Easwari Urid Dhal Flour (Tepung Urid Dal) - 200g

  • Easwari
  • Powder, Soft
  • 200g, 5kg & 10kg
  • 200 Gram
  • 1 year from packaging date
  • Halal, MeSTI, GMP, HACCP
  • Malaysia

Product details of Easwari Urid Dhal Flour (Tepung Urid Dal) - 200g

Usage Guidelines: Urid Dhal, also known as Urid Dal (Vigna Mungo), which is manufactured under the brand of Easwari, is a versatile ingredient that can be incorporated into a multitude of delicious recipes. To make a classic Indian dal, start by rinsing the Urid Dhal thoroughly and soaking it for about 30 minutes to soften it. In a large saucepan, heat some vegetable oil or ghee over medium heat. Add a teaspoon of cumin seeds, a pinch of asafoetida, and a couple of dried red chillies for a fragrant tempering. Then, add the soaked and drained Urid Dal, along with water, and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat and let it simmer, partially covered, until the dhal becomes tender and starts to break down. Season with salt, turmeric, and other spices of your choice, such as coriander and garam masala. You can also add tomatoes, onions, and garlic for extra flavour. Serve your Easwari's Urid Dhal with rice or naan for a hearty and nutritious meal, garnished with fresh coriander leaves. This dal is not only delicious but also a great source of protein and dietary fibre, making it a wholesome addition to your menu.


  1. JAKIM Halal Certified: Easwari's Urid Dal proudly bears the JAKIM Halal Certification, assuring consumers of its compliance with Islamic dietary requirements and its suitability for individuals following halal dietary guidelines.

  2. HACCP Certified: Our product is HACCP Certified, a testament to our unwavering commitment to adhering to the highest standards of food safety and quality control in the production of Easwari's Urid Dhal.

  3. MeSTI Certified: Easwari's Urid Dal holds the MeSTI Certification, demonstrating our strict adherence to Malaysian food regulations, ensuring that the product meets all safety and quality requirements.

  4. GMP Certified: With the GMP Certification, we underscore our dedication to maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices, ensuring that every batch of black gram meets consistent quality standards.


  1. Non-GMO Ingredients: Our urad bean is crafted using Non-GMO Ingredients, assuring consumers that it is sourced from natural, unmodified agricultural sources, free from genetically modified organisms.

  2. No Chemicals & Flavourings: Easwari's Urid Dhal is produced without the use of harmful chemicals or artificial flavourings, preserving the authentic taste and nutritional value of the lentils.

  3. Zero Artificial Colouring: We take pride in offering a product free from artificial colourings, ensuring that our Urid Dhal maintains its natural appearance and quality.

  4. Vegetarian-Friendly: Our Urid Dhal is a perfect choice for vegetarians, providing a rich source of protein and nutrients for those following a vegetarian lifestyle.

  5. OEM Customisation: We offer OEM Customisation, allowing businesses to tailor the product to their specific requirements and branding, ensuring a unique offering in the market.

  6. Custom Grinding: Our custom grinding service enables customers to receive Urid Dhal in the desired texture or consistency, catering to various culinary preferences.

  7. 300+ Spices Availability: Easwari's urid bean provides access to a wide range of spices, offering over 300 options to enhance the flavour profile of your dishes.

  8. Continuous R&D: With a commitment to Continuous Research and Development, we stay at the forefront of culinary innovation, adapting to evolving tastes and preferences.

Packaging Information: Our packaging information ensures that consumers have access to detailed instructions for safe storage and usage of our product, enhancing convenience and reliability.


200 g, 5 kg, 10 kg

Shelf Life

12 Months



Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

1 x 20ft

Manufacture Place



Storage Instruction: Storing Easwari's black grams individually and in bulk requires specific attention to maintain its quality and freshness.

  1. Individual Storage: When storing Easwari's Urid Dhal in smaller quantities or for household use, it's essential to keep it in an airtight container. Choose a container that seals tightly to prevent air and moisture from getting in, which can lead to spoilage and the growth of unwanted microorganisms. Ensure that the container is clean and dry before transferring the Urid Dhal. Store the container in a cool, dry, and dark place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Keeping it in a pantry or kitchen cupboard is an ideal location. It's also a good practice to label the container with the purchase or packaging date to monitor freshness. When properly stored, Easwari's Urid Dhal can maintain its quality for an extended period, typically up to one year.

