Milk Snow Ice

  • Subtropical
  • Fine & Smooth
  • Sweet
  • Soft & Fluffy Ice, Melts In Mouth In Seconds
  • Kept Frozen
  • 2.5 Kilogram
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Milk Snow Ice

UsageMilk Snow Ice blend is not just milk but shaved ice as well so that it can be made into a delicious dessert so tantalizing that it will only melt as you wish. Milk Snow Ice as an ice- based dessert can be enjoyed whenever you fancy the sweetness of a cool ice treat. The shaved ice is placed in the machine and slivers of Milk Snow Ice come alive! Fill a bowl with your favorite fruits, add your drizzle of syrup or condensed milk, then just drop pieces of Milk Snow Ice all over it. A gentle mix to blend in the Milk Snow Ice so its flavor seeps into your dessert. Take a spoonful and enjoy your Milk Snow Ice dessert at your leisure and it tastes as good as gelato. Relish in the thirst-quenching taste of wholesome milk just like it was freshly pasteurized from a Frisian cow on the meadows. It is almost just like eating snow as it melts in your mouth in a matter of moments and gentle on the purse strings as one does not need an expensive holiday for a snow experience!

Milk Snow Ice is so versatile that it can also be made into tinkling tall glasses of drink by just dropping in shaved pieces to portions of liquid. It is like sipping cool icy diamonds in your favourite juice. Sip your drink and taste the goodness of milk in every drop as cool as icicles, a balm to the balmy heat. Drenched in syrup or sugar, eat each bite taking care to savour the flavours all rolled into one to get you drooling, each time in anticipation as your thirst is slaked and your tongue is assailed with gastronomical sensations.


  1. JAKIM-Halal Certification: The milk snow ice is manufactured and distributed by Subtropical Sdn Bhd. It is classified under the halal certified by the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM).

  2. MeSTI Certificate: MeSTI is a food safety programme initiated by Malaysia's Ministry of Health to implement a food hygiene management and operations management system that includes food safety protection as well as food quality and safety. As a result, the Malaysian Ministry of Health has certified Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd's food and beverage products, including the Milk Snow Ice, as safe for human consumption. This demonstrated that Subtropical Food Industries was able to successfully manufacture hygienic products such as Milk Snow Ice by utilising a well-managed food hygiene planning and operational system.

Packaging: The milk snow ice as a product marketed under the Subtropical brand name and has a sweet tasting, soft and smooth texture which captures the taste because the syrup is usually added after it is frozen. However, the Milk Snow Ice flavor can also be placed into the ice before it is frozen solid, As everything is done to set in the flavours. Milk Snow Ice ready to be consumed at point of sale. Milk Snow Ice has a net weight of 2.5 kilograms (5.512pounds) and is to be stored frozen until usage time. It has a guaranteed shelf life of 12 Months or a year. Typically, the product is made with generous amounts of condensed milk and ice to give that unique quality taste. All that is needed is the bag be resealed after being opened and also to avoid prolonged exposure to excessive hot temperatures. The package is user-friendly packed with the expiry date clearly marked and labeled. All that is needed each time is for resealing of the packet after each time of usage.

Milk Snow Ice Overview

Decades ago, ice-balls were sold by street-vendors and enjoyed by scores of school children in the sweltering heat for the price of a song. A tiny coin for an ice ball. Ice-balls were created nimbly by expert fingers just like a snowball and juices were dipped into it falling in colourful streaks. With the progression of time, ice balls disappeared yet memories of them lingered on Traditional ice cream parlours valiantly served shaved ice treats all making snow ice with blocks of ice being placed on a machine and a strong sinewy arm was needed to twirl the  heavy ice into cascading pieces. These days, ice-balls are a relic of the past remembered fondly yet shaved ice can never go out of style. Desserts made with Milk Snow Ice is ever popular as the sweet tooth is every popular and people still enjoy ice with cubes of fruits and flecks of ice and trailing streaks of syrups.

Subtropical Sdn Bhd’s Milk Snow Ice is an innovative invention with a clean prepacked 2.5kg frozen ice almost candle shaped in appearance. Unlike a candle that burns, Milk Snow Ice is set to melt in your mouth. As heavy as it may seem, restaurants and café may use this to ensure that their customers always get the taste of Milk Snow Ice. As not everyone likes milk in its pure form, Milk Snow Ice flavoured with other condiments and ice pieces so that everyone can enjoy it without an excessive milk taste. These days, our eateries and restaurants have evolved to rival other countries in South East Asia and beyond, so our desserts have also acquired a level of exquisite fusion eating. So, there is no need to go shopping for a winter jacket to Korea or Switzerland, let’s enjoy snow on home -soil with Milk Snow Ice in your chic leather sandals and quality clothes, as ice-balls may be gone but quality dining is here to stay, as shaved ice gets you milking for delectable desserts without flexing an arm yourself. 

Specifications of Milk Snow Ice:

- A quality fine and smooth texture
- Sweet-Tasting
- Kept frozen before Usage.
- A Net Weight of 2.5 Kg per item. (5.512 pounds)
- A Shelf Life of 12 Months
- A Product of Malaysia
- 8 items of 2.5kg (5.5.12 pounds) per carton

>Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Subtropical Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.

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  • Malaysia
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