iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet

  • Japanese Fresh Fruit Sorbet Ice Cream
  • Paper Box 20 cartons per pallet
  • 13 Milligram
  • 12 Months
  • Certified Halal product
  • Malaysia
  • Port of Penang

Product details of iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet

Usage: The popularity of the iNatural durian sorbet can be largely attributed to its nostalgic appeal. It is a type of sorbet where durian flavor is every Malaysians' all-time favorite. The taste of Pareto’s iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet is the richest; and creamiest durian ice cream.

The iNatural durian sorbet by Pareto Manufacturing Provider is ready-to-eat. You only need to peel off the black color plastic wrapper of Pareto's Durian Sorbet and serve the Durian Ice Cream before it melts during the hot day. You will taste the creamy texture and mild sweetness of the durian flesh.

Additionally, the durian sorbet is healthy ice cream with completely natural fresh fruits and ingredients. There is less than 0.01% artificial coloring or flavoring added in the iNatural durian fruits sorbet.

This Pareto’s iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet is a great treat to battle Malaysia’s sweltering heat. If you are a durian lover and a fan of ice cream, this Pareto’s iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet is a must-try! The iNatural durian sorbet by Pareto Manufacturing Provider is probably enough to make you drool! Pareto Manufacturing Provider rest assured that their Durian Sorbet with the highest quality to bring you a tasty experience.

Packaging: Pareto's iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet are sold in bulk quantities of 20 cartons per pallet. There are 24 sticks of Durian Sorbet per carton. Each Durian Sorbet is individually wrapped in black packaging, and this selection of durian fruit ice cream is packed with a paper box. Besides, each unit/ stick of Pareto's iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet serves a net weight of 13 milligrams. The dimensions of the iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet are calculated as 17(L) x 5(W) x 2 (H)cm per stick.

Storage Instructions: The Pareto's iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet has a shelf life of 12 months from the manufactured date with the defined quality. Store the Pareto’ Durian Sorbet in the top part of the freezer with the ideal serving temperature below -18°C. Avoid storing Durian sorbet in the freezer door. The reason is that it can be subject to more fluctuating temperatures. 


  1. ISO 22000: Pareto Manufacturing Provider gives assurance on quality, reliability, and safety to all of their ice cream or sorbet, including iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet. All variations of their sorbet are a globally accepted international standard, and Pareto follows all the requirements for food safety management systems.

    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification: The brand of Pareto has received the HACCP Certification for increasing client trust. Besides, they have practices food safety and hygiene practices among its employees and operations in accordance with food safety regulations.

    Veterinary Health Mark (VHM) Certification: Pareto Manufacturing Provider passed the necessary food hygiene and sanitation requirements set by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) under the Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-based Industry Malaysia. Hence, the company- Pareto is qualified to award this VHM Certification.

    Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI) Certified: Pareto Manufacturing Provider has been awarded with a MeSTI Certification. The manufacturing process of sorbet or ice cream under the brand of Pareto is fulfilling the requirements stated by the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009.

    Halal-certified: All variations of ice cream products brand of Pareto, including iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet manufactured by Pareto Manufacturing Provider is permissible and acceptable following Islamic law in Malaysia. Hence, Pareto's iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet is HALAL certified by JAKIM. All Muslims can be confident to consume the durian sorbet since the products have aligned with their culture and beliefs. In this sense, Pareto's iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet may be known as Halal Durian Sorbet in Malaysia.

Pareto’s iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet Overview

Pareto Manufacturing Provider
has manufactured various types of ice cream potong/ ice cream sticks. One of the flavors for ice cream potong/ sorbet is iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet, made using fresh durian flesh. Durian is considered “the king of fruits'' in Southeast Asia. It is the most famous fruit in Malaysia due to its powerful aroma, potent smell, distinctive taste, and custardy texture. Some people may find it fragrant and pleasant, while others find it incredibly offensive. However, the durian flesh has a sweet flavor and thick texture. Its texture and odor made durians perfect for desserts, especially ice cream - Pareto’s Durian Sorbet, a most popular flavor in ice-cream potong.

Apart from Durian Sorbet, Pareto Manufacturing Provider also sells other flavors of the iNatural ice cream, including Strawberry Fruits Sorbet, and Mango Fruits Sorbet. Unlike other variants of ice cream potong, such as Red Bean or Corn Flavor Ice Cream Potong, iNatural is a new level of ice cream potong founded by Japanese Kohei Taki. Hence, iNatural Durian Sorbet is a Japanese-quality premium, natural ice cream made from Malaysian fruits - Durian, and the finest ingredients. The use of Malaysian fresh fruits and natural ingredients has made the iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet different from others ice cream.

Moreover, the black packaging of Pareto’s iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet’s design makes it so much easier to grab the attention of consumers. The black packaging of a product often denotes premium quality. In addition, black color always tends to stand out, and making the ice cream products evokes high class, and elegance.

All series of iNatural Ice Cream is free from emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives, and less than 0.01% of additional coloring or additional flavoring. Thus, the iNatural Durian Ice Cream does not have the bright yellow color often associated with durian ice cream. This Pareto’s iNatural Durian Sorbet is come with natural colors because it is 99.99% natural made from fresh durian flesh. By using fresh durian flesh, the durian sorbet taste tasty and unique. Each stick of Pareto’s Durian Sorbet contains 20% of coconut milk. Therefore, this iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet is considered healthy ice cream.

This selection of durian sorbet/ durian ice cream by Pareto is therefore ideal for consumers who want something more premium in taste. All variations of Pareto’s ice cream products, including iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet are crafted in a halal-certified production kitchen for safe consumption.

It can be seen that iNatural has raised the quality standard of the ice cream potong, just like its durian sorbet, starting from manufacturing to packaging. The Pareto’s iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet demonstrated using all natural ingredients such as fresh fruits- durian, and the free-from claims that helps to elevate the taste experience.

Want to satisfy your durian craving? Grab a pint of Pareto’s iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet! It is a type of guilt-free ice cream for you.

Why Choose Pareto’s iNatural Durian Fruits Sorbet?

- No Added Preservative, Stabilisers, Nor Emulsifiers
- Additional Coloring/ Flavoring Less than 0.01%
- Made from Fresh Fruits
- Halal-Certified Product
- 100% Made In Malaysia
- Net weight: 13 milligrams per stick
- 97 kcal per serving
- Suitable for Wedding, Party or Gathering

Product Ingredients:

- Water
- Coconut Milk
- Fresh Durian
- Sugar
- Condensed Milk
- Evaporated Milk
- Pandan Leaves
- Starch
- Permitted Flavoring (<0.01%)

Allergen advice: Contains Milk, Coconut Milk, Condensed Milk, and Evaporated Milk

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