping process until the moment it is placed at your fingertips, we vow that you will be so pleased.
As a reminder, the minimum order size is one (1) 20-foot container. We can accommodate you if you think your palletized desire is too strong and wish to bargain. And don't forget; we can also accommodate LCL (less-than-container-load) order information! This is your perfect shot, so seize it!
Shelf Life: For individuals who worry about spreading potentially deadly infections, this Hygiene Pro solution may last for three years or 36 months is welcome news. It lasts a significant time and helps you operate in a spotless atmosphere, which is key since dust and grime may irritate your views and respiratory system. Hygiene Pro has a three-year shelf life when carefully controlled, so there's no need to occasionally waste hours and dollars replacing it.
Storage Instruction: Contrary to popular belief, this Hygiene Pro antimicrobial coating is not a perishable or flawed kind of surface coating. However, it is pivotal to leave in mind that perishability might lead to degradation and render the item useless. Proper techniques for stowing away this Hygiene Pro are discussed here.
Hygiene Pro has prolonged storage as long as it is kept out of excessive sunshine and in a calm environment. Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd suggests storing these goods in a cool, dark place apart from the sun's rays.

Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd Hygiene Pro’s Overview

With a mere dose, Hygiene PRO protects you and those around you against a wide variety of microorganisms, including microorganisms, viruses, fungi, microalgae, and amoeba. It poses no threat to living things of any kind, including humankind.  In addition to being washable and impervious to stains and odours, it is also contact-harmless and ecologically sustainable.
Hygiene PRO is an effective and lengthy sanitiser that may be used for countless purposes. Starting in 2014, it has been available in Malaysia. To protect your house, office, or other areas from the spread of germs, you may use Hygiene PRO, an antimicrobial barrier made with the one-of-a-kind HD5.  HD5 is a modern-day quat that effectively eradicates bacteria without harming people, fauna, or the ecosystem. Various microorganisms, including pathogens, microbes, fungi, algae, and amoeba, all meet their match.
Hygiene PRO's transparent antimicrobial barrier coats the treated areas and keeps pathogens at bay. Pathogens that touch this impermeable barrier undergo a method of "lysis", in which their cellular membranes are shattered, and they die. Because the HD5 protection is not transferred to the bacterium membrane, the bacteria does not gain a higher level of treatment kind resilience. Hygiene PRO's coating impact inhibits established bacteria and those that have just arrived, preventing the spread of bacteria during eradication cycles. It seals off all potential entry points.

About Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd

Premised in 2012, Farmaco Healthcare's mission is to revolutionize the Malaysian medical industry. The founders of Medico Global Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, have extensive expertise in the medical business, and the firm plans to capitalize on that knowledge by expanding its reach across the area. Farmaco Healthcare is constantly working to improve and broaden the label's native influence in Malaysia and the nations we are affiliated with.

Falmaco Healthcare Sdn Bhd Hygiene Pro’s Specifications

  1. Label name: Hygiene PRO
  2. Has fluid weave
  3. Characteristic: Non-poisonous, fruitful against pathogen and harmless for society, flora, fauna and the earth
  4. Cert: Philippine Food & Drug Administration
  5. 500ml (16.9 fl oz) per bottle
  6. Service life: 3 years / 36 months
  7. Undoubtedly formed in the Philippines

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