Easwari Suji Flour – 200g

  • Easwari
  • Powder, Light
  • 200g, 5kg & 10kg
  • 200 Gram
  • 1 year from packaging date
  • Halal, MeSTI, GMP, HACCP
  • Malaysia

Product details of Easwari Suji Flour – 200g

Usage: Basic ingredients are important when a food is being prepared, Easwari’s suji flour is one of it. It could be used in various ways whether it is for a savoury or sweet recipes, the wheat flour could be used as an ingredient for a good tasting dish. Here are a few examples from us that could inspired you to use the suji flour when you are cooking. Firstly, use it as an ingredient to make Indian dishes such as dosa, halwa and more. Next, you can also use it as a coating when you want to fry food so that you will get a crispy texture. Another way is by using the semolina powder as an ingredient to produce bread, pasta or even pastries. There are many kinds of dishes that you can make with the suji flour.

Certification(s): The suji flour by Srri Easwari Mills Sdn Bhd has received lot of awards and achievements which proves the quality and standards of the company’s product. Here are a few of the certifications from different sources that can be viewed:

  1. JAKIM-Halal CertificationThe suji flour has been recognized as a halal food product by JAKIM or the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia which means that the Muslims customers can purchase, use, cook and eat any dishes that are made with the product.

  2. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) CertificationMoreover, this suji flour has the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) certification as it is necessary for products in the nation to follow the safety program that has been created.

  3. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) CertificationThis suji flour has also been certified by good manufacturing practices (GMP) as Srri Easwari Mills Sdn Bhd uses steps that enabled them to produce the best results for their products.

  4. KKM MeSTI CertificationAnother certification that can be look at for the suji flour is the KKM Mesti certification, it shows that the powdered wheat flour has complied with the standards and local regulations for a processed product.

Mentioning(s): Easwari’s suji flour also have some remarkable claims that we can look at:

  1. Non-GMOAll the ingredients used to make the suji flour is raw and organic. This means that there is not a single GMO ingredient in the processed product, therefore there are no harmful components in it.

  2. No Chemical & FlavouringsIt is suitable to be used in any type of dishes or cuisines as it does not contain any chemicals and flavourings. Making it safe to be consumed by the consumers.

  3. Zero Artificial Colouring: There is no artificial colouring at all in the suji flour, the colour of the semolina powder is purely from the raw and natural ingredients itself.

  4. Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Customization: The company would do OEM customization for their products which would include the suji flour by following the client’s requests at times by using the high technology tools and machines.

  5. Custom GrindingSrri Easwari Mills Sdn Bhd also does custom grinding for the suji flour, making this fine textured powder stands out compared to the other products in the market.

  6. Vegetarian-FriendlyThis suji flour does not include ingredients derived from animals, making it a vegetarian-friendly product that can be eaten by the vegetarians.

  7. Over 300 SpicesSuji flour is one out of over 300 products that Srri Easwari Mills Sdn Bhd has created throughout their journey as a manufacturing company in the nation.

  8. Continuous Research And Development (R&D)Back then until now, a continuous research and development (R&D) has been done by the dedicated and passionate team of the company as they strive to provide the best product and service for their clients.

  9. Hot Air Oven Drying: The suji flour has been processed through the hot air oven drying, making it into a dried product as welll as preserving it. Through this method, the risk of contamination of the product could also be avoided. 

Packaging InformationRecyclable materials such as aluminium foil, BOPP plastic, and cardboard boxes are used for the packaging of suji flour. Next, the size of the packages is available in three sizes, which are 200 grams (g) or 7.05 ounces (oz), 5 kilogrammes (kg) or 176.36 ounces (g) and 10 kilogrammes 352.73 ounces (oz). Meanwhile the net weight of each one of the powdered semolina is 200 grams (g), 7.05 ounces (oz) or 0.44 pounds (lb).

Storage InformationThe suji flour is also considered as a consumer-packaged good (CPG) with a year of shelf life. Therefore, it is recommended for you to use and eat the semolina powder in 12 months. You can store it in an airtight container or bag, to ensure its best quality. Make sure the container or bag is sealed completely, to avoid any powder from spilling all over the place.

Overview of Suji Flour

Suji flour is a type of flour that is made from wheat flour. Sometimes, it is also known as semolina flour, which is used mainly in Indian cuisines. It is made from wheat which has a high content of gluten. It went through a lot of phases in manufacturing, starting from sorting to the very last step of packaging. Other than that, it is also known as rava, a coarse flour that is utilized in a lot of Indian dishes such as dosa, halwa, upma and idlis however it can also be used in savoury and sweet dishes such as pastries, cookies, and breads. It is all up to your creativity in making a dish. The taste of this Easwari’s suji flour could be described as nutty and it is white to light yellow in colour. As for the texture, it is quite light and powdery, making it easy to incorporate it into a dish as it can blend into the mixture well, with the effort of mixing and kneading. To get the fine texture, it has been ground at the manufacturing facility. You will get the best and high quality semolina powder that you could use to make any dishes that you want to when you purchase an order for the suji flour. Therefore, what are you waiting for, go ahead and get it now with us. 

About Srri Easwari Mills Sdn Bhd

Srri Easwari Mills Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian manufacturer with a long history that started way back in 1995. They produce a lot of products such as seasonings, spice powders and flour products which would include the suji flour. By now, a lot of people are familiar with Easwari’s brand products as it has been in the market for a while now. Therefore, it is not an overstatement to say that the company has successfully establish a name or reputation in the industry. Nevertheless, they never put their guard down as even to this day, Srri Easwari Mills Sdn Bhd is still doing their best to create and improve their brand and products, to satisfy each one of their clients.

Suji Flour Specifications

- Brand: Easwari
- From Malaysia
- Uses natural ingredients
- Free from harmful substances
- Suitable for vegetarians to consume
- Versatile flour to be incorporated into a dish
- Use within a year from the date the semolina flour is packaged
- Has a fine, light, and powdery texture
- Packaging available in 3 types
- Certified by: JAKIM-Halal, MeSTI, HACCP and GMP

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Srri Easwari Mills Sdn Bhd

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