Opah Rahmah Dry Shredded Coconut Paste - 200g

  • Opah Rahmah
  • Oily paste with a gritty texture
  • Sweet taste
  • Organic
  • 200 Gram
  • Halal Certificate
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Opah Rahmah Dry Shredded Coconut Paste - 200g

Usage: Kerisik, or dry shredded coconut, is typically used to thicken dishes like curry and rendang primarily in Malaysian, Singaporean, and Indonesian cuisine. Kerisik is known to absorb a lot of the liquids around it since the coconut slivers are just slightly desiccated and do retain some of their natural moisture. 

Therefore, in order to truly enhance the flavours of any meal, the Kerisik can be sprinkled on top of vegetable meals and salads, as well as added to any generic batter to prepare a delicious serving of fried bananas or plantains. The dry shredded coconut from Opah Rahmah also provides irreplaceable body, flavour, and texture to any dish, making it worthwhile to re-create for all kinds of professional use. 

Known to be an incredibly versatile ingredient that complements a wide range of foods, the dry shredded coconut is commonly used in rich and spicy curries and gravies such as rendang, the fragrant nasi lemak, succulent skewers of Satay, Laksa, and also Indonesian salad with peanut sauce known as Gado-Gado, as well as the all too familiar sambal

Kerisik can also be used to complement curry meals such as chicken curry or vegetable curry, grilled seafood such as prawns or fish, stir-fried vegetables such as green beans or broccoli, and fried rice in a way that can perfectly balance out the salty and sweet flavours, making it rich and delectable.

Certifications: Opah Rahmah as a brand is dedicated to manufacturing and selling only the highest quality products to its customers, and as such, it has received the following certifications and accolades in recognition of its exceptional service and product line quality:

  1. JAKIM Halal certified: JAKIM has certified Halal all of Opah Rahmah’s products, based on comprehensive product inspections to verify authenticity and compliance with Syariah-approved regulatory standards and norms. With this assurance, Muslims all across the world can confidently consume the packet of dry shredded coconut.

  2. MeSTI certified: In terms of operation control and maintenance, this Laksa noodle packet was judged to have met all of the relevant hygienic requirements imposed by local laws and agencies, establishing the brand's and the company's overall excellence in service and product quality.

Storage: The sweet-tasting packeted, dry shredded coconut is manufactured to withstand an extended shelf life, provided that it is stored properly to last in a mint condition. To ensure that this is accurately done, it is important to store the desiccated coconut at a temperature of 26 to 33°C or 78.8 to 91.4°F, in a cool and dry location, away from direct sunlight.

Dry Shredded Coconut Overview

The dry shredded coconut or commonly known as Kerisik or coconut butter is a popular component in Malaysian and Indonesian cooking due to its distinct smoky and sweet flavour. Attempting to make the Kerisik is quite easy in itself, whereby it can be achieved by roasting a handful of grated coconut until it turns golden brown and then grinding it into a fine paste. This procedure leaves a nutty and slightly sweet flavour to the blended Kerisik, which complements the spicy and savoury flavours of many varieties of foods and cuisines. In addition to that, dry shredded coconut also tends to give foods a creamy and luscious texture, making them more enjoyable and tasty, all the while elevating all the natural flavours. 

An authentic coconut butter’s capacity to enhance the flavour of a wide range of meals has made it a staple in many Southeast Asian kitchens and a favourite of food enthusiasts worldwide. Not only that, but Kerisik is also a traditional ingredient in Malay cuisine, as attributed to its unique and distinct flavour. It is essentially toasted grated coconut crushed into a thick, gritty, greasy paste made from fresh, shredded coconut. It has a strong aroma of aromatic wonderful coconut and a deep smokey roasted coconut flavour.

Because of its nutrient-rich nature, eating dry shredded coconut paste can provide a variety of health benefits. Kerisik, as a source of good fats, can aid in heart health by lowering inflammation and improving cholesterol levels. It is also high in fibre, which helps digestion and promotes feelings of fullness, making it an excellent addition to weight loss programmes. 

Furthermore, the sweet dry shredded coconut contains critical vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium, and magnesium, which are necessary for maintaining appropriate blood pressure levels, supporting bone health, and boosting general well-being. To sum it up, Kerisik is a nutritious ingredient with a great flavour and several health advantages that can be enjoyed in a range of meals as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

About Masburan Sdn Bhd

Masburan Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian coconut product manufacturer that is both professional and inventive, with corporate headquarters based in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Masburan as a company specialises in a wide range of coconut-based goods, including coconut vinegar, virgin coconut oil, and dry shredded coconut. As a leading supplier of coconut-based products, the company is committed to providing clients with high-quality coconut goods at accessible costs, all the while uncompromising on taste and quality. 

With product quality as the primary focus, all of Masburan’s products are made with fresh ingredients and go through stringent quality control procedures to ensure that they are of the highest quality before they reach their clients, and take pride in distinguishing themselves by constantly increasing their product line to meet the growing market demand.

Dry Shredded Coconut Specifications

  1. Net weight of 200g (7.05oz)
  2. Oily and gritty texture
  3. Fragrant and creamy scent
  4. Sweet flavour
  5. Organic and locally made
  6. Bumiputera-made product
  7. JAKIM Halal and MeSTI certifed
  8. Can be used to thicken gravies and curries

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Masburan Sdn Bhd

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  • Malaysia
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