Hikari Spirulina Fish Pallet - 500G

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Product details of Hikari Spirulina Fish Pallet - 500G

Usage Instruction: In the world of health supplements and uncommon food, spirulina is a familiar name. Being a blue-green form of algae that grows in warm, alkali environments similar to seaweed and chlorella, spirulina is often harvested fresh and made into capsules or tablets for human consumption. When used in this manner, spirulina is valued as a source of protein and a good amount of vitamins and minerals.

If spirulina can help humans as they are growing, imagine how good it must be for fishes and other marine life who naturally feed on spirulina and similar single cell proteins! Indeed, if you care for large fish such as koi (carp), tilapia, or catfish, incorporating spirulina in their diet will not only make them thicker and stronger, but improve the color and brightness of their scales as well!

This is the guarantee Akuarium & Ikan Tempatan Kim Yun gives, as they offer spirulina manufactured by Hikari for sale, perfect for the use of fish farmers, koi breeders, and other owners of large fish.

How do you make use of Hikari Spirulina to supplement the health of your fish? To start with, why not follow these steps?

  1. Spirulina is best used in alkaline water (pH 8.5) that is also slightly warm (30 degrees celsius/86 degrees fahrenheit). When the best results are needed, feel free to test the water.
  2. Hikari Spirulina is to serve as a supplement for the primary food fed to your fish. During feeding time, open a package of Hikari Spirulina and pour out around two teaspoons for every fish you will feed, alongside their usual food.
  3. Monitor your fish daily for changes in health condition and appearance, ensuring that the spirulina used has a positive effect on their growth.

Even a week of feeding Hikari Spirulina to your fish can have a surprising effect, making it a good choice for koi hobbyists, breeders, and presenters in particular.

Packaging Information: Each order of Hikari Spirulina will be shipped in opaque foil packages of 500g (1.1 lbs) for your convenience and the safety of the product. Each order will ship in sufficient volume to fill a standard 20ft container, but you may also negotiate a pre-determined less-than-container load (LCL) when placing your order.

Storage Instructions: Avoid stacking your package of Hikari Spirulina under heavy weight or near sharp objects, in order to prevent the packaging or the pellets within being crushed or perforated. You are also advised to store the packages in cool, dry places, and within an airtight container if you do not intend to use all of it once. This helps to prevent the Spirulina pellets from dissolving or being lost unnecessarily.

Certifications & Mentions:

  1. Diverse Range of Ornamental Fish: As experienced as we are in the field of breeding and trading ornamental fish, we know the necessary materials and methods needed to optimize appearance and health of various breeds of fish in our care. This translates to recognizing and making use of quality products such as Hikari Spirulina, which are carefully selected for your use as a consumer as well!
  2. Aquatic Accessories And Tools: Akuarium & Ikan Tempatan Kim Yun also offers a wide range of accessories like air pumps, filters, lights, and cleaning tools to ensure that your aquarium is clean and in the best shape to attend to the needs of your fish. Alongside Hikari Spirulina, these accessories are sure to keep your fish in the best shape.
  3. Affordable Prices: As a primarily local business, we aim to serve local consumers, whether aquarium owners or fish farmers. As such, even our imported goods and equipment are offered at very affordable prices for every need, allowing you to care for your fish in the best ways possible.

Overview of Hikari Spirulina

Subject to a long history of cultivation and use in human diets in remote parts of the world, spirulina is now known as both a primary organic food source and a natural dietary supplement. With a distinctive segmented structure under the microscope, spirulina, also known as arthrospira, is a unique algae that provides nutritional benefits for many species as a valuable part of the ecosystem.

While they may impart several benefits to human consumers, the use of Hikari Spirulina may be of particular interest to breeders of koi and other ornamental fish, as there are several benefits that may not be immediately evident otherwise.

Benefits of Hikari Spirulina for Koi and Other Ornamental Fish

Carotenoids improve vividity of color and health of scales

Serves as an immuno-stimulant, reducing the need for antibiotics in enclosure

Promotes uniform growth rates in fish fed spirulina

In powder form, can improve survival rates as well

Not just a health food for humans, Hikari Spirulina serves an important role in raising your prized fish and keeping them healthy as well. If you are rearing ornamental fish, why not try Hikari Spirulina and make a difference for them?

Specifications of Hikari Spirulina

- Natural spirulina processed into pellet form for fish consumption by Hikari, imported by Akuarium & Ikan Tempatan Kim Yun
- Reliable source of protein, vitamins, and minerals
- Improves coloration and immunity in fish
- Well-suited as a dietary supplement for ornamental fish

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