Salted Duck Egg

  • Cap Tiga A
  • Slightly hard
  • Salty
  • Rich in protein, amino acids, lipids, essential fatty scids and minerals
  • 0.1031 x 160 pieces per carton, 700 pallets per 20ft container, 1400 pallets per 40ft container
  • 0.1031 Gram
  • 6 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port of Penang

Product details of Salted Duck Egg

Usage: Every step inside this part will assist you in enjoying salted duck egg at any time for any event. To begin boiling the salted eggs, you must first enter the kitchen and proceed to the storage cabinet. Then, with one hand holding the cabinet handle, pull it open to reveal the storage door. Once the door is open, release your hold on the handle and slowly take the salted duck egg box from the storage area with the help of both hands. Next, set the box down on the table and shut the cabinet door once more. Then, proceed to the bowl storage place and slowly take out the two bowls using both of your hands. Then walk to the sink, where 1 bowl will be put on the tabletop nearby, while the other container will be brought to the table that holds the box containing salted duck eggs and placed next to the carton.

Once finished, carefully transfer the few salted eggs you require from the box into the provided bowl using one hand. Then, holding the container containing the salted duck egg with both hands, carefully proceed towards the sink. The bowl should be placed gently on the tabletop once you get to the sink. After that, spin the head of your sink faucet so that clear water comes out, pick a salted duck egg from the bowl and gently hold it, directing it to the water flow so that the eggshell can be washed, and with the other hand, begin to rub the surface of the salted duck egg so that the charcoal sticking to it could be cleaned, put the egg that had been cleaned into the other empty bowl. Repeat this step until all of the salted duck eggs have been cleaned from the charcoal before the boiling process begins.

To begin boiling the salted duck eggs, proceed to the storage area and pull out a pot with both hands. Next, place the pot in the sink, turn the faucet so that water may start flowing, and fill the pot until it is nearly full. Then, using two hands to lift the pot that was filled with water and place it on the stove. Next, you turn on the stove and wait until the water begins to boil at a temperature of 100°C. After that, turn off the heat and take the salted duck egg that has been cooked using a long spoon and strain it. It is now ready to serve.


Certification: Lai Hin Trading is extremely concerned and oversees every step taken by the employees in their manufacturing facility to produce salted egg duck. As a result, the salted egg under the Cap Tiga A brand has earned various certifications, including:

  • Halal-Certified: According to the Malaysian Halal Accreditation Program offered by the government, JAKIM Halal Certification simply refers to the Halal certification of products and services. Lai Hin Trading, a Halal industrial manufacturer, strictly complies with the standards established by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) to ensure that the diverse selection of halal salted duck eggs is suitable for consumption by Muslims.

  • HACCP Certification: The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) technique is a scientific, reasonable, and comprehensive hazard management strategy. The technique assists in the recognition, evaluation, and management of risks, ensuring that food is safe for consumption. Salted duck eggs from Lai Hin Trading Sdn. Bhd has been deemed safe for consumption by consumers after undergoing comprehensive testing for potential chemical, physical, and biological dangers.

  • VHM Certified: One of the certification programs offered by the Department of Veterinary Services, a division of the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry, is the Veterinary Health Certificate. GMP and HACCP are implemented by VHM Certificate to guarantee the manufacture of healthy food items. If Lai Hin Trading wants to export salted duck eggs to foreign nations, the VHM certification enables the issuing of a Veterinary Health Certificate as the export authorization.

  • MyGAP Certification: MyGAP is a complete certification program for the agriculture, aquaculture, and livestock industries. Lai Hin Trading is capable of lowering the likelihood of food poisoning by following all MyGAP guidelines when producing salted duck eggs. Customers can safely eat salted duck egg brand Cap Tiga A because the best practices for preventing microbial contamination are followed.


Packaging: Lai Hin Trading makes salted duck egg, which is not only available in one size but is also packaged to meet the demands of many types of consumers, including those who use them daily, like households, businesses, restaurant owners, or other food producers. Each salted duck egg manufactured is available on the market in cartons of 0.1031 x 160 pieces. Small-scale consumers will benefit greatly from this size. For large-scale organizations, salted duck eggs are available for purchase in various sizes from 700 pallets per 20ft container to 1400 pallets per 40ft container.

Salted Duck Eggs Overview

Have you ever eaten a salted duck egg?

It is clear from its name, salted duck egg, that it provides consumers with a salty taste. Chinese culture is credited as the origin of salted duck eggs. The greatest choice for making high-quality salted egg is using duck eggs. Producing salted duck egg is not difficult, but it is highly practical and must be done with extreme precision. Duck eggs will either be covered with seasoned charcoal or immersed for a long time in a solution of water that contains a large amount of sodium to generate salted eggs. Salted duck eggs must be boiled, fried, or steamed before being consumed. There are numerous techniques that may be used to prepare a variety of delectable dishes with salted duck eggs.

Chinese people frequently eat salted duck eggs as a side dish with congee. The creamy, salty, fatty and somewhat oily flavor of salted eggs adds to the enjoyment. Since Malaysia is a multicultural nation inhabited by many different ethnicities, salted duck eggs are used in a variety of other races' cuisines as well as among the Chinese community. As an illustration, one of Malaysia's most well-known dishes is Nasi Kandar, which frequently includes salted eggs as a side dish to go with an excellent main. Then, salted duck eggs are also served with Nasi Kerabu, a meal that is equally popular among the Kelantan community.

In addition, if we go to a Chinese restaurant, there is already a menu of dishes that have a salted duck egg flavor, just like chicken salted eggs. Moreover, they are also often utilized in western restaurants to make dishes like salted egg spaghetti. Salted duck egg has evolved so that it may now be used as a tongue sweetness in addition to being a tasty side dish. For instance, salted egg flavor can be found in moon cake, which includes a variety of flavors that have been passed down by the Chinese population. Additionally, salted eggs are used to make a variety of foods, including pau croissants, and even snacks.

Finally, salted eggs are a delightful supper that also has several health advantages. For instance, salted eggs are beneficial for the skin since they contain vitamin E, which enhances the skin's smoothness and brightness.

Cap Tiga A Salted Duck Eggs Specifications

- The surface of the eggshell is quite hard.
- Salty taste.
- Nutritious salted duck egg.
- The salted eggs weigh 0.1031 grams.
- The shelf life is approximately 6 months.

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