Hikari Oranda Gold Fish Pallet - 300G

  • Hikari
  • Pellet
  • Premium
  • Contains stabilized vitamin C which supports immune system health
  • 300 Gram
  • Japan

Product details of Hikari Oranda Gold Fish Pallet - 300G

Usage Instruction: This retail product by Akuarium & Ikan Tempatan Kim Yun can be used in a simple, fast and safe way. To get started using this Hikari Oranda Gold, simply take its packet, and using your hand, simply tear the upper part of the packet to open it. Once you open the packet, you can see the content in it. Without any additional tools, you may go directly to your pet fish’s aquarium to start feeding them. Next, lift the packet to the top of the aquarium area and pour the Hikari Oranda Gold into the tank slowly by shaking it. If you prefer to feed your fish in a small amount, shake it slowly so the content flows in the water according to your preference. Moreover, you can also put any amount of the floating pellets of this Hikari Oranda Gold by following your fish needs. With its premium, delicious taste, this Hikari Oranda Gold will excite your pet fish while also boosting their immune system.

Packaging Information: This Hikari Oranda Gold is packed in an easy feed and zipper plastic aluminium foil food packaging bag and weighs 300 (10.5oz) for a packet. To get this Hikari Oranda Gold, it needs to be purchased at a minimum of 1x20ft container. However, the LCL (loose container Load) can be negotiable and might be used for the shipment process. Secured with high protection, we ensure that the Hikari Oranda Gold will arrive safely without any damage.

Hikari Oranda Gold Overview

Oranda is a type of fancy goldfish with a red cap or ‘hood’ on its head and appears in a round-bodied shape. Oranda or red cap oranda can be grown until six to seven inches long when fully grown. Its shiny, pure white scales and metallic fins, attracted people with their unique and natural beauty. Besides, Oranda is oftenly known as one of the famous fancy goldfish that everyone keeps as a pet. Due to this reason, Akuarium & Ikan Tempatan Kim Yun has taken the opportunity by providing essential items with two different weights, both containing 100g (3.5oz) and 300g (10.5oz) for the fish, which can be known as Hikari Oranda Gold.

The Hikari Oranda Gold comes in a solid round pellet shape and is formulated with aggressive colour enhancement, making it a firm yellow-brownish colour. Not only rich with premium taste, but it is also good for long-term use as it is made using quality ingredients and has a stabilised vitamin content that is made to help improve fish’s health. The vitamin that is mentioned here is Vitamin C. One of its benefits is that it is good for fish’s immune system, as it enhances immune response, works as an antioxidant, and also holds fish cells together through collagen synthesis. 

In addition, this Hikari Oranda Gold functions as a daily balanced-diet food for your pet fish. You can feed them according to their size, the activity level of your fish, the water temperature, and also the condition of the aquarium tank. If you want your pet fish to become bigger rapidly way, you may feed them in a big quantity and vice versa. 

While using this Hikari Oranda Gold, do not put pressure on its durability as this 300g (10.5oz)’s Hikari Oranda Gold is a floating type of pellet. Thus, it doesn't easily dissolve in the water and messes up your pet fish’s aquarium. Next, apart from Oranda, this Hikari Gold Fish can also be fed to other goldfish such as Lionhead, Ranchu, Azumanishiki, and more. With its lightweight and simple design, this Hikari Oranda is easy to carry anywhere.

About Akuarium & Ikan Tempatan Kim Yun

Located in Rawang, Selangor, Akuarium & Ikan Tempatan Kim Yun is a store that sells various types of products related to aquatic needs. It encompasses accessories and tools, such as fishing tools and various types of aquariums. The company also can be considered an aquatic pet store, because it provided ornamental fish including goldfish which consist of many types such as Ranchu, Oranda, Ryukin, Demenkin, Bubble eye, and Mutiara. They also provide abundant types of Hikari fish food that contain many good nutrients for your pet fish.

Hikari Oranda Gold Specifications

- Comes in a mini round pellet size and floats on the water
- Formulated with bio-technology assistance for excellent colouration
- Contain a 300gram (10.5oz) per packet
- Rich in stabilised Vitamin C that can improve fish’s immune system
- A well-balanced daily diet food for fancy goldfish
- Product of Japan

Hikari Oranda Gold is suitable as a diet snack for

Fancy goldfish including:

  1. Oranda
  2. Lionhead
  3. Azumanishiki
  4. Ranchu

Guaranteed Analysis (GA) of Hikari Oranda Gold

Crude Protein

Min. 45%

Crude Fat

Min. 6%

Crude Fibre

Max. 5%


Max. 10%


Max. 14%


Min. 1.2%

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