Kenko Banana Fishcake - 500g

  • Kenko
  • No added preservative
  • 500g x 24 packs per carton
  • 500 Gram
  • 6-12 Months
  • Johor
  • Malaysia
  • Johor Port

Product details of Kenko Banana Fishcake - 500g

Usage: Food is more than just filling in your hunger. If the purpose of eating is solely to keep you full, then variation is unnecessary. So, why do chefs and experts in cooking invent and evolve recipes? To them, cooking is not contentment with what they have developed. It is real, pure happiness when the eater loves what the cooks have made. Until today, we have many edibles variations, just like how raw fish can evolve into fishcakes—because the sky is the limit. Is it really worth it? Grab a packet of banana fishcake to feel the difference now. 

  1. Oden: Oden is a perfect snacking if you feel like munching on something when you are not that hungry. Taste the warm and slightly fishy banana-shaped fishcake in fish cakes assortment of oden during the rainy season to keep you warm.
  2. Fried rice: What should you put inside your fried rice? Chicken fillet or seafood might be mainstream. Maybe it is time to include a new menu in your eatery by giving plain fried rice an accompaniment of salty, mild sweetness and the fishy flavor of banana-shaped fishcakes.
  3. Dip into sauce: Tired of eating the banana-fishcakes on their own? The fishcakes are perfectly stir-fried, but you might wonder what goes well with them. Seafood dishes and fish can never go wrong with tartar sauce because it is influential in neutralizing the fishy smell. Dip the banana fishcakes into the tartar condiment that provides a rich, creamy, and tangy taste.

Certification(s) & Mentionings:

  1. JAKIM’s Halal Certificate: Halal food refers to all food permitted for ingesting as long as it complies with Islamic principles. Since you are what you eat, Muslims are cautious about eating halal food because it is undoubtedly clean from potential threats to the human body, like bacteria. Fret not; banana fishcakes by Kenko are halal-certified and recognized by JAKIM.

  2. ISO 22000:2018: Banana-shaped fishcakes by Kenko Food Sdn Bhd received the ISO 22000 recognition for its outstanding achievement of following the food safety management system as endorsed by the ISO 22000:2018 guidelines. In other words, the company is certified internationally as having excellent disciplines in food production that are safe for human consumption.

  3. HACCP: Because raw seafood and fish products encourage contamination like Salmonella, the staff meticulously maneuvers the production of banana fishcakes as guided by HACCP frameworks. Consequently, Kenko's Banana Fishcakes successfully obtained the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certificate.

  4. MESTI: MESTI certification, as imposed by the Ministry of Health as a prerequisite for obtaining halal certification from JAKIM, complements each other because MESTI conforms to nearly every aspect of Halal's framework. As banana fishcake met the requirement set by MESTI, it was issued with the certificate signaling that the product is in accordance with Food Safety Management System.

  5. Zero preservatives: The primary mission of Kenko is to manufacture fishcakes of natural, authentic fish taste. Therefore, the company achieves its intent by steering away from using any preservatives on its banana fishcakes so that it will not harm the consumers. The intense fishy taste of banana fishcakes that you taste is mainly from the high composition of the fish fillet itself.

Packaging: Place your order for the Kenko Banana Fish Cake in a minimum order quantity of 1x 20-feet shipment container suitable for B2B use: restaurants, caterers, and retailers. Each pack of banana-shaped fish cake weighs 500g or 17.64oz, sold per carton of 24 packagings (500g x 24 packs). Each pack of banana fishcakes is handled with care to avoid spillage and pollutants by exerting plastic packaging sealed tightly, which is suitable for survival in extreme environments as well as shielding the content from oxygen and moisture.

Storage Instructions: To avoid the banana-fishcake becoming greasy and excessively wet, refrigerate the fishcakes at a temperature of -18°C (-0.4°F). Depending on how well it is stored, an unopened banana fishcake has a shelf life of 6 to 12 months as it is high-quality. Preserving banana fishcake in the freezer is the best method for prolonged use, accompanied by sealing the fishcake in a sealed bag or airtight container for safe consumption away from spoilt. By following this instruction, you can keep the fish cakes fresh longer.

Banana Fishcake Overview

The term "fishcake" refers to a meal made with minced or ground filleted fish and starchy ingredients. According to history, there are many versions of the origin of fish cakes since almost every country has its folklore regarding the dish. For example, one version mentioned that fishcakes originated in the 19th century in England. On the other hand, China's version claimed that fish cakes had been around for more than 4000 years during the Qin Dynasty. There is also the Japanese version of fishcake in the Heian era and the Korean historical record of fish cake that comes around in the Joseon era. Regardless of the origin, the similarity of all versions of the folk tale is that fish cake was invented due to the inability to sell fish in fillets or as a whole. As a result, it is employed in making fishcakes to minimize waste, pairing it with leftover mashed potatoes. Since there are various narratives of the fishcakes invention, the cooking method too can be in different manners, depending on the region. As an illustration, Asia countries primarily serve fishcakes in soups or as a side dish, such as udon and fish cake soup. Meanwhile, in North America, the locals usually pan-fry the fishcake and serve it as an appetizer. It also has many shapes, like banana-shaped or long fishcakes, and rectangular or thin-shaped, based on the origin.

At Kenko Food Sdn Bhd, its banana fish cake is made up of fish meat, potato starch, wheat starch, garlic, salt, and monosodium glutamate without added preservatives. The company debunks the idea that most fishcakes in the market consist of only 30% fish and the rest is full of potatoes by proving that its banana-fishcakes are balanced with fishcake and potato to give the delicious fishy and mild sweetness. Since seafood and fish are exposed to salmonella and microorganisms, the banana-shaped fish cake undergoes some preserving processes using heat to protect it from contamination. Besides, the nutritional values obtained from the banana fish cake are mainly contributed by the finest quality of filleted fish offering its omega-3 fatty acids benefits:

- Prevent stroke.
- Reduce the symptom of eczema.
- Boost memory and cognitive well-being. 
- Combate inflammation.
- Improve eye vision.

About Kenko Food Sdn Bhd

With a particular emphasis on producing fish cakes, fish balls, and other seafood-related goods, Kenko Food (KF) Sdn Bhd founded the company in 1998 at Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia. The organizer is keen on creating top-notch products graded to fulfill the consumers' desire, as shown in its effort to use natural and genuine ingredients not to replace authentic fish fillets. With persistent principles of exceeding the requirements of JAKIM's Halal, HACCP, and ISO 22000, the company has its place in the Malaysian market for the breakthrough in its R&D, which paved the way for a leading global player in the said field.

Banana Fishcake Specifications

- Mild taste and spongy fish cake
- Slightly fishy and mild sweet combination
- No preservatives added
- Refrigerate at -18°C (-0.4°F)
- Best consumed within 6 to 12 months 
- 500g (17.64oz) per packet 
- 24 packs per carton (500g x 24 packets)
- Recognized by JAKIM halal accreditation, ISO 22000:2018, HACCP and MESTI
- Malaysia-based supplier
- Serving suggestion: Oden, fried rice, and dip into tartar sauce

Banana Fishcake Ingredients: Potato starch, wheat starch, fish meat, salt, garlic, and monosodium glutamate (E621).

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