iNatural Strawberry Fruits Sorbet

  • Japanese Fresh Fruit Sorbet Ice Cream
  • Paper Box 20 cartons per pallet
  • 13 Milligram
  • 12 Months
  • Certified Halal product
  • Malaysia
  • Port of Penang

Product details of iNatural Strawberry Fruits Sorbet

How to consume: Grab one iNatural Strawberry Fruits Sorbet out of the purchased box. Carefully tear the plastic packaging of the strawberry sorbet ice cream and take out the sorbet from the packaging. Hold the wooden stick of the strawberry sorbet ice cream in your hand and enjoy the goodness of the frozen treat.

Packaging: iNatural Strawberry Fruits Sorbet is individually packed in matte plastic packaging that has been carefully sealed. Each of the strawberry sorbet ice creams weighed 72 grams. The size of this strawberry sorbet ice cream on each stick is 17 cm (L) x 5 cm (W) x 2 cm (H). This strawberry sorbet ice cream can be purchased in bulk, which contains 24 sticks per carton. It is recommended to buy 20 cartons per pallet to enjoy a special discount by Pareto Manufacturing Provider

Storage instructions: iNatural Strawberry Fruits Sorbet needs to be stored in the main part of the freezer. The ideal temperature that was suggested for storing the strawberry sorbet ice cream is 0°F (-18°C). This strawberry sorbet ice cream can last up to 12 months, equivalent to 1 year, depending on the packaging date.

Malaysian-made iNatural Strawberry Fruits Sorbet Overview


Pareto Manufacturing Provider was established to provide ice creams and sorbets all over Malaysia, mostly in Northern Malaysia. They produce various flavors of ice cream and sorbets that are made from the finest ingredients. Other than that, they also provide a catering service to serve delicious frozen desserts for any occasion. Pareto Manufacturing Provider has produced a fruit sorbet that is made from fresh fruit. It is known as iNatural Strawberry Fruits Sorbet.

iNatural Strawberry Fruits Sorbet is made from fresh strawberry chunks that are perfect to enjoy on a hot sunny day. Strawberry is a well-known fruit for its nutritional benefits, which include fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants. This strawberry sorbet ice cream is unique and special because Pareto Manufacturing Provider uses a Japanese recipe to produce this sorbet. Strawberry sorbet ice cream from Pareto contains no preservatives, no additional colors, no stabilizers, and no emulsifiers. It is also made in Malaysia and is 100% Halal certified by JAKIM.

Throughout their confectionary ice cream business, Pareto Manufacturing Provider has been awarded four large certifications:

  1. Halal Certification: All products produced by Pareto Manufacturing Provider follow the Shariah law regulations in handling food products during the manufacturing stage. It is proven that their products are in hygienic condition and suitable for consumption by Muslims all around the world. In this sense, this certificate gives assurance to Muslims that they can purchase strawberry sorbet ice cream from Pareto.

  2. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification:  Being consistent in ensuring the quality and safety of products that are produced during the production process, Pareto Manufacturing Provider passed the food safety regulations required by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) for their ice creams and sorbets. Having this certificate guarantees the quality and safety of confectionery products produced by Pareto Group.

  3. ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certification: ISO 22000 standard is an international standard developed by the International Organisation of Standard (ISO). Pareto Manufacturing Provider places a premium on the safety and quality of their ice cream products. Their food safety management system is well-planned and monitored often. With this certificate awarded to Pareto Manufacturing Provider, it assures the customer that their products are made with high-quality.

  4. Veterinary Health Mark (VHM) Certification: Some of the products produced by Pareto Manufacturing Provider contain dairy ingredients. The aspect of hygiene in dairy products is important to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the ice cream. Pareto Group passed the necessary food hygiene and sanitation requirements set by the Department of Veterinary Services, making this company qualified to receive this certification.

  5. Food Safety is the Responsibility of the Industry (MeSTI): Implementing a high-quality food hygiene management and operations management system, Pareto Manufacturing Provider has been awarded this certificate by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

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