Watermelon Flavor

  • 1 Unit(s)
  • 629433
  • Liquid
  • Refreshing watermelon taste
  • Fresh juicy watermelon aroma and taste
  • 5kg X 4 Bottles per carton
  • 5 Kilogram
  • 24 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Watermelon Flavor


The Kai Hong Flavors' Watermelon Flavour by S&S Foods is in large plastic PET bottle packaging with 5 kilograms (176.37 oz). To ease your work, you can pour the watermelon flavoring liquid into a 2fl oz (6 ml) bottle for easy storing and easy use.

For best results dilute the Watermelon Flavouring of Kai Hong Flavors into a key ingredient, only a few drops are needed to mix through your foodstuff/beverage. The recommended dosage suggested by S&S Foods is 0.3% (3g per kg or 3ml per liter). You can use the watermelon flavour by S&S Foods- typical in baking, desserts, drinks/ beverages, and others. Generally, the watermelon flavoring is always used in candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream, and other confectionery applications.

Remember, try not to exceed 3.1ml (0.10fl oz) per kg in foodstuffs, and 0.9ml (0.03fl oz) per liter in beverages. Nevertheless, you may increase the dosage of watermelon flavour while baking cake or pastry. It is perfect for your applications to any foodstuffs. Therefore, you can try to add a few drops of watermelon flavour to food and adjust it to your preferred taste.

S&S Foods provides extraordinary natural melon flavours with their watermelon flavoring! Bursting with refreshing, mouth-watering fresh watermelon flavor, Kai Hong Flavors' Concentrated Watermelon Flavoring definitely does not disappoint.

Precautions: The Watermelon Flavour of Kai Hong Flavors is only perfect for use in foodstuffs and beverages. Additionally, the watermelon flavoring is not suitable to be consumed directly. You must also keep the watermelon flavouring out of the reach of children.

Packaging: Each bottle of Watermelon Flavour packs in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. There are two packages available for Kai Hong Flavors' Watermelon Flavour weighing 1 kilogram (35.27 oz) per PET bottle and 5 kilograms (176.37 oz) per PET bottle. The dimensions of 5-kilogram watermelon flavour plastic bottle packaging are calculated as 193(L) x 132(W) X 290(H)cm [76(L) x 52(W) x 114(H)inches]. S&S Foods recommends that you purchase in bulk quantities to enjoy exclusive deals at wholesale prices. You can buy the watermelon flavour in large quantities of 4 bottles of Kai Hong Flavors' Watermelon Flavour weighing a net volume of 5 kilograms (176.37 oz) per carton.

Storage Instructions: S&S Foods recommends keeping the Kai Hong Flavors' Watermelon Flavour in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. S&S Foods provides a long shelf life for its watermelon flavour. The defined quality of Watermelon Flavour by S&S Foods with the brand Kai Hong Flavors can last 24 months from the manufacture date. Once opened, store the Watermelon Flavour of Kai Hong Flavors at room temperature.


  1. Halal-certified (HALAL): All food flavoring under the brand Kai Hong Flavors manufactured by S&S Foods, including its Watermelon Flavour, is HALAL Certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). All ingredients used in the manufacturing process of watermelon flavour are permissible ingredients following Islamic Shariah Law. Thus, Kai Hong Flavors' Watermelon Flavour is a safe consumption for the Muslim population worldwide. Moreover, S&S Foods has been authorized by Halal Certification bodies in China that are recognized by JAKIM- ARA Halal Certification Services Centre Inc, is a foreign halal certification body. They has followed the Malaysian procedures and guidelines for safe use. 

    SGS certification: All products from S&S Foods comply with the country's standards, regulations, or customer requirements. Besides, the company has followed the SGS Food Safety Standards for quality assurance. By receiving an SGS certificate, Kai Hong Flavors ensures their food flavoring products, such as watermelon flavoring is safe for use.

    Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000): S&S Foods met all food safety requirements set by the authorities by practicing proper food safety practices. With FSSC 22000 certificate, helps to enhance the company’s reputation and gives customers confidence in buying their food products.  

    ISO 9001:2015 Certification: All products from S&S Foods have met the international standard for the quality management system. Besides, the company also meets its customers’ requirements in which they are certified ISO 9001:2015. By receiving an ISO certificate, S&S Foods is able to gain trust from consumers with high-quality food products.

