Easwari Tamarind (Asam Jawa) - 200g

  • Easwari
  • Soft, Sticky, Moist
  • Sweet and Sour to Tangy and Tart
  • Winter melon is high in fiber, so it keeps you fuller for longer, allowing you to eat less.
  • 200g, 5kg & 10kg
  • 200 Gram
  • 1 year from packaging date
  • Halal, MeSTI, GMP, HACCP
  • Malaysia

Product details of Easwari Tamarind (Asam Jawa) - 200g

Usage Guidelines: Asam jawa, asem jawa, or tamarind paste is a versatile and tangy ingredient that can elevate the flavour of various dishes in your culinary repertoire. To use Easwari's asam jawa in your cooking, start by selecting the right amount for your recipe. Typically, a teaspoon to a tablespoon of asam jawa is sufficient, but you can adjust the quantity to suit your taste preferences. To make the paste easier to work with, dilute it in warm water. For every teaspoon of asam jawa, mix it with about two tablespoons of warm water and stir until it forms a smooth, thick liquid.

In savoury dishes, asam paste can be added to curries, soups, and stir-fries to impart a delightful tanginess. It also works well as a marinade for meats and seafood, lending a unique sweet and sour flavour. When using tamarind in soups or stews, add it towards the end of cooking to preserve its vibrant taste. In Thai cuisine, it's a key component in dishes like Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup, creating a perfect balance of sourness.

For sweet recipes, our tamarind paste 200g can be employed to create delicious chutneys, sauces, and desserts. Combine it with sugar or honey to make a sweet tamarind sauce that pairs excellently with desserts like ice cream or as a drizzle over fruits. Tamarind is also a key ingredient in making refreshing tamarind drinks and sweets like tamarind candy or toffee.

In summary, paste asam jawa is a remarkable addition to your culinary arsenal, offering a zesty and tart flavour profile. Experiment with it in both savoury and sweet dishes to unlock its full potential and add a burst of unique and delightful flavour to your cooking.


  1. JAKIM Halal Certified: Easwari's halal food, which is asam jawa pes proudly bears the Halal JAKIM certification, assuring consumers of its compliance with strict Islamic dietary guidelines.

  2. HACCP Certified: Our asam jawa is HACCP certified, reflecting our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality throughout the production process.

  3. MeSTI Certified: Easwari's asam jawa meets the requirements of the MeSTI certification, demonstrating our dedication to ensuring the safety and hygiene of our products.

  4. GMP Certified: We adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to produce asam jawa of superior quality, complying with industry standards for excellence.


  1. Non-GMO Ingredients: We use only non-genetically modified organisms (GMO) in our asam jawa, ensuring a natural and wholesome product.

  2. No Chemicals & Flavourings: Easwari's asam jawa is free from artificial chemicals and flavourings, offering a pure and unadulterated taste experience.

  3. Zero Artificial Colouring: You can trust our asam jawa to be free from artificial colourings, allowing you to enjoy its authentic flavour without any artificial additives.

  4. Vegetarian-Friendly: Our asam jawa is suitable for vegetarians, aligning with diverse dietary preferences.

  5. OEM Customisation: We offer OEM customisation options, allowing businesses to tailor our asam jawa to their specific needs and branding.

  6. Custom Grinding: Our asam jawa can be custom ground to meet your desired texture and consistency, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your culinary creations.

  7. 300+ Spices Availability: In addition to asam jawa, we offer an extensive range of over 300 spices, providing a one-stop solution for all your culinary spice requirements.

  8. Continuous R&D: Easwari is committed to continuous research and development, ensuring that our asam jawa and other products are at the forefront of taste and quality in the culinary industry.

Packaging Information: At Easwari, we pour our heart and soul into preserving the goodness of our asam jawa with the highest level of care. Our premium asam jawa is meticulously sealed and packaged, guaranteeing that it reaches your kitchen in perfect condition, ready to elevate your culinary experience with its tangy delight. We take pride in cocooning this natural treasure with love and attention, ensuring that you unbox a heavenly treat, straight from our fields to your home. Let the blissful journey of flavours and joy begin as you savour the zesty taste and culinary benefits of Easwari's asam jawa. Embrace the love and thoughtfulness that goes into every package, and get ready to create delightful dishes that are truly made with heart!