  2. Bulk Storage: For bulk storage of Easwari's blackgram, it's crucial to follow proper guidelines to preserve its quality over an extended period. Bulk storage is often relevant for commercial purposes, restaurants, or businesses. First, ensure that the Urid Dhal is clean and free from any foreign matter or contaminants before storing it. Use food-grade storage containers, bins, or food-grade bags designed for bulk storage. These containers should be airtight and made from materials that do not impart odours or flavours to the dhal. Store the bulk Urid Dhal in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated storage area. Temperature and humidity control is essential to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to spoilage. Maintain a temperature range of 50°F to 70°F (10°C to 21°C) and relative humidity below 60%. Additionally, it's advisable to store bulk Urid Dhal away from strong odours or products with strong fragrances, as lentils can absorb odours. Regularly inspect the bulk storage area for signs of pests or moisture, and address any issues promptly. Rotate stock as needed to ensure that older Urid Dhal is used first. Properly managed bulk storage can extend the shelf life of Easwari's Urid Dhal for several months to a year, maintaining its quality and nutritional value.

Overview of Urid Dhal 

Urid Dhal, also known as Urad Dal or Black Gram, is a versatile and nutritious legume that holds a significant place in the culinary traditions of South Asia, particularly in India. This small, black-skinned lentil with a creamy-white interior is a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine and is widely used to prepare a variety of delicious dishes.

One of the key features of Urid Dhal is its rich and earthy flavour, which adds depth and complexity to recipes. It has a unique ability to absorb and enhance the flavours of spices and seasonings, making it a popular choice for creating aromatic and hearty meals. Urid Dhal is often used in both whole and split forms, each offering distinct culinary applications.

In whole form, Urid Dhal is typically soaked before cooking to soften it, and it's commonly used in dishes like idli and dosa, where it is ground into a batter and fermented to create fluffy and crispy pancakes. When used in its split form, Urid Dhal becomes an essential component in various types of dal (lentil soup), giving them a creamy texture and a nutty taste.

From a nutritional perspective, Urid Dhal is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is an excellent source of protein, dietary fibre, and essential minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium. This makes it a valuable addition to vegetarian and vegan diets, as it helps meet protein requirements while providing essential nutrients. Moreover, Urid Dhal is naturally gluten-free, making it suitable for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

In addition to its culinary applications and nutritional value, Urid Dhal also has a place in traditional medicine systems, where it is believed to have various health benefits. It is thought to aid digestion, boost energy levels, and promote overall well-being.

In conclusion, Urid Dhal is a versatile and nutritious legume that plays a vital role in Indian cuisine and beyond. Its unique flavour, versatility in cooking, and rich nutrient profile make it a cherished ingredient in countless recipes, from traditional Indian dishes to modern fusion cuisine. Whether used to create a comforting bowl of dal or to craft crispy dosas, Urid Dhal continues to be a beloved and essential component of many culinary traditions.

About Srri Easwari

With its illustrious history dating back to 1955, Srri Easwari Flour Mills has remained a pioneering force in the world of culinary craftsmanship. Under its esteemed EASWARI brand, the company has consistently delivered an exquisite array of Ready Masala, Seasonings, Spice Powders, and Flour products. Over the years, as it evolved into Srri Easwari Mills Sdn Bhd, this legacy of excellence has flourished, spanning six remarkable decades.

The foundation of Srri Easwari Mills' enduring success lies in its unwavering commitment to perfection. The company's relentless pursuit of innovation and refinement in both its products and production methods underscores its dedication to unparalleled quality. What fuels their passion is the privilege of sharing these delightful creations with people worldwide. Every order, regardless of size, represents a precious opportunity to enhance someone's dining experience with a burst of flavor and joy.

As Srri Easwari sets its sights on the global stage, it does so with ambitious aspirations. Amidst stiff competition in the market, they embrace the challenge with a guiding principle deeply ingrained in their ethos - sincerity. This principle propels them forward, fostering a spirit of exploration and growth as they look towards new horizons. The company's commitment to establishing meaningful partnerships, both locally and internationally, reflects their dedication to creating a radiant future filled with delectable experiences for all. Srri Easwari's journey is a testament to their dedication to spreading joy through the enchantment of EASWARI products, weaving smiles and fostering connections one savoury bite at a time. Join them on this culinary odyssey to craft a world brimming with irresistible flavors!

Urid Dhal Specifications

- Available in three weights - 200g, 5kg, and 10kg
- Has a rich, earthy flavor with nutty undertones
- Slightly creamy and mildly savory
- 1 x 20ft container, providing convenient bulk purchase options
- 12 months shelf life

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