Mamee Chef Spicy Chicken Shiitake Cup - 24 Cups - 62g

  • Mamee
  • Hard when dry
  • Lontong
  • 24 x 62g
  • 62 Gram
  • Between 9 to 15 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Mamee Chef Spicy Chicken Shiitake Cup - 24 Cups - 62g

Usage: Making the golden recipe Mamee Chef's Spicy Chicken Shiitake is simple and will be demonstrated in the following guide. First, tear open the seal using the extra lip provided for ease of use. Open the seal until about half of the seal is torn off. This is so that you can close the sealed foil back after the next few steps. Then, carefully tear open the seasoning powder and the dried vegetable packaging and pour them into the Mamee Chef spicy chicken shiitake cup. Then, boil water and pour it inside of the cup just enough until it is a few millimeters above the instant noodles. You can add more if you prefer the soup to not be as thick in intensity. Now, back to the seal, reuse it to close the top of the Chicken Shiitake Instant Noodle cup to trap the steam of the hot water to cook until the Spicy Chicken Flavor Mamee Chef softens.

Even though in cup form, the Mamee Chef Spicy Chicken Shiitake is not as modifiable as it is in its normal packaging, where you can sook it separately in a pan before pouring it into a bowl, you can still add some of your touches. One of the options that you have is adding oyster sauce, spicy chili flakes, or other easy and quick-to-cook ingredients before adding the hot water into the cup. Furthermore, you can still cook fried or steamed eggs separately if you wish for a more typical instant noodle experience to go with the Mamee Chef Spicy Chicken Shiitake.

Certification(s) and mentioning(s): Mamee Double-Decker (M) Berhad has acquired 3 very important certificates that further establish their relevancy in the food industry in addition to their long history as well as the amount of market share that they possess in the instant noodle market. This significantly helps build trust with consumers whether locally or internationally.

  1. JAKIM Halal: Having met a number of very strict criteria set by the Shariah law in goods manufacturing such as the prohibition of non-halal substances usage and very hygienic requirements, Mamee Chef Spicy Chicken Shiitake is certified halal by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department. 

  2. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP): Having addressed necessary risks regarding the use of all their ingredients, the company have received a well-earned HACCP certificate which can help increase trust towards their concern for food safety.

  3. ISO22000: The ISO22000 is a globally accepted certificate that designates whether a company has met international standards in its manufacturing practices. Mamee Double-Decker (M) Sdn Bhd has acquired this very important certificate, allowing them to import their products outside of their country of origin at ease.

Packaging: Each carton of the Mamee Chef Spicy Chicken Shiitake contains 24 cups of 62g units. The cup is made of polypropylene (PP) plastic that is easily recyclable. The Mamee chef noodle cups often use a black color scheme along with a secondary color to compliment the flavor. For the Mamee Chef Spicy Chicken Shiitake cup, the green color is used. The Mamee brand logo can be seen on top with chef written under it along with an image of a chef’s hat. Then, an image of a bowl of Mamee Chef Spicy Chicken Shiitake is placed along with other information such as the JAKIM Halal logo and its serving size. On the back, the food nutrition table can be seen elaborately displayed along with the ingredients used as well as necessary manufacturer information.

Storage Instructions: Keep the Mamee Chef Spicy Chicken Shiitake in a dry room at room temperature for optimum storage. This will enable the product to go through its full shelf life of 9 to 15 months depending on the product’s manufacturing date.

Mamee Chef's Spicy Chicken Shiitake Overview

Chicken shiitake is often a dish served to compliment a bowl of rice or even noodles. Shiitake mushrooms and chicken, a combo popular in East Asian regions Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine, are known for their distinct flavor and meaty texture. It comes in a variety of recipes, coming in simple stir-fry recipes all the way to spice-heavy dishes such as the chicken shiitake masala and soy sauce braised chicken shiitake.

Although vegetarians may be disappointed that they have to miss out on this Mamee chef spicy chicken shiitake as there is not a vegetarian-friendly version offered, those who aren’t one would be blessed to enjoy the aromatic and earthy taste of this flavor in the convenient form of cup instant noodles. The broth brings out a wonderful fragrance as it steams and flows through your room, the Mamee Chef spicy chicken is a very welcomed delicacy.

About Mamee Double-Decker (M) Berhad

Mamee Double-Decker (M) Berhad was established in the year 1971, just over 50 years ago. As of now, the company is offering a wide range of products at an affordable price from instant noodles to snacks and crackers. The company, having received a number of awards and certifications, they are a staple of many people’s childhoods as well as being a staple for them today due to them being able to provide a wide variety of products that is suitable for people of all ages.

Mamee Chef's Spicy Chicken Shiitake Specifications

- Origin: Malaysia
- Features

  1. Instant
  2. Personal preference of seasoning can be added.
  3. Mi Tarik Technology product.

- Packaging:

  1. 62g per cup
  2. 24 units per carton

- Certification(s) and mentioning(s)

  1. JAKIM Halal
  2. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  3. ISO22000

>Mamee-Double Decker (M) Berhad

Mamee-Double Decker (M) Berhad

  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • Business Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Membership
    • Gold Supplier
    • Gold Supplier
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