Salted Egg Yolk

  • Cap Tiga A
  • Soft
  • Salty
  • Ready-To-Eat, Convenience, can bring to everywhere, Rich, almost opulent taste
  • 0.14 x 1000 pieces per carton, 700 pallets per 20ft container, 1400 pallets per 40ft container
  • 0.14 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port of Penang

Product details of Salted Egg Yolk

Usage: The use of salted egg yolks from Lai Hin Trading, which can be used to prepare delightful meals, will be covered in this part. Because Lai Hin Trading's salted duck egg yolk has a ready-to-eat concept, the usage method is very simple and uncomplicated.

Walk to where you keep the package for your salted egg yolks first. You must open the closet door in order to take out the salted egg yolk container. Holding the cabinet door knob with one hand, carefully pull the door wide open. After the cabinet door has opened, release your hand from the handle and grab the box of salted egg yolk with both hands, lifting it out of the cabinet and placing it on the table. Next, proceed to the cutlery storage area and take a knife with one hand. Then, start slicing the top of the box with one hand while holding the salted egg yolk box with the other. After you've finished, wash the knife you used before and put it back in its place.

When the box is opened, the arrangement of salted duck egg yolk will be shown inside. Afterward, proceed to the culinary storage area, grab a plate with one hand, and set it down next to the container of salted egg yolk. Simply grab it, remove the few salted egg yolks you need from their package, and place them on the plate you previously grabbed. The salted egg yolk is then ready to consume straight away or be turned into a dish.

Certification(s): Lai Hin Trading always urges its management and staff to obey all hygienic and safety requirements when making each and every production. Lai Hin Trading's team has worked diligently to preserve the food safety of all of their products, including salted egg yolks, and as a result, they have received numerous honors and certifications, including:

  1. Halal-Certified: Malaysia's Islamic Development Department is a leading authority in establishing Halal requirements for all industries that produce goods, particularly food. For Muslims to be guided when consuming any product, laws that adhere to Islamic Sharia have been established. Lai Hin Trading is very rigorous about making sure that every step implemented, from the initial stages until the moment where the salted egg yolk is presented on the market complies with the specifications prescribed by JAKIM. This is carried out so that Muslims can partake in eating salted-cured eggs.

  2. HACCP Certification: The Malaysian government developed the HACCP certificate to oversee and monitor that no aspect of the food manufacturing process is hidden or unhealthy. The processes used by Lai Hin Trading focus on ensuring that all activities are done in line with the HACCP rules and regulations, from the selection of raw resources to the production of salted duck egg yolks, storage, and distribution of century eggs. This helps to stop salted yellow yolks from undergoing any destruction that could potentially harm consumers.

  3. VHM-Certified: The Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture awards the VHM recognition to agricultural farms that pass quality, protective, and hygienic examinations. The livestock premises of Lai Hin Trading passed all inspections, so Cap Tiga A's salted egg yolk was awarded a VHM accreditation. Buyers can now enjoy eating the salted duck egg yolk from Lai Hin Trading without worrying about its food safety.

  4. MyGAP Certification: The MyGAP certification program was developed by the Department of Agriculture to classify farmlands that have used sustainable farming techniques that uphold the concept of being ecologically friendly and prioritizing the convenience and well-being of their staff in order to deliver ample, efficient, and commercially successful product lines. Lai Hin Trading is proud that their salted egg yolk acquired the MyGAP recognition since they attach a high value to sanitation and hygiene in the operating of their livestock facilities.

Packaging: Each of Lai Hin Trading's clients, from tiny enterprises to big corporations, has specific requirements, so the packaging for salted duck egg yolks has been tailored to meet those needs. Three size categories of packaging are available for salted egg yolks: 0.14g x 160 pieces per carton, 700 pallets per 20-foot container, and 1400 pallets per 40-foot container. If these salted egg yolks are going to be a daily use for households or for a modest operation, they can be bought in cartons. However, in the case of large-scale food manufacturing, the packaging size of salted egg yolk should be chosen as either 700 pallets per 20ft container or 1400 pallets per 40ft container proportion.

Salted Egg Yolk Overview

One of the popular preserved delicacies in Asian culture is salted egg yolk. Actually, salted eggs and cured egg yolks are identical. Apparently, the curing procedure used to create salted eggs and salted egg yolk is very similar. The only distinction is that a salted egg is a whole egg with a white egg, whereas a salted egg yolk is merely a yellow yolk that has been preserved.

Asian marketplaces provide a variety of salted egg yolks, including salted duck, salted chicken, and salted goose, by which consumers can choose according to their personal preferences. However, among the different types of cured yellow eggs available on the market, salted duck egg yolk is the obsession and preference of most people in Asian countries. For those who are unfamiliar with the flavor of salted duck egg yolk, although the title implies a  flash of salinity, the flavor is far more rich, buttery, and creamy. By reading the description, you can already picture how delicious salted egg yolk is when eaten. You must be wondering how the salted duck egg yolk is preserved. Come on in, I'll explain.

Salted duck egg yolks are generally made using the same method as salty eggs. However, there are a few more processes required to prepare salted egg yolk. Duck eggs are cured in a water solution with clay and high salt content, and then they will be covered in seasoned charcoal. After the process is completed, the salted duck egg covered with charcoal will be stored for one month. After one month, the process of separating egg whites and yellow will be carried out. The storage technique for salted duck egg yolk cannot last more than one month since the yellow egg will begin to crack. After the salted duck egg yolk has been separated, it will go through the drying process.

The salted duck egg yolk is a popular dish among Chinese people in particular. This salted egg yolks can not only be consumed as is, but the convenience offered by this salted duck egg yolk has resulted in the production of a variety of delectable foods. Mooncake is a salted egg yolk-based delicacy that has gained worldwide popularity. Mooncake is a traditional Chinese dessert that must be present during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it comes in a variety of tastes, but, the most popular flavor is salted duck egg yolks. Mooncakes are not the only delicacies that can be made using salted duck egg yolks; additional salted egg-flavored foods include pau, buns, tarts, cookies, croissants, corn flakes, and many more.

Salted duck egg yolks are also utilized in the preparation of meals. If we go to a restaurant, there are numerous menus based on salted egg yolks, such as chicken salted egg, prawn salted egg, and squid salted eggs. Indeed, the usage of salted egg yolks has transformed western cuisine, and salted egg spaghetti is now widely available and naturally, it results in a wonderful taste. Furthermore, salted duck egg yolk can be utilized to make a variety of salted egg-based items, including salted egg powder, salted egg sauce, and many more. In fact, salted duck egg yolk can also be bought frozen.

Salted Duck Egg Yolk Specification(s)

- The salted duck egg yolk is ready to eat.
- Salted egg yolk has a soft consistency.
- Salted duck egg yolk has a mildly salty flavor.
- Salted egg yolk is a nutrient-dense food.
- The flavor of luxury is best defined by salted egg yolk.
- the calculated grams weight of egg yolk salted is 0.14
- Salted cured egg yolk has a one-year shelf life.

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