Irfan Goat Milk - 600g

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  • Powder
  • Sweet
  • Suitable for kids aged 1 and above
  • 600 Gram
  • Malaysia

Product details of Irfan Goat Milk - 600g

Usage: Looking for a milk that is easy to be prepared with a sweet taste? Well, we got your back as Irfan's powdered goat milk is a dairy milk that could be prepared with 5 simple steps. This instant beverage has a sweet taste that would really be a hit especially with the children as the milky flavor is familiar and loved by them.

The following instructions could be regard as a guide on preparing the powdered goat milk:

1. Open the packaged box of the powdered goat milk. Take both of the scoop and the instant milk out from the box and then open up the milk formula using a pair of a scissors or tear it open carefully.
2. Take a bottle and add 50 milliliters (ml) or 1.6907 fluid ounce (fl oz) of hot water and 130 milliliters (ml) or 4.39582 fluid ounce (fl oz) of warm water into the bottle.
3. Add 4 scoops of the milk powder by using the scoop provided into the bottle to mix and create the healthy milk.
4. To make sure the mixture is mixed completely, the bottle should be shaken a few times so that the powdered goat milk will come together.
5. Finally, the divine beverage is complete for the children to consume.

Note: Please make sure to check the temperature of the powdered goat milk as the dairy milk should not be too hot for the children to drink. When it is warm enough, the children could drink the instant milk and enjoy it. The powdered goat milk is recommended for children’s consumption which is suitable for kids aged 1 and above. This is because the milk has been formulated with the nutrients of raisins, dates, honey and manna (Arabic gum).

The powdered goat milk is a formulated milk based on goat’s milk not a cow’s milk as this manufactured powdered milk is made to provide nutrients to the kids. Therefore, this manufactured dairy product is not only delicious as the powdered goat milk is specially formulated with DHA, FOS, Calcium and Vitamin. Making the instant powder milk to be a nutritional milk. The children could indulge the powdered goat milk when the it is made by their parents, families or even guardians for them. Definitely a great milky drink to be added into the household!

Certification(s): Established in the year of 2013 World Marketing Sdn Bhd created the brand Irfan and has been certified and approved on various platforms. The company does manufacture and distribute their products in the local and international market. The powdered goat milk is a consumer-packaged goods (CPG) which consumers could easily purchase as it is a ready-made product.

  1. The World’s Best Brand (The BrandLaureate): The Emerging SMES BestBrands E-Branding Award Consumer has been awarded to Irfan in 2021. The BrandLaureate Awards means a lot as it signifies and acknowledges the best brands all over the world and Irfan has successfully able to proof themselves by receiving the award. Therefore, it is a big achievement for Irfan to be recognized as one of the prestige branding foundations. Making Irfan, one step ahead in achieving their vision of marketing and expanding their brand and products globally.

  2. Lang International Corporate Titan Award (LICTA): Irfan has been awarded by Lang. Lang provide awards to entrepreneurs as a proof of achievement towards the brand. The Lang International Corporate Titan Award (LICTA) also a major achievement for Irfan as the International Business Award is recognized and supported by the Malaysian Government. Therefore, Irfan has the recognition and respect of being “Outstanding, Genuine, & Trustworthy” by the Lang International Corporate Titan.

  3. Made for The World: Made for The World acknowledge Irfan as it is a program which empowers entrepreneurs and their achievements of businesses in the market/industry. This further proves the success of the brand and products of Irfan as excellent. Also, Made for The World recognized Irfan as an existing business in the e-commerce, export and online in the international market. It is definitely, an enormous award for Irfan to receive as their hard work is rewarded and making them more motivated to improve and be more well-known in the market industry.

  4. Halal-Certified: Dedicated in producing Halal products, World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd works hard to ensure their products are high quality and Halal in Malaysia. Therefore, it is certified Halal by JAKIM which is a Department of Islamic Development in Malaysia which is the main department that would verify the halal products in Malaysia which means the packaged goat milk has successfully followed the Shariah guidelines and laws. No more doubts for Muslim people who may have doubts before purchasing certain products especially in food and beverages.

  5. MeSTI: Irfan has also been acknowledged by MeSTI as a business company that has followed the local regulations. Therefore, it is to be trusted by the people as a company that produces safe products. MeSTi stands for Makanan Selamat Tanggunjawab Industri Certification which direct ranslates to Food, Safe, Responsible Industry Certification. It actually means, that Irfan passed the qualifications set by the Ministry of Health (MoH) in producing clean and safe products for their customers or consumers.

Packaging: The powdered goat milk is a packaged goat powdered milk that is packaged inside a box with a scoop. The net weight of the product is 600 grams/21.1644 ounces. The powdered goat milk is a dried goat milk which comes in a powder form.

Powdered Goat Milk Overview

Wondering about what kind of dry milk is suitable for your children? Worrying your child would not consume enough nutrients? Well, you can stop wondering and worrying now as the solution to your questions are the Irfan's powdered goat milk. This manufactured milk will be one of your child’s favorite drinks as it is packed with nutrients which consist of raisins, dates, honey and manna (Arabic gum). This instant powdered milk is easy to be prepared by you for your little ones as they will love the taste of the powdered goat milk as the manufactured goat milk, gives a taste which every child recognizes and loves which is sweet. Say no more to plain milk.

Your kids will love drinking the powdered goat milk as it could be enjoyed during various times. For example, during breakfast, lunch, evening, night or even during your child’s snack time. You could also make this irresistible milk whenever you feel like rewarding your kids with a little something. Making your child happy is totally possible when you have it in your house. It is a treat for them with an additional bonus of being good for them to consume it. They will able to gain the benefit of the product as it is specially formulated for them with DHA, FOS, calcium and vitamin which are great for their early growth development. You can rest assured that your child will be healthier and happier by consuming the powdered goat milk!

Powdered Goat Milk Specification(s)

- 600 grams/21.1644 ounces
- Texture: powder form
- Taste: Sweet
- Recommended for child aged 1 and above
- Easy to prepare
- Rich in nutrients of raisins, dates, honey and manna (Arabic gum).
- Prepared with hot and warm water
- Specially formulated with DHA, FOS, calcium and vitamin
- Certified by: JAKIM Halal-Certified and MeSTI certified

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