Miaow Miaow Flame Prawn Cracker - Sambal Balado Flavour - 50g

  • Miaow Miaow - Flame
  • Crunchy
  • Spicy
  • 50g x 10pkts x 6pks
  • 50 Gram
  • Between 9 to 12 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Miaow Miaow Flame Prawn Cracker - Sambal Balado Flavour - 50g

Usage Instruction: Delicious and spicy, the sambal balado prawn crackers are the ultimate party food. It's a tasty snack that's sure to please your taste buds thanks to its crispiness and well-balanced seasoning. Here is a comprehensive guide on making the most of this Malaysia treat, whether you plan on sharing it with others or devouring it on your own.

  1. Getting started with sambal balado prawn crackers requires tearing open the packaging. Typically, a perforated line facilitates tearing apart the container. The Miaow Miaow prawn crackers may be ripped open with either fingers or scissors.

  2. Once the wrapper has been ripped open, remove the prawn crackers and place them in a bowl or platter. Take care when handling them to prevent any damage. Miaow Miaow prawn crackers can be eaten fresh out of the package if desired.

  3. Take a taste and experience the flavorful and spicy flavours. You can use the prawn crackers as an appetizer for your preferred sweet or savoury toppings.

Certification(s) and Mentioning(s): These accreditations guarantee that the Miaow Miaow food products, such as our famous sambal balado prawn crackers, are constantly of the finest quality for our customers all over the world.

  1. JAKIM Halal Certified:  The Islamic diet permits the consumption of Miaow Miaow prawn crackers, which are sold in retail outlets, served in restaurants, and produced in homes worldwide. Muslim consumers looking for savoury snack options have more access to sambal balado foods that have received halal certification.

  2. HACCP Certificate:  To proactively identify and control potential hazards throughout manufacturing our miaow miaow flame shrimp chips, Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd uses a HACCP system. The specifications allow manufacturers to make sure that the finished Miaow Miaow prawn crackers satisfy the necessary quality and safety requirements.

  3. GMP Certified: Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd is dedicated to making prawn crackers that are of the highest quality and adhere to the strictest safety regulations. Our sambal balado-flavored chips are constantly safe and of the highest quality because the producer follows GMP requirements.

  4. FSSC 22000 Certificate: The achievement of FSSC 22000 certification by Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd demonstrates adherence to international standards and the establishment of a thorough management system for food safety. The highest quality and safety criteria are met by our Miaow Miaow prawn crackers, which can be trusted by all parties involved.

  5. UKAS Certification: Globally, UKAS certification is regarded as a symbol of quality and reliability. These logos can assist Miaow Miaow food products gain a better image and show that the company is dedicated to selling high-quality goods, including sambal balado prawn crackers.

Packaging Information: Miaow Miaow prawn crackers are packaged in 50-gram black and red bags to preserve the flavour and freshness of the spicy snack. The Miaow Miaow flame bags, consisting of plastic and foil, are great for storing sambal balado prawn crackers because they keep the crackers crisp and seal in the taste.

The Miaow Miaow prawn crackers come in packaging that is built with the customer's convenience in mind, making it simple for them to stow away and take the spicy snack with them wherever they go. 

When it comes to the packaging of their prawn crackers, Miaow Miaow spares no effort in making sure it looks good and does its job. Packages of Miaow Miaow prawn crackers are designed to attract customers' attention by standing out from the crowd on store shelves with their bright colours and attention-grabbing images.

Shipping Information: There is no minimum order size for the sambal balado prawn crackers offered by Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd. Miaow Miaow prawn crackers can be shipped to you in either a 20-foot container or an LCL (Less than Container Load) cargo, depending on your business's needs. Here, we'll analyze the benefits of shipping sambal balado prawn snacks so you can make a smart choice.

Shipping costs for 20-foot containers are fixed, making shipping large quantities of Miaow Miaow prawn crackers economically feasible. Our Miaow Miaow flame products' sturdy packaging makes them the perfect choice for companies shipping delicate or expensive goods. You can rest assured that your prawn crackers will make it to their destination without a scratch thanks to the superior security and protection provided by our containers.

LCL shipping provides Miaow Miaow with more alternatives for packaging their prawn crackers. Retailers can save money on shipping costs for sambal balado prawn crackers by only paying for the space actually used in the shipping container. For smaller orders, LCL shipping of Miaow Miaow chips can be the most cost-effective option.

Storage Instruction(s): Miaow Miaow prawn crackers are best kept in airtight containers at room temperature. Here are some industry-required guidelines for preserving sambal balado prawn crackers:

Miaow Miaow food products should be kept in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and away from high temperatures. Prawn crackers should be stored between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 and 21.1 degrees Celsius) with as little humidity as possible.

Miaow Miaow prawn crackers are best kept in their original packaging because it has been made to keep out air and moisture, both of which can diminish a shrimp spicy snack's quality and freshness. 

In order to ensure that Miaow Miaow prawn crackers always taste great, it is essential to rotate stock on a regular basis. Prioritize the consumption of older sambal balado prawn crackers over the procurement of fresh ones utilizing the "first in, first out" method of inventory management.

Miaow Miaow Prawn Crackers Overview

Miaow Miaow Sambal Balado Prawn Crackers are amazing and will make your mouth water. A famous and much sought-after snack in Malaysia, these shrimp chips will send your taste buds into ecstasy. These little red snacks are well-known for their crispiness, crunchiness, and signature spicy prawn flavour. Miaow Miaow Flame is cheap and convenient, making prawn crackers a popular option for hungry people on the go.

The popularity of Miaow Miaow Sambal Balado Prawn Crackers has spread beyond Malaysia's restaurants. Many convenience stores and supermarkets sell these Miaow Miaow prawn crackers, too. Due to its widespread appeal, manufacturers have developed a wide variety of shrimp-flavored potato chips that are sure to please snack enthusiasts everywhere.

Miaow Miaow prawn crackers are delicious and convenient, whether you're in the mood for a light snack or a fiery side dish. You may get your fix of crunchy, flavorful sambal balado prawn crackers with just the right amount of heat from the shrimp chips. You won't be sorry if you try these Miaow Miaow flame the next time you're craving a salty and spicy snack.

About Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd

Miaow Miaow, based in Malaysia, is a thriving snack food business known for its large selection of high-quality snacks sold at reasonable costs. Snacks are loved by people of various ages, cultures, and geographic locations.

Miaow Miaow was founded in 1975 as a family distribution business in Batu Pahat, Johor, and since 1989 it has expanded into a major producer of snack foods. The progress they've made is incredible. The company has flourished over the past three decades, increasing its presence in Malaysia and nearly 40 other nations. We've earned a solid reputation as a reliable OEM partner among major retailers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Miaow Miaow is ideally located within a natural and pollution-free production environment because of its proximity to an oil palm field. This assures that Miaow's products meet or exceed industry standards. Each taste of our delicious, original, and high-quality snacks is a labour of love for us. New recipes are being created all the time in order to meet and even exceed client expectations.

Sambal Balado Prawn Crackers Specification

- The prawn crackers that Muslims can enjoy.
- The sambal balado prawn crackers have a fiery flavour.
- The Miaow Miaow prawn crackers have a satisfying crunch.
- All ages can enjoy the Miaow Miaow flame. 
- Easy-to-carry Miaow Miaow prawn chips come in portable packaging.

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