Eada Dermasthetics Rejuvenating Cleanser - 40ml / 60ml

  • 1 Unit(s)
  • Eada Dermasthetics
  • Liquid
  • Helps cleanse and remove dead skin leaving it fresh and supple
  • 40ml & 60ml
  • Notification Note (NPRA)
  • Malaysia

Product details of Eada Dermasthetics Rejuvenating Cleanser - 40ml / 60ml

Usage: Cleansers are normally spread only twice a day, in the morning and at night. However, while utilizing skincare, it's necessary to accompany the correct order for your skin type; For instance, it's best to stay away from scrubbing your face twice a day if you have dry skin—once is enough. It is very simple to use our rejuvenating cleanser; You can simply eliminate the rejuvenating face cleanser from its box of packaging and place it on your bedside or in your bathroom for storage. It shouldn't be an issue for you because our face wash is created to make it simpler for our consumers to apply it to their skin. Simply press the button to release your cleanser, wash your hands, and then pat your skin with the cleanser.  

Certification: Upon our organization’s establishment, we have been awarded the Notification Note (NPRA) certification. All of our products, including our rejuvenating cleanser are appropriate to gain this certification.  

  1. Notification Note (NPRA) Certification: We are fitting to obtain the NPRA certification. With the evidence of procuring this certification, we are capable of showcasing our trustworthiness to our customers. Our rejuvenating cleanser is verified and suitable to gain this NPRA certification.   

Feature: Our rejuvenating cleanser aids in cleaning up the skin and peeling the dead skin, leaving our cleaned face feeling fresh and supple. Removing the dead skin, which is famously known as exfoliation, is a persuasive practice for your skin; this is especially true if you are a person who wears makeup daily. Exfoliation can also polish up your skin’s health, as well as the texture of your skin. However, dissimilar from the cleansing routine, exfoliation should only be done once a week. The dead skin cell will be extracted out of your pores, which will later aid in scaling out breakouts.   

PackagingSimilar to other products distributed out there, our rejuvenating cleanser’s packaging is recognized as the science, art, and technology of encompassing or preserving materials for dispensation, retention, sale, and use. Product packaging is also bringing up the procedure of conniving, appraising, and putting together packages. Likewise, the packaging is also available to be narrated as an organized system of putting together materials for delivery, warehousing, logistics, sales, as well as end use.  

Our rejuvenating cleanser’s packaging is available in 40 ml as well as 60 ml. For fluid ounce measures, we are known as 1 fluid ounce (40 ml) and 2 ounces (60 ml).   

Rejuvenating Cleanser Overview:

Cleansers are one of the top must-have products if you wish to achieve that glow, and healthy, clean skin. The cleanser is the second step that you must apply to your skin, after cleaning your face with oils or makeup removers. Many types of cleansers can be found in the market, generated from many brands out there. The creation of cleansers comes with the process of incorporating many materials in the cleanser. For example, many brands would chip in with the help of salicylic acid, BHAs, and AHAs within their production. With every materialization of the cleansers, their main objectives are only to offer the help consumers seek within the products. Likewise, our rejuvenating cleanser also offers the necessary benefits for our potential customers.
To begin with, our rejuvenating cleanser includes the help of aloe barbadensis, famously recognized as aloe vera. One of the main advantages of utilizing aloe vera is that they are known as an excellent anti-inflammatory, which with these valuable properties, can bring down pain, inflammation, and aches in wounds or injuries. The next possible benefit of incorporating aloe vera into your skincare is that aloe vera is capable of reinforcing the creation and liberating of collagen. Other than these two known benefits of aloe vera, the next advantage of aloe vera is that it can manage fungal and bacterial infections, on the skin.
Glycerin is also included in the production of our rejuvenating cleanser. Generally, glycerin is known as a medium, which is capable of handing out the advantage to hang on to moisture. Glycerin is also recognized as a substance that can soften the skin, which is preferable for people with dry skin.
Our production of the rejuvenating cleanser also involves glycolic acids. The glycolic acids offer the benefits of exfoliating the skin and contributing to a fresh and reinvigorated appearance. This material can also probe the skin effortlessly, which prompts its propensity as an exfoliator. As an exfoliator, glycerin is competent as a tool to smooth your skin by peeling the dead skin cells, unleashing new skin underneath. The use of glycerin can also remove the oil and dirt from your pores. Our rejuvenating cleanser can also offer this benefit, with the involvement of glycerin.

Rejuvenating Cleanser’s Specification

  1. The minimum order for this rejuvenating cleanser is 1 unit (s).   
  2. Our rejuvenating cleanser has a liquid texture and is known to be aiding in cleansing and eliminating dead skin cells to reveal supple and fresh skin.   
  3. The packaging information for our rejuvenating cleanser is 40 ml and 60 ml. We are also recognized as 1 fluid ounce (40 ml) and 2 ounces (60 ml).   
  4. Our rejuvenating cleanser is certified by NPRA certification.   
  5. The ingredients of our rejuvenating cleanser are water, aloe barbadensis, glycerin, and glycolic acid extracts.  

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