About S&S Foods

S&S Foods
becomes the Malaysian marketing arm of Guangzhou Kai Hong Flavors which was founded in 2001. Nowadays, they are one of China’s top Food and Beverages flavor manufacturers, equipped with the latest technology machines. Kai Hong Flavors is now producing Vegan products, suitable for vegetarians, which have expertise in the production of Flavoring Powder/ Flavoring Liquid. With advanced technology and expanded capacity, S&S Foods are now capable of providing both Liquid and Powder type Flavors.

With over years of experience, S&S Foods has developed a wide selection of sweet flavorings for you to choose from. There are a dizzying variety of options of food flavorings available, with more than thousands of types of sweet and yummy flavors. The food flavorings are ranging from traditional to exotic, including banana, blueberry, durian, lemon, orange, vanilla, mango, strawberry, durian, watermelon, etc.

Today, S&S Foods provides solutions to Malaysia SMEs manufacturers by offering more free samples of food flavoring at 100 grams (3.53 oz) and allowing their clients to purchase as low as 1kg. However, S&S Foods recommends purchasing its food flavouring in cartons to enjoy exclusive deals at low prices.

S&S Foods has fulfilled compliance with Jakim Halal Certification and SGS Food Safety Standards to ensure food flavoring products’ safety and quality,

Watermelon Flavour Overview

has its specific name, known as Citrullus Lanatus is a flowering plant species of the Cucurbitaceae family. It is also considered a tropical fruit in Malaysia. The watermelon flesh is in shades of either red or yellow, and even white. However, red watermelon is always sweet and watery.

Besides, watermelon, usually called the "iconic fruit of summer" has a bright pink rind, striped green exterior, bright red flesh, and dark seeds. It also contains various nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamins A and C, as well as help you to stay hydrated.

Meanwhile, watermelon comprises 92% water, making it the perfect treat to quench your thirst during the summer heat. Hence, S&S Foods introduces the watermelon flavour with the brand name, Kai Hong Flavors as one of its food flavorings. This type of watermelon flavour is in liquid form. Additionally, all food flavouring products of S&S Foods deliver just fruit flavour with no added sweetness, preservatives, or calories. In this sense, you can add this watermelon flavor to any desserts, or pastries that have already added sweeteners to bring the watermelon aroma. Hence, the watermelon flavour is diabetic-friendly.

A food flavoring, also spelled as flavouring, is known as aromatic, liquid extracts, essences, and flavours that become a type of food additive used to improve the taste or smell of food. Usually, food flavoring is added to foods to enhance their taste and aroma. For instance, Kai Hong Flavors' Watermelon Flavouring is added to food and beverage to intensify or improve its watermelon aroma especially baked for a cake/ desserts. It will provide you with a refreshing watermelon taste.

Moreover, the watermelon flavour of Kai Hong Flavors is only added to foods or drinks in very small amounts. Their watermelon flavour concentrates are highly concentrated and may be used for multiple purposes. For instance, this watermelon flavour is common to be used to flavor beverages, baking, candy flavoring, and more. You can add the watermelon flavour to a food product, such as soft drink, candy, or yogurt, to give a specific fresh and juicy watermelon flavor. The refreshing taste of watermelon will then call to mind and excite your taste buds during the warm summer days.

Apart from Watermelon Flavour, there are other natural food flavourings you can also discover. S&S Foods has a wide selection of food flavorings that are great for stimulating the taste or smell of a dish/ beverage. This Watermelon Flavour of Kai Hong Flavors is proudly made with the finest ingredients, manufactured here in Malaysia, and follows food safety guidelines for safe consumption.

S&S Foods rest assured that their quality can draw upon their real-world experience to deliver exactly the flavor you need. Consume their food flavorings with confidence. Looking for premium, highly concentrated watermelon flavoring for your food or beverage application? S&S Foods offers you natural food flavoring that was formulated to be stronger than other flavoring methods.

Product Specifications of Kai Hong Flavors’ Watermelon Flavour

- Halal-certified Product
- SGS certified Product
- Made in Malaysia
- 100% Vegan, suitable for Vegetarians
- Fresh, natural, and juicy watermelon aroma and taste
- Diabetic-friendly
- Refreshing Watermelon Taste
- Texture: Liquid
- Longer Shelf Life: 24 months from the production date
- Packaging: Plastic PET Bottles
- For Mass Production Usage [1kg (35.27 oz) PET bottle/ 5kg (176.37 oz) PET bottle]
- A dosage from 0.3%
- Suitable for Bakery, Pastries, Dairy Products (ice cream), Candies making, Juice, Vape Juices, etc.

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