Pineapple Flavour

  • 1 Unit(s)
  • 619V01
  • Liquid
  • Ripe pineapple taste
  • Sweet pineapple aroma and taste
  • 5kg X 4 Bottles per carton
  • 5 Kilogram
  • 24 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Pineapple Flavour

Usage: As an exotic tropical fruit, pineapples have been around for so long that they can be found in desserts, cocktails, cakes or even anything we like these days. As we get busier, life should get easier with simple ways to get things done faster. After all, cutting up a pineapple is no mean feat and requires a certain skill such as dexterously wielding a knife to create those grooves in the flesh, for those bursting beautiful yellow furrows. The general rule of thumb is that we cannot live without a pineapple, as even festive cookies like the ever- popular pineapple tarts are so flavoured with a delicious concoction of melted and cooked fruit, wedged into pretty moulds of batter. We can’t live without a pineapple and even as the kids watch reruns of Sponge Bob Square Pants so a bottle of PET Pineapple Flavour makes life easier and even more fun. We can have the unique taste of pineapples even without the actual fruit in the house!

So, just keep a bottle of PET Pineapple Flavour in your kitchen, bakery or restaurant.  Just whisk open a bottle and add a few drops of liquid pineapple essence to your dishes or anything you are making that day Just add a few drops of your pineapple flavour PET bottle into a scrumptious dessert. Let’s live stress free without the need to cut and skin a pineapple each time! Pineapple Flavour Pet Bottle even taste like the real thing with its sweet taste and fresh aroma as original like the very fresh fruit sliced open at the market! A bottle of Pet Pineapple Flavour is geared to last as long as two years. So, safely consumer PET Pineapple Flavour for as long as you like even for two birthdays. Done using it? Just store the bottle back with its lid screwed on properly and that is all is needed until the next time. Just relax, and whip out the bottle again and it will feel like a picnic on the beach all over again. Just take the bottle again for the freshness of pineapple even a month later.

Throwing a party? Give your guests a great time by making your special Fruit Punch with scores of chopped fruits and tinkling cool ice cubes. Pour some fizzy drink but don’t forget to add your secret ingredient of pineapple flavour drops and mix the whole thing. A few stirs to evenly mix up the juices to get the right pique taste.  Spritz your punch to your liking and let everyone guess your secret!  Eat and drink pineapple without blisters on your tongue!

Packaging: A homegrown product with its roots in Port Klang, PET pineapple Flavour comes in liquid form and marketed under the logo of Kai Hong and can last to twenty-four months. The flavours with a sure taste of pineapple taste and aroma. PET Pineapple Flavour bottles are available in 1kilogram (2.205pounds) or 5 kilograms (11.023 pounds). Additionally, a carton has a net weight of 5kgs with a capacity of 4 bottles. 

CertificationPineapple flavour is suitable for general consumption and for extended storage. As a liquid form product, it retains its original taste and aroma.

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Pineapple Flavour is locally recognised to be safe for permissible in consumption. S&S Foods Sdn Bhd as also the marketing component of GFB Food Sdn Bhd, seeks to serve all segments of the population. Muslim consumers can easily also enjoy the product.

  2. ARA Halal-Certified: In addition, pineapple flavour has been endorsed by China’s Islamic Association as a halal product fit for Muslim consumption.

  3. Food Accreditations: SGS Food Safety Standard. and Guangzhou Kai Hong Flavour and Fragrance Ltd ISO 9001:2008 ensures a long-lasting genuine flavour and aroma.

  4. ISO 9001 Certificate: International Organization for Standardization (ISO):   SSC 22000 and ISO 200522000:2005: This product has met international standards and can be safely consumed even for an extended period of time.

  5. SGS ECOSURE Certificated: The National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom has declared products under the Kai Hong brand as adhering to all food safety controls.

  6. Food Safety System Certification 22000(FSSC 22000): S&S Foods’s products are manufactured in compliance with food system controls.

  7. Verified Supplier and Quality AssuranceAlso, manufactured in compliance of Verified Supplier and Quality. User friendly and suitable for general consumption as a vegan product.

Pineapple Flavour Overview

Some fun facts about pineapple say they are traced to as far away as Brazil. It is a popular believed that Christopher Columbus were among the first Europeans who acquired the taste of the fruit and the pineapples soon found its way to other places. The very word of ‘Pineapple’ was coined centuries ago as the fruit was amazingly believed to be similar to the reproductive organs of pinecones; and its skin texture was also tough and grooved, prickly to the touch. A pineapple can be easily grown in the garden by planting just its top. A pineapple plant only produces a single fruit per season. However, an average pineapple plant can actually live up to at least half a century. As a hardy fruit, pineapples are worth the wait even if it is quite a task to harvest them but no one really needs to do all these tricks of the trade anymore. A liquidized essence of pineapple is a trustworthy option that cuts the fuss and hassle, of skin chaffing and cuts.

Among the early settlers of America, the pineapple was considered a friendship gesture and were given as gifts. Pineapples gradually became more well-known with the passage of time and its users diversified. These days, even pineapple biscuits can be packaged, sealed and sold everywhere. In local sundry shops, traditional pineapple tarts can still be found perched on cool shelves

Pineapple Flavour can be used on large scale purposes such as by restaurants to flavour dishes for mass production of food, biscuits or perhaps even jams. As they are hygienically prepared, Pineapple Flavour is an easy substitute when a real fruit is just too far to get at the local supermarket. As our weather gets hotter, a normal trip to the supermarket becomes an ordeal on a weekday. Yet, Pineapple Flavour allows anyone to enjoy their favourite treats whether for bakery products or home ones, that everyone in the family can enjoy. Perhaps, grandma’s recipe can be tweaked a little with Pineapple Flavour in a cookie or two. 

A liquidized essence of pineapple is a trustworthy option that cuts the fuss and hassle, of skin chaffing and cuts. After all, time is precious and some would also banter money doesn’t grow on trees! As the years go by, we do not live the idyllic lives of our ancestors.  So, pineapple moments need not be thing of the past. Pineapple Flavour allows you to explore at your leisure, measure for measure, in just a drop or two. Rest your hands not your taste buds! We may not give gifts of pineapple, but how about a cake or two, or a cool drink on a hot day!

Pineapple Flavour Specifications

- Distributed by the Kai Hong Brand
- A shelf life of twenty-four months
- Available in 1 kilogram (2.205 pounds) or 5 kilograms. (11.023 pounds)
- Each carton has a net weight of 5 kilograms. (4 bottle capacity)
- For mass production usage, dosage can used and set at 0.3%. Suitable for bakery, dairy products, condiments, juices, rubber products, vape juice

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