Kenko Fried Long Fishcake - 260g

  • Kenko
  • No added preservative
  • 260g x 40 packs per carton
  • 260 Gram
  • 6-12 Months
  • Johor
  • Malaysia
  • Johor Port

Product details of Kenko Fried Long Fishcake - 260g

Usage: When it comes to fried fish cake, it is important that you choose sides that match the flavour and texture of your fish cake. But fret not; here are some of the best side dishes for fish cakes that you can feature at your office or at any event.

Everyone knows that fish cakes aren't complete without a dipping sauce, and tartar sauce is arguably the greatest of them all. You cannot go wrong with this old-fashioned favourite; it complements not only fish cakes but also other deep-fried foods such as fried tempeh, or even just plain, fried tofu. It's also really simple to make and can be attempted by anyone from amateur home cooks to skilled professionals. Simply combine mayonnaise, sour cream, dill pickles, Dijon mustard, garlic, parsley, capers, onion powder, pepper, and lemon juice into a bowl and you now have the best tangy and sour sauce that compliments your fried fish cake perfectly to balance out that umami and saltiness.

Another great dish that pairs exceptionally well with fried fish cake is baked beans. Baked beans are really tasty and filling, and an excellent side dish to serve when you need to feed a large group. You don't need many ingredients to make delicious baked beans; simply sauté them with brown sugar and top them with caramelised bacon or onions, and you're ready to go!

Certifications: Kenko Food is proud to have received various awards that stand witness to the high quality of both their products, such as the fried fish cakes, and their services, and are listed below as proof of legitimacy:

  1. JAKIM Halal certified: The JAKIM Halal certificate is awarded to enterprises and facilities that are proven to be in accordance with local Islamic and Shariah standards as specified by the government, such as Julie's Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and all of its byproducts, such as Kenko’s fried fish cake.

  2. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified: Kenko Food Sdn Bhd’s food products have all been duly certified as safe for consumption by the systems adopted by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point certifications' markers.

  3. ISO 22000: The ISO 22000 certification markers show that the oblong fried fish cake, as well as all of the other goods, are safe for consumption and use in all types of dietary requirements.

  4. Made in Malaysia: The chewy fried fish cake from Kenko is a 100% locally made product with assurance to its quality and taste that is sure to appeal to local tastes and preferences.

Packaging: Kenko’s fish cake sticks are meticulously packed within durable plastic packaging, making them resistant to water and other external elements. The sticks of fried fish cakes are packaged in a user-friendly container that is both strong and tear-proof and can be easily opened.

Storage: To further ensure the crisp quality and the elasticity of the meat, these fried fish cakes should be stored frozen, away from direct sunlight. Prior to cooking, the fish-flavoured sticks can be thawed beforehand, or also cooked immediately without thawing.

Fried Fish Cake Overview

A fish cake, sometimes spelt as fishcake is a humble culinary dish made of minced or ground fileted fish or other shellfish mixed with a starchy component and fried till golden, that can range from far and many. One of the most manufactured and bought fish cakes out there, the Asian-style fried fish cakes are often made with fish, salt, water, starch, and egg, as a base and may also contain vegetables or other elements like mushrooms or cheese in them occasionally. 

European-style fishcakes, on the other hand, are similar to croquettes in that they are made with filleted fish or other seafood and a potato patty that is occasionally coated in breadcrumbs or batter. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Food and Nutrition, fried fish cakes are chopped or minced fish mixed with potato, egg, and flour and seasoned with onions, peppers, and sometimes herbs. 

Fish cakes are generally known to have a great crisp on the surface, soft, flaky, and moist on the inside characteristic that even non-fish eaters will enjoy, whether it's cod, walleye, perch, haddock, or trout. These delectable patties are simply fashioned into small, bite-sized treats, or sometimes, into long strips, which makes them easier to prepare and easier to consume. Because of its inexpensiveness, you can serve it with a variety of sides to complete any mealtime throughout the day. Typically used as an appetizer, the fried fish cake has been viewed as a means to repurpose leftovers that would otherwise be thrown away in most cultures.

About Kenko Food Sdn Bhd

Founded in 1998, Kenko Food Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturer and processor of frozen instant food products such as fried fish cakes, fish balls and similar seafood-related products. The company initially started out as a producer of fresh produce including raw and chilled fish foods, but over time, slowly began to expand into processing and manufacturing fish meat and seafood-based food products. 

Presently, the company stands as a modern establishment that has some of the best culinary experts, business know-how, and professional practices in the industry. Deeply rooted in various core values and morals, Kenko Food has continuously improved its performance in order to better serve its loyal clientele whilst striving to inspire trust and reliance in its consumers.

As a show of legitimacy and standard, Kenko Food has also been awarded the prestigious certifications of JAKIM Halal, the HACCP cert as well as the ISO 22000 certification, thanks to the intricate technological use and skilled professionals within its premises. Under these stringent standards of the company, Kenko Food is able to consistently provide products that are not only safe but also ideal for both professional and personal use.

Fried Fish Cake Specifications

  1. Net weight of 260g (9.17oz)
  2. Shelf life of 6 to 12 months
  3. Contains real fish meat
  4. Soft and chewy texture when cooked
  5. Salty and slightly sweet flavour
  6. Shaped into long rectangles
  7. Without additional preservatives or colouring
  8. JAKIM Halal, HACCP and ISO 22000 certified
  9. Locally made product
  10. Ready to be cooked out of the package

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Kenko Food Sdn Bhd

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