Instant Coconut Water Powder ( 1 Packet = 1kg ) | Coconut drink manufacturer in Malaysia
  • Surigarden
  • In Powdered form
  • 90% close to the Coconut fruit
  • Instant Coconut drink
  • 37 x 65 x 36 cm
  • 30kg per carton
  • 1 Kilogram
  • 24 months from the manufacturing date
  • Halal, Buatan Malaysia, Mesti, GMP and HACCP
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Instant Coconut Water Powder ( 1 Packet = 1kg ) | Coconut drink manufacturer in Malaysia

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  • -Full of Electrolytes which helps in Dehydration and cools the body.?
  • -Alkalizing and helps in balancing PH in the body.
  • -Soothes Urinary track infections and act as urinary antiseptic.
  • -Contains Minerals, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin C and B Complex.
  • -Low in calories and Cholesterol Free.
  • -Boosts Metabolism.
  • -Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal.



Instant Tender Coconut Water Power Benefits:

  • -Replenish Body/Mind with Natural Goodness.
  • -Good for post-workout. Replenish key minerals and fluid lost during training, without the added sugar or caffeine.
  • -Hydration for Healthy Skin.
  • -Anti-Aging.
  • -Glowing Flawless Complexion.
  • -Remove Sun Tan.
  • -Nutrients for Energy and Structure.
  • -Soft and Shiny Hair.
  • -Coconut Face mask.
  • -Getting key vitamins and minerals that mom and baby need during pregnancy.
  • -Drinking coconut water while breastfeeding helps rehydrate to support milk production.
  • -Perfect for school as a beverage or delicious frozen ice beverages.

 ????????????:??????“Nutritional facts for 20 gms: INSTANT TENDER COCONUT WATER POWDER Calories Sucrose Potassium Sodium Calcium Phosphorus Magnesium 20.00 mg 5.10 mg = 255.00 mg 5.00 mg 7.00 mg 2.00 mg 2.00 mg”

????????????:??????“Comparison between Coconut Water and Carbonate Isotonic Drinks @ Below is the chart for comparison of electrolytes found in each drink per serving: Coconut Water Carbonated Isotonic Drinks Potassium Magnesium Chloride Sodium Sugar Calcium Vitamin c 650mg 60mg 118mg 25mg 5-11mg 58mg 5.8mg 45mg 0 39mg 160mg 10-25mg”

????????????:??????“Comparison between Coconut Water and Kudrat Instant Coconut Drinks Coconut Water 1. Storage: 2. Mobility: 3. Price: 4. Shelf Life: 5. Hygine/safety: Powdered Coonuts Drinks Fridge/bigger space Not Convenient Market price weeks 1 to 6. Cost: Open Enviroument Room Temperature /less space Convenient Lower then Market Price 16 to 18 months Packed under certified production enviroument (ISO 9001: 2008) Economical Higher”



Our Product is also open for OEM purpose for any customer who would like to have the product packed under their own brand

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