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Product details of IRFAN Chocolate Malt Drink

Usage: The following guide serves as an example to enjoy the Chocolate Malt Drink by World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd brand that manufactures high-quality formulated milk powder products. Looking for something chocolatey and warm to comfort you in the rainy season? No worries, you can always choose Chocolate Malt Drink that has a great sweet malted chocolatey taste that excites your taste buds. Made with real dates and Arabic gum, the Chocolate Malt Drink is a special drink that you should give it a try.

The Chocolate Malt Drink comes in a powder form and it is packaged in a 1kg or 35 Oz ziplock pouch that is both convenient and seals the freshness of the product. To use the Chocolate Malt Drink, first cut the top of the packaging, above the ziplock, then unzip the ziplock and open the package. Use a spoon or scoop spoon to scoop up the desired amount, place it in a mug or a cup, add some hot water to the powder and mix thoroughly. Enjoy the Chocolate Malt Drink as every sip gives you an authentic chocolate flavor with a hint of sweetness from the Dates. You can add ice to it to make it a cold treat to enjoy during the sunny days. One serving of the Chocolate Malt Drink which is about 30g or 1 Oz delivers about 125Kcal of energy, which is sufficient to fuel your day and drive your energy as well.

The optimal storing condition for this product is in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight exposure. The product comes in a powder form for easy dissolving and easy use. The chocolate Malt Drink is healthy and could be enjoyed by anyone, ranging from any age group, making it an ideal choice for a delicious healthier choice.

Certification(s): The World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd goods, including the Chocolate Malt Drink has been awarded with 2 major certifications since its establishment in 2013. The Chocolate Malt Drink is a part of the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) niche which has high demands because of the convenience as they are ready-to-use products.

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: The Halal certificate is a certification that approves goods and services such as World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd brand’s goods that are intended for Muslims adhere to Islamic law's standards. Halal refers to the standard that is allowable or lawful according to Islamic law. Hence, all the fundamental manufacturing processes of the World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd; starting off with selection of ingredients such as the cocoa beans, extracting the cocoa, diffusing and drying the cocoa powder, adding necessary ingredients such as the milk powder and creamers, malting the barley, infusing the malt with chocolate, packaging the powder and storing the ziplock pouches meets all Shariah-compliant regulatory standards. World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd has achieved the permissible certification necessary for the Muslims worldwide to consume the product.

  2. MeSTI-Certified: Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI) or directly known as ‘Safe Food Industry Responsibility’ in English, is important for a company to adopt before JAKIM Halal certification. This certificate is a variety of standardized and established procedures that would provide assurances that consuming a certain kind of food will not be harmful to the consumer or detrimental to their health, in other words, a guarantee for food safety. World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd has adhered to a comprehensive range of fundamental hygiene standards.

Packaging: The Chocolate Malt Drink comes in a zip lock pouch. One pouch of Chocolate Malt Drink has a net weight of 1Kg or 35 Oz. The minimum purchase quantity for each of the Strawberry Extract Powder Is one 20ft box or you can negotiate for a LCL (Less than Container Load).

Chocolate Malt Drink Overview

Are you craving for something sweet and chocolatey? Looking for something that could satisfy your sweet tooth that is both premium in taste and rich in nutrients? Well you have come to the right place, World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd got you covered with their premium Chocolate Malt Drink, the perfect cocoa malt beverage.

The Chocolate Malt Drink comes in a whopping 1Kg ziplock pouch that is suitable for your whole family! Have it before you leave to work or even have it during your lunch hour break, you could even serve it as a refreshing and energizing drink in the afternoon, anytime you want! Your kids will love the chocolatey goodness, providing essential vitamins and nutrients along with the great taste, plus, it takes about just a few minutes to prepare it as it is an instant powder. Apart from that, you could even add to your recipes as well, from kek batik to chocolate cake, you could sprinkle some of it to enhance the chocolatey flavor.

You could even add to your coffee making it a bold tasting Mocha or your favorite milkshakes and ice creams to add a chocolatey twist to them. Moreover, add some milk for a more milkier choice, to make it a yummy chocolate milk drink. With the dates and Arabic gum included, the Chocolate Malt Drink is superior in both quality and taste, so what are you waiting for? Grab one of these delicious goodness and enlighten your entire family!

Chocolate Malt Drink Specifications

- Unique and refreshing sweet chocolate flavor, fine powder
- Easy dissolving and easy usage
- Ziplock pouch packaging to seal freshness
- Hygienic and high quality raw materials used
- High in nutrients
- No fillers, no harsh chemicals used, no additives, no artificial flavorings
- Can be consumed hot or cold
- Suitable for all age groups
- HACCP-Certified and GMP-Certified
- JAKIM Halal-Certified and MeSTI-certified (Safe Food Industry Responsibility, Malaysian food safety protection, food quality, and safety)
- Minimum purchasing quantity is 1 20ft box container or LCL (Less than Container Load) is negotiable

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