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Product details of IRFAN Goat Milk - Extra

Usage: IRFAN Goat Milk Extra, a goat milk product from Malaysia, is a dairy product specially created for adults, including maternity and lactation women. Blended with goat milk, dates, raisins, honey, and Arabic gum in well-adjusted ratios, gives you a full taste sweet, creamy, fresh and pleasant. This Malaysia-made goat milk can be use as simply as the instruction below:

1. Pour the goat milk content into a cup
2. Add 200ml (4 Fl oz) of hot water (90°C or 194°F)
3. Stir until blended nicely
4. The goat milk is ready to serve

Certification(s): In line with its high quality, IRFAN Goat Milk Extra successfully obtained various certifications in Malaysia. Among the certificates acquired by this Malaysian-made goat milk are:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certification: In Malaysia, the halal certificate is one of the most popular certificates in the food and beverages industry and is recognized almost throughout the country. It is a certificate certified and prepared by JAKIM, The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia. This certificate proves that the products that receive this certificate are clean and safe and comply with all laws based on sharia law, from the first activity, which is processing to the last activity, packaging. IRFAN Goat Milk Extra has successfully obtained this certificate. Therefore, in general, this milk is safe to use, especially for all Muslims around the world.

  2. LICTA Award: Stands for "Lang International Corporate Titan Award'', this award is an award given to an enterprise that is excellent and perfect in its entire aspect. Moreover, the winner of this award, IRFAN Goat Milk Extra by World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd, is an enterprise that is clean from any criminal records and adverse remarks. In conclusion, this goat milk Malaysia-made managed to get the title "Outstanding, Genuine, and Trustworthy".

  3. The Brand Laureate Award: The World Brands Foundation (TWBF) known for its award especially for brands and branding. TWBF is a foundation that plays an important role in fostering excellent brands on international platforms. This award promotes and shows people the importance of the value of branding. Gladly, the goat milk from Malaysia supplies or Goat Milk Extra by IRFAN managed to become the winner of this award in 2021.

Packaging: This Malaysian goat milk, including Goat Milk Extra from IRFAN Brand comes in a 25gram (0.9 oz) x 20 sachet per box.

Storage instruction: It is best to keep the goat milk Malaysia-made in a safe, cool, clean, and dry place before and after use. Please remember to always store the milk away from sunlight to keep its quality in a good place and to maintain its freshness. A high cupboard is an example of the best place to store this goat milk.

IRFAN's Goat Milk From Malaysia Overview

Milk, known as one of the most famous drinks in the universe, contains various nutrition starting from Vitamin and minerals, DHA, protein and many more. Basically, produced from domestic goats, which are types of goat that are specifically for agriculture industry and as livestock. This includes IRFAN Goat Milk Extra by World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd. The goat milk Malaysia-made has been formulated with a premium healthy component such as the goat milk itself, with 5 other ingredients which are dates, raisins, honey and Arabic gum or called “Manna”. This Goat Milk of Malaysia is specially made for adults, regardless of age. To help women out there, it is also suitable for maternity and lactation moms to consume.

The original and natural sugar (lactose) in this Malaysia goat’s milk, will grant you to a healthy intestinal flora that can help you gain essential nutrients for your body health such as Vitamin. In order to put more caring to your bones and body, you must try this milk. Not only it has a lot of health benefits in it, nevertheless it also becomes at the top chart of the main drink for health for adults. Maybe some of you might not know about this, but actually there are several studies stating that goat’s milk is better and contains many nutrients compared to cow and sheep’s milk. So, this excellent goat milk of Malaysia is a product that you need to chase for and keep it as your milk stock at home, or at your workplace so that you can have it anytime.

In addition, Goat Milk Malaysia-made from IRFAN Brand contains no added sugar and comes in 20 sachet per box. With this sachet package, it allows you to make a milk drink immediately without needing a lot of energy and time. To make this goat milk, you don't need to add anything as it already has its authentic sweet taste. Therefore, you don’t waste your time just to make a goat milk drink. Now, it’s all on your fingertip!

About World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd

Established in 2013, World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd has been running its business for almost 10 years and has remained strong until now. Based in Kamunting, Perak, this company produces products based on dairy farm animals, which are cows and goats. The milk obtained from these animals is processed and made into their product which is milk powder. On top of that, it not only produces original milk flavors, but it also produces milk with a mixture of chocolate and until date, World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd has produced 5 products and is still planning to produce new products for their clients.

Due to the people coming from different ages, the milk produced by this company is specially formulated for everyone and is suitable for family meals. The milk products are suitable for consumption from aged one year plus and up to adults. In fact, it can also be taken by mothers who want to improve their health.

Did you know that this company is not an ordinary company? Absolutely! This is because it has acquired many certifications from the Malaysian government and has won several awards. For example, for IRFAN Goat Milk Extra, among the certifications are Halal by JAKIM certification, Lang International Award, The Brand Laureate Award, and many more. If you are looking for high quality Goat Milk from Malaysia, recognized and trusted by the community, you will not regret buying milk from this company.

IRFAN's Goat Milk Specification(s)

- 600 grams (21 oz)
- 25gram (0.8 oz) x 20 sachets
- Powder
- White-colored
- Formulated for adults
- Certified Halal
- No added sugar
- Rich in Prebiotics
- Contain DHA, Vitamin D, Calcium and protein
- Backed by own R&D
- Product of Malaysia

IngredientsGoat milk, dates, raisins, honey, Arabic gum (Manna)

Benefits By Drinking With Goat Milk of Malaysia

- Help boost body’s immune system
- Strengthen bones
- Help reduce cholesterol level
- Good for the skin
- Improve digestion

Ideally Served WithHot or lukewarm water

NOTE: This Goat Milk from Malaysia Isn't Recommended For:

- Lactose intolerant person
- Dairy allergy person

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