Double Dare Tropical Carbonated Soft Drink - 275g

  • Double Dare
  • Liquid
  • Tropical
  • Non-alcohol drink
  • 21.8 x 24.6 x 17.2 cm
  • (275g x 12 bottles) per carton
  • 275 Gram
  • 6 Months
  • Egypt

Product details of Double Dare Tropical Carbonated Soft Drink - 275g

Usage: Hot summer days kick in, and the temperature rises, calling for the sweet taste of sparkling fruity juice to quench your thirst. It is the time of the year when nothing beats cold assorted fruits beverage. With Double Dare Tropical Soft Drink, you will be reminded of your carefree childhood days by the beach while you sip the tropical soda drink down your throat. Want to take a trip down memory lane? Savor this fizzy tropical soft drink with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to give you a taste of a nostalgic picnic at the island shore while you watch the picturesque sunset. If you have never tried mixing cream soda float, this is a sign for you to give it a shot. A glass of carbonated tropical soft drink would not hurt—you will eventually get hooked and keep wanting more!

Try this simple tropical soda float recipe: 

1. Fill in the glass with ice cubes.
2. Pour the Double Dare Tropical Soft Drink into ¾ of the glass.
3. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, or replace it with any desired flavor.
4. Embellish the drinks with cherry.

You can opt to drink tropical soft drinks as it is if you prefer to have the irresistible tropical sensation alone without any alteration of its taste by the ice cream.

Certification(s) & Mentionings:

  1. Halal-certified: Although liquid refreshment seems simple and nothing to be doubted about, some flavorings and emulsifiers come from animal products that must undergo meticulous inspection to ensure it is permissible according to Halal standards. Hence, Double Dare Tropical Soft Drink is undisputedly a non-alcoholic cocktail safe for Muslims' consumption, as they have been awarded Halal certification.
  2. Preservatives-free: Producing a premium refreshment is all about its ingredients. The manufacturer understands that using preservatives can lead to severe health complications in the long run. Rest assured, to intensify the colored beverages, Double Dare only blends the fruits without employing artificial coloring in its drinks.
  3. Gluten-free: All Double Dare drinks by Kappiya Resources are gluten-free. Everyone can enjoy Double Dare Tropical Soft Drink at ease, especially people with celiac disease, gluten ataxia, and wheat allergy because there is no gluten protein found in the production of the drinks.

Packaging: A carton of Double Dare Tropical Soft Drink weighing 275 grams or 9.7 oz contains about 12 bottles (275g x 12 bottles). Take a glance at the bottle of the beverage; you may notice that it looks premium and elegant. The glass bottle sealed with a subtle luxurious crown cap is its charm. Did you know that crown cap is made up of steel and aluminum? These sturdy materials are the foundation for the bottle lid to maximize its sealing pressure to avoid spillage. Besides firm protection from leakage, the crown cap has long been used as a barrier against carbon dioxide that could harm the inner content and deteriorate its quality. As an FMCG manufacturer, consumers can buy Double Dare Tropical Soft Drink at its minimum order quantity of 1x 20-feet shipping container.

Storage Instructions: Double Dare fizzy tropical drinks are non-perishable liquids that commonly possess a long shelf life of up to six months. Even after the expiration date of carbonated beverages has passed, it is still safe to drink. However, the flavor and carbonation substantially reduce. For pristine quality, keep the unopened tropical soft drink away from direct sunlight at ambient temperature in the range of 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F). There is no need to refrigerate the tropical soda drinks; ideally, store them in a pantry or cabinet.

Tropical Soft Drink Overview

The word 'soft drink' was coined in the early Americans' effort to change their hard-drinking habits. In the beverage industry, tons of terms refer to soft drinks according to the region, such as fizzy juice, pop, soda pop, and carbonated drink. All these variance terms are initially utilized to label the drinks on restaurant menus to distinguish soft drinks from the alcoholic liquid. The first commercially available soft beverages combined water and lemon juice sweetened with honey in the 17th century. Presently, the soft drink comes in diverse fruity flavors manufactured by many companies with a unique secret recipe to position on top of the supermarket aisle.

Double Dare is not excluded because they are extra brave to commercialize their fruits flavored soft drinks worldwide. Originating from the country of ancient civilization, Egypt, the company has proven that its tropical soft drink holds a remarkable taste for its assorted tropical fruits flavor. The entire spectrum of tropical fruits is represented in the Double Dare natural tropical soft drink taste line, including citrus flavors like orange and mandarin as well as fruity flavors like passion fruit, coconut, pineapple, and mango. Do you dare to hop into the world of adventure? Take your first sip of Double Dare Tropical Soft Drink now to experience yourself hypnotized by its luscious taste.

About Kappiya Resources

Kappiya Resources is a food and beverages (F&B) distributor in Bandar Baru Klang, Selangor. Established in 2015, the company imports products from foreign countries, such as the Double Dare fruits carbonated drinks manufactured in Egypt. The company's top priority is the customers' needs, so it only imports goods of the highest caliber that are free of gluten and preservatives. Taking into consideration of Muslim Malaysian population, Kappiya Resources work hard to import Halal refreshments so that Muslims can relish them in peace. Diving into Double Dare drinks that the company distributes, there are a variety of flavors to choose from: tropical, grapes, watermelon, coconut, lemon twist, and malt caramel.

Tropical Soft Drink Specifications

- Assorted fruity flavor
- Best served cold
- Suitable for various events and parties
- Carbonated drink
- Alcohol-free beverage
- Weigh 275g (9.7 oz) per bottle
- 12 bottles in a carton (275g x 12 bottles)
- Bottle size: 21.8 x 24.6 x 17.2cm or 218 x 246 x 172mm
- Best consumed in 6 months
- Certified with JAKIM Halal
- Manufactured in Egypt

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