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Product details of IRFAN Cocoa Goat Milk

UsageCocoa milk from World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd is a milk that has been formulated using the best ingredients that contain many nutrients. This chocolate milk is very suitable to give to your beloved children who are 1 year old and above. It's easy! Just follow the suggested recipe below and you're ready to enjoy!

Firstly, open the box and take out the cocoa milk pack. Take scissors and cut at the top of the pack. Take the cocoa milk to make drinks or food that you like. Below is the suggested recipe:

Hot chocolate milk (best consume in the morning and before bed)

1. Mix 4 scoops of cocoa milk into 250 ml (8.5 Fl oz) of water
2. Heat the mixture of IRFAN Cocoa powder and water and stir until blended
3. Pour in a glass and cover with marshmallows, then sprinkle milk chocolate powder on it
4. Ready to drink

Ice cream

1. Mix 3 cups of heavy cream, 400 grams (14 ounces) of sweetened condensed milk and a little bit vanilla extract
2. Add 5 scoops of cocoa milk and stir delicately
3. Chilled in frozen and let it stay for one night
4. Ready to eat

Certification(s): Since its inception until now, This Cocoa Milk has had several certifications from various certified agencies. Among the certificates obtained are:


  1. Halal - JAKIM: The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), has granted a Halal certificate to this cocoa milk for successfully complying with all Shariah laws. The Halal certifications make customers have trust on products that they bought as they cover all of cleanliness and safety aspects. Hence, Muslim consumers around the world can enjoy this cocoa milk with full of faith. In Malaysia, this cocoa milk can be known as Halal Cocoa Milk.

  2. The Brand Laureate Awards: This award is the newest certification for this cocoa milk obtained in 2021. This award is known as “The World's First SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) Best Brand e-Branding Award” where it is an award for products produced in Malaysia for companies which process goods on a small scale. It aims to give awareness and to make sure that people know about the importance of a value in naming a product brand. After years of effort, IRFAN goat cocoa milk won this award in the Best Consumer Goat Milk Powder segment.

  3. Made for The World Excellence Awards: The cocoa milk product under the IRFAN brand, successfully won the title of champion for this award. This award is an award given to companies and it's a system that recognizes the achievements of entrepreneurs in Malaysia who are giving 100% commitment in running their business through online and offline up to the international market.

Packaging: Came in a 600 gram in a packet of aluminum bag inside a box

Storage instructions: Once opened, clip the cocoa powder pack to the opening. Store in an airtight container to keep cocoa powder fresh and place it in a clean and dry place, away from damp and easily wet areas. You are also recommended to use up the cocoa milk within 1 month to prevent it from going stale.

IRFAN's Cocoa Milk Overview

Since the 17th century, chocolate drinks have been introduced throughout the globe and are becoming more popular. Chocolate, which comes from cocoa beans that have been dried and processed, is indeed a popular interest. This includes IRFAN’s cocoa milk.

This cocoa milk is made using 100% goat's milk and high-quality chocolate. The specially made essence of high nutrition that contains DHA, FOS, Calcium, and Vitamins and high in Prebiotics, gives you good benefits. With all of this nutrition, it has been specially formulated to be eaten by children aged one year and above. For those of you who want to have cocoa milk that will help your child stay healthy, the Cocoa Milk product produced by World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd is a wise choice.

About World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd

Based in Perak, Malaysia, the company that has been built for 9 years starting in 2013, is gaining a place in the hearts of the community. A company called World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd is a company that operates in the food and beverages industry. With growing success, it is one of the local companies that produce various types of milk powder in the market.

To produce its F&B (Food and Beverages) products, what is interesting is that this company has their own R&D (Research and Development) in order to create new and improved products and also to amplify their current goods. The reason behind this is World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd is always enthusiastic to develop high quality nutritional products, solely for its customers so that the products can help you to always be healthy, fit and energetic in serving your lifestyle with adequate nutrition.

These days, IRFAN Cocoa Powder has published 5 products in 3 types of milk category according to age suitability, namely suitable for 1 year old plus, suitable for adults, and suitable for all ages. For your information, all products produced by World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd use 100% pure cow's milk and goat's milk. All fresh from the farm.

IRFAN's Cocoa Milk Specification(s)

- Sweet
- Powder
- 600 grams (21 ounce)
- Suitable for kids aged 1 and above
- Made in Malaysia
- Specially formulated with DHA, FOS, CALCIUM and VITAMIN
- Certifies Safe and genuine

IRFAN Cocoa Milk IngredientsCocoa, Goat Milk, Dates, Raisins, Honey, Arabic gum

The Benefits of IRFAN Cocoa Milk:

- Lower risk of allergies
- Contain good fat
- Good for the intestines
- High in Prebiotics
- Contain Protein for muscle repair
- Helps reduce skin diseases (Eczema)
- Strengthen the level of immunity of the body


- Do not eat and use the cocoa milk if there are deficiencies in the aluminum pack such as tears and holes
- If the drink is not finished by time, store it in the refrigerator and use it within 24 hours to avoid the stale taste of the chocolate milk drink.

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