Freeze Dried Lotus Root Snack - 20G

  • 100 cartons
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  • Crunchy
  • Crispy and delicious, the flavor is unique and the original flavor is maintained.
  • High quality healthy snack freeze dried vegetable lotus root slice.
  • 20 Gram
  • 18 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Halal certified
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Freeze Dried Lotus Root Snack - 20G

Usage Instruction: When you received the packages, check each pack properly. If there is an open pack, it is advisable to not consume it as it may contain microorganisms or other substances in the pack. After checking the package, search for the expiry date and see if the pack has reached its expiry date or not. If not, the lotus root snack is safe to be eaten. 

Wash your hand before eating. Peel the plastic carefully. If it is too hard to peel, use a pair of scissors carefully and cut the plastic. The lotus root snack is ready to consume. You can now enjoy a fast, quick and healthy lotus root snack.

This lotus root snack can also be enjoyed as a bedtime snack, late-night snack, midnight snack or when you are chilling while watching your favourite show on Netflix.

Storage instruction: Storing is the most important part of preserving food. The lotus root snack can be stored for up to 18 months and we will like to share with you how to store the lotus root snack properly. 

Store the lotus root snack in your kitchen cabinet. If you have enough space, do so. It is best to store it a room temperature since this vegetable snack did not need the low temperature to kill the microorganisms. You can also place the lotus root snack in a low-height cabinet for easy access. 

It would be better to eat all the lotus root snacks. By doing this, you do not need to store the snack back inside your kitchen. As it only weighs 20 grams per pax, the lotus root snack does not take more than ten minutes to consume the whole pack of lotus root snacks. If you cannot finish the snack, you can share the remaining snacks with others. 

For better understanding, read the storage instructions provided by the supplier to make sure the lotus root snack is safe and last for 18 months. 

Packaging Information: Each pack weighs 20 grams (0.04 pounds). Packed in an air-tight seal package, the lotus root snack packaging prevents air and microorganisms from entering. Easy to consume and store since the packaging has a zip-like lid to securely protect the lotus root snack from damage.

Shipping Detail: The supplier has put a benchmark of allowing consumers to order with a minimum of 100 cartons. Following the B2B shipping procedure, a minimum order of 1 x 20 feet container is allowed to prevent the supplier from profit loss. However, 1 x pallet can be considered as a trial selling point and LCL (Less than Container-Load). 

Certification(s) and Award(s): 

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Halal lotus root snack is now available. Supplied by London Probiotics Technology Sdn Bhd, the distributor has followed all the steps to obtain the halal certification. Safe to consume by Muslims. 

Lotus Root Snack Overview

Snack is a food eaten after a meal. It can be eaten anywhere, whenever up to your own preferences. Many likes to eat snacks during having a leisurely day while chilling. The same goes for our lotus root snack. The snack can be eaten while watching your favourite show or while hanging out with your friends. Lotus root, also known as Nelumbo Nucifera, is a species of flower. Eating lotus root as your snack contains lots of benefits such as nutrients, vitamins, minerals and many more. Ancient people used lotus roots and seeds as part of meditation to improve heart health. Instead of eating unhealthy potato chips before going to sleep, try our healthy and crispy lotus root snack and see the difference! We use real and 100% lotus root, no added colour and flavours, oil-free and fat-free, and halal lotus root snacks. These dried vegetable snacks can also be eaten by children during breakfast. 

Lotus Root Snack Specifications

Usage instructions: 

- Check the package and expiry date of the snack.
- Wash your hand before eating the halal lotus root snack.
- Peel the plastic or use a pair of scissors to cut the plastic.
- Easy, fast and healthy lotus root snack.
- Can be eaten during break time, a midnight snack, a bedtime snack, a late-night snack or while watching Netflix.

Storage instructions:

- Store the lotus root snack inside a kitchen cabinet.
- Store inside a room-temperature place.
- Eat the lotus root snack without leaving any remaining.
- Share the snack with others if unable to finish all the lotus root snacks.
- Read the storage instructions for the lotus root snack provided by the supplier. 

Other specifications:

- Halal lotus root snack.
- Each pack weighs 20 grams (0.04 pounds).
- Can be stored for up to 18 months.
- Ship from Malaysia.
- Product of Malaysia.
- The lotus root snack has a halal certificate.
- The lotus root snack is using 100% real vegetables.
- Oil-free and fat-free lotus root snack.
- The lotus root snack tastes crispy and healthy.
- No artificial preservatives, no colour added, no sugar and no flavours added.

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