Yami Hokkaido Milk Cake - 70g

  • 5 Carton(s)
  • Yami
  • 9555 67460 0649
  • Moist and Fluffy
  • Milk
  • Creamy milk with the denseness of cake
  • 376 x 466 x 104 mm
  • 70g x 40pkt per carton
  • 70 Gram
  • 2 months
  • Halal Certificate, HACCP, MeSTI
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Yami Hokkaido Milk Cake - 70g

Usage Instruction: Indulge in the creamiest and luscious Hokkaido milk cake that will leave your taste buds yearning for more. This delectable milk dessert is a treat for your palate and a feast for the eyes, with its soft and fluffy texture and golden brown crust.

To fully enjoy this mouth-watering milk muffin, start by taking a deep whiff of its irresistible aroma. The sweet scent of fresh milk and butter will instantly transport you to the picturesque dairy farms of Hokkaido, Japan.

Next, take a small bite and savour Hokkaido cake's rich and velvety flavour. The milk cupcake's light and airy texture will melt in your mouth, leaving a delightful aftertaste that will linger on your palate.

For an added touch of indulgence, pair your Hokkaido milk cake with a warm cup of tea or coffee. Combining sweet and bitter flavours will create a perfect balance to satisfy your cravings.

Whether treating yourself or entertaining clients, Hokkaido milk cake is a dessert that will never disappoint. The Japanese roll cake's distinctive flavour and tender texture make it a welcome addition to any menu and a surefire hit with even the pickiest of diners.

Until when would you want to wait? Get some Yami Hokkaido milk cake right now for the ultimate indulgence that will leave you wanting more.

Certification(s): The Hokkaido milk cake is a type of dessert that has received various certifications, which means that different organisations have approved it for its safety and quality.

  1. Halal JAKIM Certified:  The Halal certificate received indicates that the Hokkaido milk cream cake roll has been prepared according to Islamic dietary laws and is, therefore, suitable for consumption by Muslims. 

  2. HACCP Certified:  The HACCP certificate is a food safety management system that ensures that the Yami Hokkaido milk cake has been produced under strict guidelines to prevent contamination or hazards.

  3. MeSTI Certified:  The MeSTI certificate is a Malaysian standard that ensures that the cake Hokkaido milk has been prepared in compliance with the country's food safety regulations.

Mentioning(s): Yami Hokkaido milk cake offers the best practices for satisfying all clients.

  1. Creamy Hokkaido Milk Elegance:  Milky cake is a true masterpiece made with high-quality Hokkaido milk, adding a rich buttery flavour to every bite. The velvety texture of Hokkaido chiffon cupcake is simply irresistible, making it a dessert that's sure to impress.

  2. Convenience Redefined:  One of the best things about the Hokkaido milk cake is that it's pre-cut into slices, making it easy to serve and share with others. You can enjoy milk roll cake or get creative by adding your favourite toppings, such as fresh fruits, whipped cream, or chocolate sauce.

  3. Versatile Treat for All Occasions:  The Hokkaido milk cake is worth trying if you want a delicious and luxurious dessert. A milk muffin is ideal for any event, whether hosting a party or just wanting to reward yourself with something sweet.

Packaging Information: Using vacuum packaging for the Hokkaido milk cake has several benefits. First, it helps preserve the milk cake's freshness and quality by removing all the air from the packaging. This helps keep the bread fresh and safe to consume by inhibiting the formation of harmful germs and mould.

Second, vacuum packaging helps extend the Yami Hokkaido milk cake's shelf life. The milk roll cake can last longer without losing its flavour or texture by removing the air from the packaging. This means you can enjoy your Hokkaido milk cake longer without worrying about it going bad.

Finally, vacuum packaging makes transporting and storing the cake Hokkaido milk easier. The packaging is compact and airtight, so it can be easily transported without worrying about the milk dessert getting damaged or losing shape. It also takes up less space in the fridge or freezer, which is excellent if you have limited storage space.

For more detailed information about Yami Hokkaido milk cake, you can check below:


Egg, Flour, Milk Powder, Oil, Sugar, Salt, Glucose, Corn Starch, Vanilla Powder, SP food Additive, Permitted Food Enhancer, Permitted Food Flavouring, Allowed Food Preservatives

1 packet 

70g (2.5oz)

1 carton 

40 packets

Minimum order quantity

5 cartons

Storage Information:
The Hokkaido milk cake can last up to 5 days if stored in the fridge. If stored in the freezer, it can last for up to 2 months. When ready to eat, simply thaw the cake overnight before serving.

It is important to note that Hokkaido milk cake is delicate and moist, so it is best to handle it carefully when storing and transporting it. Refrain from crushing or damaging the milk dessert by stacking heavy items on top of it or storing it in an overcrowded section of the refrigerator or freezer.

Hokkaido Milk Cake Overview

Embark on a compelling journey through the delectable world of Hokkaido milk cake – the quintessential Japanese-style dessert redefining your cravings. From the ethereal lightness of chiffon cakes and cupcakes to the indulgent richness of cheesecakes and mille crepe marvels, Hokkaido cake presents a symphony of flavours that captivate your taste buds.

But Yami Hokkaido milk cake goes beyond a mere delight; it's a business culinary ally. Delve into our wholesale offerings and unlock a treasure trove of delightful possibilities. Japanese roll cake bulk orders provide a seamless solution for cafes, restaurants, and food establishments seeking to add an exquisite touch.

Elevate your business offerings by introducing Japanese-style baked goods that are as delicious as they are unique. Tailor-made for businesses with a taste for distinction, Hokkaido milk cake offers customised orders for special events or occasions, ensuring your customers experience an unforgettable treat.

Our milk dessert is committed to using fresh milk, infusing every creation with a rich, unparalleled flavour. For businesses prioritising quality and taste, Hokkaido milk cake's wholesale options become an enticing choice to elevate customer satisfaction.

In essence, Yami Hokkaido milk cake isn't just a dessert – it's a journey through taste and texture, a blend of tradition and innovation. With an extensive range of delectable baked goods and a dedication to fresh milk, it becomes an irresistible choice for individuals and businesses. So, whether indulging your senses or enticing your customers, milk roll cake promises an experience beyond compare.

Foodstep Kitchenette Sdn Bhd

In 2020, Foodstep Kitchenette opened its doors to the public. Hokkaido milk cake is only one of the many delicious pastries and desserts that our team provides for our customers. Our milk dessert uses only the finest, most accessible ingredients and is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds. Our milk roll is carefully packaged to ensure it remains fresh and edible even after being transported. 

Yami Hokkaido Milk Cake Specification

- Hokkaido milk cake received a JAKIM Halal certification.
- Yami Hokkaido milk cake has a soft and fluffy texture.
- The milk dessert has a golden brown crust with velvety milk cream inside.
- Hokkaido milk cake has a sweet and creamy flavour with hints of vanilla.
- The milky cake is a versatile muffin.

Hokkaido Milk Cake Ingredients: Egg, Flour, Milk Powder, Oil, Sugar, Salt, Glucose, Corn Starch, Vanilla Powder, SP food Additive, Permitted Food Enhancer, Permitted Food Flavouring, Allowed Food Preservatives.

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