Owgels Oxygen Concentrator

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  • Malaysia MDA (Medical Device Authority) FDA Approved CE Status
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Product details of Owgels Oxygen Concentrator

Usage: Medical oxygen concentrators are suited to the purpose in hospitals or in the comfort of your own home to direct attention to oxygen for inpatients. The PSA engines shell out a bottom-line arranged wellspring of oxygen. They are known to be more shielded, not as much worth their weight in gold, and way more advantageous possible to holders of cryogenic oxygen or brought round cylinders. Furthermore, they can also be passed on in many different professions made up including pharmaceutical, healing treatment fabrication, water pharmaceutical and glass assemblage.
Our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator, alike another oxygen cylinder, has been developed since the early 2000s. In most cases, these predispositions bring out much the same as one to five litres every minute without a break oxygen belch forth and they utilize a few types of rhythmical patterns or “demand flow” to send off oxygen, only when the patient is sucking in air. 
Certifications: At the time of our start-up business grouping, we have got a hold of a few certifications, to exhibit our dependableness for our customers. The legal documents that we chalked up our Malaysia MDA (Medical Device Authority), FDA Approved CE Status. These certifications are all having to do with our products, including our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator.
Malaysia MDA (Medical Device Authority) Certification: We attained this verification due to our common sense in locking up safety and showcasing amazing feats over the length and breadth of the pharmaceutical soldering iron. Our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator is packed with this paperwork.  
FDA Approved CE Status: We have also met with this certification and proven our reliability to serve our customers with the necessary credentials. Our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator is equipped with this certification.   
Net weight/Unit: The ponderosity of the fastened-together invention is superfluous after the consequence of tare ponderosity. Our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator weighs exactly 19 kilograms. 
Dimension: Dimensions of a product can be used to distinguish it from other product variants. Product variants can be defined using combinations of product dimensions. To build a product variant, a product master must have at least one product dimension defined for it. Our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator are 360 x 370 x 670 mm.   

Overview of Owgels Oxygen Concentration  

Our Owgels Oxygen concentrator is a piece of equipment that concentrates the oxygen in a gas supply—the typically ambient air—by removing nitrogen from it with care to produce an oxygenated gas stream. They are employed as oxygen therapy equipment in both industrial and medicinal settings. Both pressure swing adsorption and membrane gas separation are frequently used techniques. Molecular sieves made of zeolite minerals are used in pressure swing adsorption (PSA) concentrators to quickly adsorb pressured nitrogen through several molecular sieves.
It is common practice in the healthcare industry to employ oxygen concentrators with pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, particularly in settings where the use of liquid or pressurised oxygen is either unsafe or impractical, such as in homes or mobile clinics. There are additionally nitrogen separation membrane-based concentrators for use in different scenarios. For usage by those who require medical oxygen due to low oxygen levels in their blood, our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator draws air in and eliminates nitrogen from it, leaving an oxygen-enriched atmosphere.
When used in industrial processes, Owgels Oxygen Concentrators—also referred to as oxygen gas generators or oxygen generating plants—offer an affordable source of oxygen.
In wartime or crisis scenarios where oxygen tanks might be risky or impractical, oxygen concentrators are especially helpful. To be provided to specific patients as a prescription item for use in their homes, oxygen concentrators are deemed reliable enough. For the treatment of severe sleep apnea, they are typically used in conjunction with CPAP. Oxygen concentrators can also be used in the treatment of respiratory illnesses like COPD and others. 
With the most up-to-date technology and high-quality materials, our beautiful and sleek Owgels Oxygen Concentrator offers a contemporary twist while ensuring that it provides exceptional performance with each use. 
Compared to medical units, industrial processes may require substantially higher pressures and flows. Another procedure, vacuum swing adsorption (VSA), was created by Air Products to address this demand. This procedure employs a single low-pressure blower and a valve that reverses the flow through the blower so that the regeneration phase takes place in a vacuum. The aquaculture sector is targeted by the marketing of generators that use this method. Compared to medical concentrators, industrial oxygen concentrators frequently come in a far larger variety of capacities. 

Owgels Oxygen Concentrator Specification:

  1. Malaysia MDA (Medical Device Authority), and FDA Approved CE Status apply to our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator.   
  2. With the creation of our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator, we offer you a convenient control panel.  
  3. Our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator weighs exactly 19 kilograms. 
  4. Our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator are 360 x 370 x 670 mm. 
  5. The concentration for our Owgels Oxygen Concentration is 93% at the flow of 5 litres per minute.  
  6. The oxygen output pressure is 40-60 Kpa.  
  7. The power consumption for our Owgels Oxygen concentrator is 340 watts.  
  8. The sound level for our Owgels Oxygen Concentrator is below 46DB.  

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