200 g, 5 kg, 10 kg

Shelf Life

12 Months



Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

1 x 20ft

Manufacture Place



Storage Instruction: To store asam jawa, whether it's in individual portions or in bulk, it's crucial to ensure it retains its quality and freshness. When dealing with individual portions, consider portioning out the paste into smaller airtight containers or ice cube trays, then freeze them. This prevents oxidation and keeps the paste in a usable state for an extended period. For bulk storage, transfer the asam jawa into a tightly sealed glass or plastic container, ensuring there's minimal exposure to air. Store it in a cool, dark place such as a pantry or cupboard. Avoid keeping it in a warm or humid environment, as this can lead to spoilage. When properly stored, asam jawa can maintain its flavour and texture, allowing you to enjoy its unique tangy taste in your culinary creations for an extended duration.

Overview of Asam Jawa 

Easwari's asam jawa is a culinary gem meticulously crafted to enhance the flavours of your dishes. Derived from the finest tamarind fruits, our paste embodies a perfect blend of tanginess and richness, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen. With our commitment to quality and authenticity, we bring you a product that encapsulates the essence of traditional cooking.

Our asam jawa is a testament to our dedication to preserving the essence of this natural treasure. We begin with carefully selected tamarind fruits, known for their exceptional taste and quality. Through a meticulous extraction process, we create a paste that captures the pure, zesty flavour of tamarind, without any artificial additives or preservatives. This dedication to using only natural ingredients ensures that every spoonful of Easwari's asam jawa is packed with wholesome goodness.

One of the key highlights of our asam jawa is its versatility. Whether you're preparing savoury curries, tangy chutneys, or delectable desserts, our paste serves as the perfect flavour enhancer. Its unique sweet and sour profile can elevate a wide range of dishes, creating a symphony of taste that delights the palate. Whether you're an experienced chef or a home cook experimenting with new recipes, Easwari's asam jawa is your trusted companion in the kitchen.

We take immense pride in the quality assurance that comes with Easwari's asam jawa. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards is reflected in our certifications, including Halal JAKIM, HACCP, MeSTI, and GMP. These certifications signify our dedication to producing a product that not only tantalises your taste buds but also adheres to stringent quality and safety measures.

At Easwari, we understand the importance of convenience in your culinary adventures. That's why we offer customisable packaging options, allowing you to choose the size that best suits your needs. Whether you require individual portions for small home-cooked meals or bulk quantities for commercial use, we've got you covered. Our packaging ensures that our asam jawa remains fresh and ready to use whenever inspiration strikes in your kitchen.

In conclusion, Easwari's asam jawa is your passport to a world of culinary creativity. With a focus on quality, authenticity, and versatility, our paste brings the magic of tamarind to your dishes. Whether you're creating traditional recipes or experimenting with innovative flavours, Easwari's asam jawa is your trusted partner in elevating the taste and bringing joy to your dining table. Experience the difference, and let your culinary journey be flavoured with the goodness of Easwari's asam jawa.

About Srri Easwari

With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1955, Srri Easwari Flour Mills has always been at the forefront of creating a delightful range of Ready Masala, Seasonings, Spice Powders, and Flour products, all proudly carrying the beloved EASWARI brand. As the company evolved, it officially became Srri Easwari Mills Sdn Bhd, and today, it boasts a legacy of excellence that spans over six decades.

Throughout our journey of success, our passion for perfection has remained unwavering. We constantly innovate and refine our products and production methods, ensuring that each creation we offer reflects our commitment to quality. But what truly fuels our happiness is the knowledge that we get to share these delicious creations with people from all corners of the world! Every order, whether big or small, is a precious opportunity for us to bring joy and flavour to someone's plate.

As we set our sights on a global stage, we dream big. Our goal is to expand our reach, even in the face of fierce market competition. However, we do so with a simple yet profound principle at heart - sincerity. With this guiding principle, we continue to forge ahead, always eager to explore new horizons and grow.

At Srri Easwari, we are passionate about building meaningful collaborations, both locally and internationally. We are thrilled to join hands with friends from all over the globe, united in our shared mission to create a splendid future filled with delectable experiences for everyone!

So, here's to Srri Easwari Mills Sdn Bhd, and our unwavering passion for spreading joy through the magic of our cherished EASWARI products. With every taste, we weave smiles and connect hearts, making the world a happier and more flavorful place! Join us on this exciting culinary journey, and let's create a world filled with irresistible flavours together!

Asam Jawa Specifications

  • Available in three weights - 200g, 5kg, and 10kg
  • Sweet and sour to tangy and tart
  • 1 x 20ft container, providing convenient bulk purchase options
  • 12 months shelf life

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