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Product details of MFS Seafood Big-Eye Fish - 10kg

Usage: The big eye fish or also known more commonly by its generic geus of Atlantic Horse Mackerel, or quite simply a mackerel, is sweet tasting with a mild exterior that makes it incredibly versatile and a perfect addition to your refrigerators. To ensure the perfect cook on this flaky fish, the proper steps of both storing and prepping the mackerel are important and should be followed to a tee. Mackerel typically is found to have a firm texture that is similar to canned tuna and can be pulled apart or flaked without having it disintegrate completely. This firm texture makes it a perfect substitute for most recipes where chicken is used as a main component. For instance, slicing up the big eye Scomber onto a salad with a vinaigrette, or mixed together into pasta with some fresh herbs. The inexpensive nature of the big eye fish and its signature smokiness is undoubtedly the perfect addition to creams or dairy-based dishes such as horseradish mash or even surprisingly, mac and cheese. Do not be put off by the mac and cheese, as unlikely as this combo might sound, the slightly oily base of the tropical sailfish will pair beautifully with creamy and saucy foods like stews or pasta.  

Certifications: MFS Seafood as a brand has been recognized with the following accolades and accreditations as part of the rigorous inspections and examinations conducted in order to determine the status and conditions of its line of products including food safety, hygiene practices, and also manufacturing standards of the products, with the inclusion of the big eye fish:

  1. JAKIM Halal certified: The prestigious Halal certification that has been approved by JAKIM is only awarded to organisations and businesses that have been found to be compliant of the many regulatory rules and laws enforced by both the local authorities and the Syariah committee. These rules and laws have been set in place to further ensure the authenticity and quality of said products according to the Islamic laws, thus making the products safe for consumption for all Muslims worldwide.

Storage: Seafood in general has a tendency to lose its buoyancy and the ‘elasticity’ of the meat that makes it bouncy and flaky, rather quickly. In order to preserve and maintain the freshness of seafood for a longer time, freezing it under the right temperatures is crucial. The big eye fish should be kept frozen at a temperature of about at -35°C or 31°F up until it is time to cook it. It is also important to note that thawing frozen food, especially seafood for long windows of time can cause ice particles to form on the surface of the seafood, making it lose its vibrancy and freshness.

Big Eye Fish Overview:

The term "mackerel" does not refer to a single kind of fish or even a single species of fish. Rather, it's a common name for various swift-moving seawater fishes, most of which belong to the Scombridae family such as the big eye fish. The rest come from families like Gempylidae, Hexagrammidae, and Carangidae. Mackerels are close relatives of tuna and bonito, both of which also belong to the family Scombridae. Mackerels are mostly found in temperate and tropical seas. They live either along the coast or offshore in the ocean. Since they appear all around the globe, many countries produce and trade them. Among them, their top producers and exporters are Denmark, the Netherlands, Japan, China, and Norway.
Mackerels are considered some of the most nutritious fishes. They're an excellent source of protein, vitamins B2, B3, B6, and B12, and vitamin D. Their flesh is also full of minerals like copper, selenium, and iodine. Some of these fishes also contain good amounts of iron and vitamin B1. With a varied use of both for recipes and for health benefits, the oil-based big eye fish poses a myriad of usability and benefits, making it an ideal necessity to have in your refrigerator at all times.
Whether you grill it, or steam it or deep fry it with classic and traditional flavours, the big eye sailfish is the perfect ingredient to suit your every style of cooking, regardless of flavours and origins, thanks to its sweet and succulent tasting meat that will surely leave you wanting more.

About My Frozen Seafood:

Based in Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor, My Frozen Seafood is a leading frozen food supplier with access to fresh and high-quality seafood in a wide range of varieties who supply their frozen seafood to wholesale distributors, caterers, restaurants, seafood eateries, and local customers a daily basis.
Featuring a wide and diverse range of seafood bounties such as crab, shrimp, prawn, crayfish, snail, cod, tuna, salmon, squid, cuttlefish, and many more, My Frozen Seafood consistently provides the most variety and superior quality with their frozen products. Examined by experienced fishermen and professionals, the fresh seafood is ensured to be in the best quality before being sent over for distribution and retailing purposes. Sourced from only the most trusted suppliers who have been fully accredited and verified Halal, the selection of seafood products at this establishment are guaranteed to be of the utmost quality and freshness, making it the ideal choice for its loyal clientele.

Big Eye Mackerel Specifications:

  1. Net weight of 10kg (352oz)
  2. Keep frozen at -35°C or 31°F
  3. Fresh and bouncy texture
  4. Sweet and oily flavour
  5. Ideally served broiled, steamed, fried, or grilled

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