VNI Scientific Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask - Kesum - 400g

  • 1000 Unit(s)
  • 1000 Units
  • OEM
  • Halal Beauty Biocellulose Facial Mask, Cosmetic & SkinCare
  • 45 x 37 x 29 cm
  • (20 g x 5 pcs) per Boxes, 12 Boxes per Carton
  • 400 Gram
  • 18 months
  • Halal Certificate
  • Malaysia

Product details of VNI Scientific Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask - Kesum - 400g

Usage: The VNI Scienticfic’s bio cellulose facial treatment mask is now here for everyone. This cellulose sheet mask is full of great properties that would improve the skin texture. Escape the reality and take the time to pamper your facial skin as a better and glowing skin is achievable with this product. The whole face will feel moisturized right after one use. Go ahead and add it into the skincare routine. It is best to use it in 18 months after purchasing the product.

The following guide is the example of utilizing the bio cellulose facial treatment mask:

  1. Take a sheet of the hydrating mask and then rip the packet. You should be able to rip it pretty easily as the packaging has a design that helps the user to rip it.

  2. Then, place the it onto your face and adjust it to the shape of your face accordingly. Make sure all parts of your face are covered except the mouth and eyes area.

  3. The remaining essence could be placed onto your hands and even neck. Do massage the serum lightly into the skin until it is fully absorbed.

  4. After 10-20 minutes, you can take off the mask and throw it. Now, the skin is all moisturized.

Certification(s)VNI Scientific Sdn Bhd has been receiving certifications from various organizations which shows how skillful they are in creating top notch products for the market. Here are some of the honorable awards and certifications that the company has collected throughout the years:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: There are no ingredients in the sheet mask that does not comply with the Islamic Law as this product is up to the standards of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). The recognition of it being halal in the nation would help to encourage the customers not only within the country but all over the world including Muslim customers to purchase and use the premium nano-emulsion product.

  2. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified: The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification is dedicated towards us as a proof that both of our products and factory are managed thoroughly by us. Each one of products are checked by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) Malaysia and approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The customers could use it with confidence as they are using a high-quality product.

  3. EcoCert Standard: There are various type of products that match EcoCert Standard as a product would be analyzed accordingly before it is determined as a certified EcoCert product. This beauty care product is aligned with the specifications that have been set by EcoCert. Making this bio cellulose facial treatment mask as a certified product of EcoCert as there is no substances such as phenoxy, GMO’s, silicon and synthetic perfume.

  4. Nano Verified: Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) has an agency under them known as NanoMalaysia Berhad (NMB) that is responsible to keep an eye on the commercialization and expansion of the nanotechnology. In order to receive the Nano verification, we have taken the necessary steps from the very beginning to the very last step by applying to the Nano programme.

Packaging Information: The packaging for the bio cellulose facial treatment mask is carefully selected as we would use good quality and suitable packaging. The reason behind this is so that we are able to pack the anti-aging product neatly so that we are able to ship the products to our customers safely. In terms of the packaging, it would be (20 grams(g)/0.42 ounces (oz) x 5 Pieces) per boxes meanwhile for a carton would be 12 boxes. The net weight is 400 grams(g)/14.10 ounces(oz). As for the minimum order and minimum booking, it is 1000 units.

Overview of Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask

Get to know our bio cellulose facial treatment mask that is infused with nano-emulsion of crystalline nano-cellulose with nano-sized particles of pure Persicaria odorata or polygonum minus. Another word of the hot mint in Malay is kesum which is a type of plant that is found in Malaysia. The existence of the herb is to enhance bioactivity and to improve skin penetration. Along with the plant, there are other ingredients in the formulation of the facial mask such as fragrance, cellulose, glycyrrhizinate, dipotassium, di propylene glycol, caprylyl glycol, hydroxy acetophenone, polysorbate 80, persicaria minor extract, sorbitan oleate, virgin coconut oil and aqua.

This skincare product has a lot of benefits as it could reduce the signs of damage skin, premature aging, blemishes, lines, wrinkles and redness. This is because the product contains anti-inflammatory properties and rich in antioxidants. Experience a self-care and relaxing session with bio cellulose facial treatment mask and enjoy the facial treatment and get the results of a hydrated, healthy and radiant skin today.

About VNI Scientific Sdn Bhd

The company behind the product of bio cellulose facial treatment mask is VNI Scientific Sdn Bhd. The company is a great collaborator for any organizations that are looking for a reliable manufacturer as they are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), that offers the opportunity of creating the products for their customers. They also formulate Halal products which differentiate themselves from the existing manufacturers as there are not many manufacturers that could formulate Halal beauty products in the market. VNI scientific Sdn Bhd produces a lot of beauty products such as skincare, cosmetics and personal care products which are suitable for business owners that are looking for the product supplies for their shop, salons or even a spa.

Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask Specifications

  1. Brand: VNI Scientific
  2. Halal skincare product certified by JAKIM
  3. Made in Malaysia
  4. Infused with rich nano-emulsion of crystalline nano-cellulose with nano-sized particles of pure polygonum minus/kesum
  5. A cutting-edge formulation that is verified by NanoVerify Sdn. Bhd.
  6. Reduce signs of premature aging, lines, wrinkles and blemishes
  7. Anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants
  8. Anti-aging
  9. Enhance bioactivity and help skin penetration

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VNI Scientific Sdn Bhd

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  • Malaysia
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