Cooked Salted Egg

  • Cap Tiga A
  • Slightly hard
  • Salty
  • Ready-To-Eat, Convenience, can bring to everywhere
  • 0.065g x 160 pieces per carton, 700 pallets per 20ft container, 1400 pallets per 40ft container
  • 0.065 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port of Penang

Product details of Cooked Salted Egg

Usage: This Cooked Salted Egg from Cap Tiga A concocted by Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd has a faintly hard touch at the extrinsic of the egg. Besides, it has salty delight, and anyone who consumes it immediately falls in love with the appetite. The trademark of this yum yield is that it is ready to be eaten and expedient. Are you curious about how long you can keep this egg and how to eat it? Don’t get in flustered because this yield has a lifespan of up to 12 months which is a year, and here is the way how you could eat this ambrosial  Cooked Salted Egg:

  1. 1. Break the eggshell
  2. 2. Peel off the remaining eggshell
  3. 3. Ready to demolish!

Idiot-proof ways, right? Naturally easy, quick and delicious to serve. Apart from the method above, you can diversify the Cooked Salted Egg recipe in an elite way. By way of illustration, you can combine this merchandise produced by Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd with hot porridge with a mixture of asparagus, make Cooked Salted Egg spread to put on toast or make salted egg sauce with pasta. Sounds very premium, right? So, you can use your creativity with this Cooked Salted Egg.

Certification: Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd has been presented with a handful of overriding certificates for all of their yields embracing this Cooked Salted Egg from Cap Tiga A brand:

  1. JAKIM Halal-CertifiedThe Halal certificate from JAKIM or its lengthy name, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, can only purvey this indispensable certificate after a company or the yields churned out have been subjected to illiberal scrutiny from JAKIM's superiors. This is because JAKIM really weighs all the yields with complete integrity so that everyone, embracing the Muslims, only eats food or drinks from sources that are believed to be halal. In this case, Muslims can take the yield for pleasure without having feelings of incertitude and uncertainty. Truth be told, the Cooked Salted Egg produced by Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd is one of the halal yields and has been awarded a Halal certificate by JAKIM's superiors.

  2. HACCP certificateHazard Analysis Critical Control Point certificate is desirable for every company that manufactures food and beverages. The certificate's requirement is a high priority considering the system is subject to a grade that has become a setting according to the world-class adjustment. HACCP can help every business to reduce every risk if it detects any situation that can cause unwanted things to happen. With the existence of the HACCP certificate, the public will give them more confident that every company that obtains this certificate takes safety seriously when processing food. So, this Cooked Salted Egg is safe to eat with this HACCP certificate.

  3. VHM certificate: The Department of Veterinary Service has the authority to issue a Malaysian Veterinary Health Certificate if a company focuses entirely on food processing products involving farm animals. This VHM certificate, which is also subject to the Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-based Industry, can be used by a company if they want to export their dairy yield to the whole world. But, only after getting this certificate examined by the forepersons. The company Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd can ship the Cooked Salted Egg they produce since it has been approved by the VHM certificate.

  4. MyGAP Certificate: Malaysia Good Agricultural Practice is the handling applied in agricultural operations from the social, economic and environmental strands. It is decisive to ensure that all the yields churned out have the top constitution and are in a bonzer state. The relevance of the framework in MyGAP is for managing risks that can occur in agricultural strands. This MyGAP certificate can also be a platform for exporting foodstuffs produced by a company to the whole world, no matter where. Since Cooked Salted Egg has obtained the MyGAP certificate, it is safe for Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd to sell it abroad

Packaging: The Cooked Salted Egg, the result of the hard work produced by Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd, was created with incomparable toothsomeness. Besides its presence, it makes the daily affairs of every human being more manageable and meaningful. This yield has been enveloped coherently and rolled up in 0.065g (0.0022 oz) for each unit of an egg fabricated. It also arrives in sundry packaging made by the company, which are 0.065g (0.0022 oz) x 160 pieces of eggs for each carton, 700 pallets for each 20ft container and 1400 pallets for every 40ft container.

Cap Tiga A’s Cooked Salted Egg Overview

Having initiated this company around 1998, Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd is no stranger to saying that they are indeed the most influential entrepreneurs in mass producing their heavenly salted duck eggs in our country Malaysia. Specifically, this company made its foothold in a state known for its many large-scale rice paddy sites, Kedah Darul Aman, or more precisely, located in the Bandar Baharu district. Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd still has its own duck farm infrastructure to facilitate getting eggs for making their signature salted duck eggs there.

For a company that is mammoth and lengthen day by day like Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd, they must put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the yields they turn out daily. Not only that, but they also put in a lot of effort to ensure that the poultry under their care lead a good life. This is important so that every 60,000 brand-new eggs that the free-range ducks from the Khaki Campbell breed give seven days a week is in a tip-top class. Having a farm in Serdang, Bandar Baharu, with an area of 12 hectares still, they will release their ducks without any restraint as long as it remains within their farm area. So that you know, the number of the Khaki Campbell tamed ducks on the farm has outstretched to higher than 90,000; isn't that a lot?

The Cooked Salted Egg produced by the Cap Tiga A brand is indeed an end result merchandise produced by Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd, taking into account convenience for users from various aspects that can be of thought. In this day and age, the times are advancing with technology that is not beyond the imagination of its sophistication. So, indeed the lifestyle of the echelon of society also changes according to the tide of change from year to year. Because the company Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd takes into account even the most minor matter about matters related to society today, they do a variation on the yield of Cooked Salted Egg. To illustrate, by making it to be eaten straight away without having to boil it first.

Cooked Salted Egg Specifications

- Has faintly hard exterior
- Has salty gusto
- Attribute: Ready-to-consume, expediency, can take it anywhere
- From tamed and free-range Khaki Campbell breed ducks
- Net weight: 0.065g (0.0022 oz) per unit
- 12 months shelf life (1 year)
- Actual made in Malaysia

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Lai Hin Trading Sdn Bhd

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  • Malaysia
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