Hikari Blood Red Parrot+ Fish Food - Pellet - 333g

  • Hikari
  • Pellet
  • Premium
  • Supports a healthy immune system, sufficient energy sources and improved coloration
  • 333 Gram
  • Japan

Product details of Hikari Blood Red Parrot+ Fish Food - Pellet - 333g

Usage: The HIKARI Blood Red Parrot is shaped like a pellet and has a lip-smacking quality flavour. In addition to that quality, this parrot fish meal assists in preserving proper dietary and immune system function and improves the fish's aesthetics. Follow these procedures meticulously to feed your aquarium fish the special Hikari Blood Red Parrot:

1. Open the Hikari Blood Red Parrot plastic packet
2. Take a handful of pellets
3. Gently toss the pellets into your fish aquarium


Treat your fish twice or thrice a day with a quantity they can devour in a matter of mins. The purity of the H2O in which they live may be negatively affected if too much foodstuff is allowed to accumulate.

Certification: Clients could have trust in Hikari's Blood Red Parrot since it has been accorded a stamp of approbation:

  1. ISO 22000 CertificateThis certification is necessary since it guarantees that the items are continually trustworthy, as measured against cross-border protocols. That's why you can buy the Hikari Blood Red Parrot from the Hikari label in countries other than Japan and Malaysia.

Packaging: Please don't neglect to carry together this merchandise Hikari Blood Red Parrot in 333g (11.75oz) per unit since it is bundled in a league of its own and can be utilized and taken all over everything you go together with your marine critters. Hence, our basic required qty is one 20-foot container, while we are open to discussing smaller minimums for sold-in bulk orders and LCL shipments.

Furthermore, we will appropriately and attentively wrap your purchase with tight equipment to eliminate faults and errors throughout delivery so that your Hikari Blood Red Parrot products and your buy reach your place without a hitch. For us, having happy clients who are satisfied with their purchases must be priority number one.

Storage Instruction: How should fish food be stored? All fish food, including this Hikari Blood Red Parrot, should be stored in a cold, dark place like a cabinet or cupboard instead of tossed in a spot or rolled up in a backpack. This also applies to keeping nourishment for fish.

Furthermore, remember that liquid-soluble nutrients, such as vitamin C, begin to be lost from a fish meal the moment it is opened. There will be petite usable vitamin C remaining in a small handful of months. Keeping your fish pellets in an airtight container will keep the vitamins intact. Fishing food should be stored in a calm, dark area away from direct sunlight in a sealed jar.

Hikari's Blood Red Parrot Fish Food's Overview

Many steelhead farms fed their fishes a meal of ground beef (mare flesh in specific) through the end of World War Second. John E. (Red) Hanson, while serving for the New Mexico Game and Fish Department in the 1950s, started testing various feeding schedules and parched pellet formulas. Red River Hatchery near Taos is where steelhead bred in captivity were initially fed fishmeal pellets. This increased acceptance of fish granules in nest boxes since the pellets enhanced the efficiency with which fish were produced from the nutrition they consumed.

Hikari Blood Red Parrot+TM is an innovative meal explicitly created for Red Parrots to utilize when visible colour improvement is a priority. The Hikari-GermTM helps the body make the most of its nutrients. At the same time, the other ingredients work together to maintain a solid cardiovascular function, a pleasing appearance, steady development, plenty of usable fuel, and enhanced pigmentation.

The super-charged food blend and healthy live microbes in the Hikari Blood Red Parrot ensure quick, fat-free development and attractive body composition. It is also formulated with stabilized vitamin C to give your fish the most outstanding possible opportunity at lengthy wellness by boosting their defence systems. You can put your confidence in the company that pioneered pelleted Cichlid meals, our other luxury aquatic feeds, and our over 135 years of expertise when shopping for the finest solutions for your aquatic pets!

About Akuarium & Ikan Tempatan Kim Yun

At Akuarium & Ikan Tempatan Kim Yun, we stock and sell everything you need to care for your aquarium, including fish, plants, and equipment. Our most notable offerings are our marine operations, which include a wide selection of decorative fish, and our reasonably priced accessories and equipment. Our firm was founded in 2000 and operates as a service provider and retail establishment. Our primary market is Asia, and Malaysia is a great place to sell aquariums and pet fish.

Hikari's Blood Red Parrot's Specification(s)

- Label: HIKARI
- Has pellet appearance
- Has premium relish
- Attribute: It provides enough vitality, helps maintain good nutrition and immunological function and enhances appearance
- Net weight: 333g (11.75oz) per pack
- Cert: ISO 22000
- Exclusively Japan-made

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