Miaow Miaow Flame Prawn Crackers - Korean Spicy Flavoured - 50g

  • Miaow Miaow - Flame
  • 50g x 10pkts x 6pks
  • 50 Gram
  • Between 9 to 12 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Miaow Miaow Flame Prawn Crackers - Korean Spicy Flavoured - 50g

Usage: Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd's Prawn Crackers are a chip-style snack ideal for distribution. Miaow Miaow – Flame-flavoured snacks with a fiery Korean twist. You may wonder what to make with or how to offer these Shrimp Crackers to your nearest and dearest. What ensues is an effortless three-step approach:

  1. Open the package containing the Prawn Crackers.
  2. Feel accessible to take as many crackers as you adore immediately.
  3. Let's break bread!
See, it was clean and speedy! Spicy Korean prawn crackers may be enjoyed individually. Still, they also work well as an ingredient in a broad range of cuisines or recipes, making them perfect for celebrations like Chinese New Year. These Prawn Crackers may be used in numerous Thai, Korean, to Japanese meals. Whatever you decide to do with these Prawn Crackers, we hope you and your loved ones relish it.
Certification(s): The Active Fusion Sdn Bhd company has received multiple approval marks for its brand, Kids Biscuit, which is formed only in Malaysia:
  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: After a thorough, time-consuming investigation into whether or not the packaged meals in question conform with the Shariah, JAKIM is empowered to provide a Halal mark to any firm whose supplies are approved. Muslim customers may shop with the comfort of knowing that their products conform to the Islamic law assured by Halal JAKIM. In Malaysia, Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd's Prawn Crackers have been deemed Halal by the Islamic administrative body JAKIM.
  1. HACCP Certificate: Items like these Prawn Crackers from Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd are harmless. They can also be transmitted internationally since they have a HACCP credential that complies with CAC's standards.
Packaging: There were a lot of efficiencies put into the packaging of these Prawn crackers. The convenient design suggests you could take it wherever your trips take you. Nevertheless, if you or your loved ones are confident that a light, on-the-go dinner is what you'd prefer, pack up some Miaow Miaow Prawn Crackers and hit the road. The manufacturer made these shrimp chips with easy preparation and consumption in mind, so the process is quick and pleasant. The manufacturer has distributed these snacks in 50-gram packages (1.76oz). The dimensions of these prawn crackers are 730 x 365 x 390 mm (28.74 x 14.37 x 15.35 inch), and their packaging size is 50 g x 10 pkts x 6 pkts.
Shelf Life: Food, drink, and other consumables may be stored on the Planet's surface for a certain amount of time. It's all performed to ensure individuals don't become sick from ingesting items over their expiration period. The prawn crackers also have a short lifespan of nine months to one year after their "usages" label.
If the buyer is careful, the prawn crackers may go well before their expiry deadline. The storage environment, especially the warmth and wetness, affects the package's durability.
How To Store It: These Miaow Miaow Prawn Crackers are best kept in an airtight container away from humidity and daylight after opening the package to maintain their crispness and flavour. These prawn crackers should be kept in a sealed jar in a cold, damp, shaded environment.
We also have another option to consider if you have any leftover prawn crackers. Regarding chips like Miaow Miaow, note that air and moisture vapour are your crackers' worst enemies. Squeezing out as much oxygen as feasible before retaping your container is essential after a binge.
To do this, lay the bag flat and not the prawn crackers, and roll it from the top to down where the prawn crackers are available. Pinching the oxygen out and folding it up like this assists in dislodging the oxygen in the packet and preventing it from re-entering.

Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd’s Prawn Crackers Overview

British gourmet Will Meyrick claims that krupuk crisps made with shrimp first arrived on the Malay coast in the 1600s. According to urban myth, after a banquet, prawn crackers were first made from discarded, smashed shrimp heads. Malay literature from the nineteenth century references Kuantan in the Malay region and refers to keropok (crackers or chips). Initially a Dutch East Indies export, shrimp crackers gained popularity abroad as an accompaniment to other Indonesian dishes during the country's imperial heyday in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Dutch colonialists introduced prawn crackers to Dutch cuisine.
The ingredients for prawn crackers include shrimp, tapioca flour, and freshwater. A dough is rolled out, heated, and cut into pieces. Customarily, uncooked crackers are solar-dried before being fried to remove humidity and obtain the optimal level of crunchiness. They are then cooked in butter once they have dried. When the liquid in the flour transforms into vapour, the wafers grow from the length of a fingertip to the thickness of a cracker.
Good-grade prawn snacks don't need chemical flavourings or enhancers like Glutamate or shrimp flavouring to scent and feel delicious. Based on the number of stabilizers used, the cooked prawn crackers may be kept fresh in a sealed jar for 90 days or roughly nine months.

About Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd

Our goods have been available across Malaysia since 1989, and we maintain a strong presence in the home industry. Businesses such as megastores, groceries, gas stations with shopping kiosks, and network convenience shops were the primary targets of the firm's marketing efforts, in addition to regional distributors and merchants. A select group of supermarkets has taken notice of our wares and engaged with us for house branding. The company began a fresh phase when Miaow Miaow first appeared on the international scene in September 1999. Nowadays, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Africa make up the bulk of our clientele. We are making a determined push at the United States and Europe nations. Our company's operations and commitment to culinary hygiene and cleanliness have been recognized with ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certifications since 2002. The firm is committed to investing in and upgrading its infrastructure guarantees that its goods always meet or exceed all applicable. As Miaow Miaow enters a more established phase of business, the scope of its product lines expands periodically. The extruded appetizer, roasted puffed snack, fried puffy snack, deep-fried pillow canapés, and potato crisps were only some of the Miaow Miaow offerings. To keep up with the changing demands of our service users and guarantee strategic and long success, we strive to keep improving and diversifying our market segments.

Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd’s Prawn Crackers Specifications:

  1. Logo: Miaow Miaow - Flame
  2. Certifications: JAKIM Halal, HACCP
  3. Net Weight: 50g (1.76 oz) per package
  4. Packing size: 50g x 10pkts x 6pks
  5. Dimension: 730 x 365 x 390 mm (28.74 x 14.37 x 15.35 inch)
  6. 9 - 12 months / almost one year of shelf life
  7. Legitimately made in Malaysia

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