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Product details of MFS Seafood Indian Mackerel - 10kg

Usage: In India, the Indian Mackerel is used in savoury rava-roasted or tawa-roasted dishes. In certain regions, it is also used to prepare flavorful and fiery fish soups and stews.
  1. Pan the fish until it is crunchy and flavourful on the outside, then wrap it in rava or merely saute it after marinating it in various seasoning blends, ginger-garlic powder, and sodium. Bangada is best roasted in curry by adding it to a dumpling combination and letting it steep over a low flame.
  2. Indian mackerel is delectable, but it also pairs well with gherkins. You'll need to remove the fish's flesh, then cut the meat into bite-sized chunks before marinating it in a mixture of curcumin, hot sauce, and salt.
  3. Turmeric and a mixture of pureed tomatoes, hot sauce, and turmeric can be cooked together in a pot. Combine the puree with the Indian mackerel fermented in a frying pan. Keep simmering until the fish is cooked. It can be stored in a refrigerator for up to three days if you bottle it. Add citric acid if you'd like to keep it in the fridge for more time.
Certification(s): Frozen Seafood Sdn Bhd has had a primary accreditation since its founding, allowing them to produce seafood and other byproducts. Here is the initial approval:
  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: As Muslims are forbidden by Law to consume any substance that does not conform to JAKIM's regulations, these guidelines must be strictly followed by the culinary and beverage industry. This declaration confirms that My Frozen Seafood's Indian mackerel satisfies the criteria for halal status.
Packaging: The Frozen Seafood Company estimates that every package of Indian Mackerel contains about 10kg (352.74oz). One (1) 20-foot box is the minimum stock size that can be placed. If you consider your requirement excessive and are willing to compromise, we may also take palletized orders. Keep in mind that LCL (less-than-container-load) queries can also be made. Hence, seize this superb chance!
Shelf Life: All among you who have planned for and have been keeping an eye on this harvest for a while should know that one of the benefits of buying this Indian Mackerel is that it can be stored for up to a year—good tidings for individuals who want to take good care of themselves by ingesting this Mackerel.  You and your significant other may be blessed to eat this Indian Mackerel right now. But if you memorise the storage instructions, you may drink from it till you can't get any more, which is unrivalled.


My Frozen Seafood’s Indian Mackerel Overview

Hot deeper water around the shores of the Indian and Western Pacific seas is home to the Indian mackerel. Its westernmost and easternmost limits are the Red Sea and East Africa. At the same time, its northern and southernmost reaches are the Ryukyu Archipelago, China, Australia, Melanesia, and Samoa. In two separate instances (1967 and 2010), it was spotted in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Palestine, suggesting that it entered the region through the Channel Tunnel.
The Indian mackerel's stomach is relatively bottomless, and its skull is more significant than its overall length. The conjunctival ridge partially hides the maxilla. Still, they reach across the back of the pupil. In immature samples, these species have narrow black transverse stripes on the top half of the belly that could be golden. A black patch is also seen on the abdomen towards the bottom border of the dorsal fin. The lateral and upper fins are yellow with black ends, whereas the lateral and chest fin is golden. The other fins have a dark colour.
Indian mackerel may grow to a peak spike size of 35 centimetres (14 in), although most are approximately 25 centimetres (9.8 in). The Indian mackerel is often located on deep shorelines with ambient water of a minimum of 17 degrees Celsius (63 degrees Fahrenheit). This subspecies' adults may be encountered in seaside ports, harbours, and shallow wetlands. They are usually placed in murky, plankton-rich environments. Mature Indian mackerel eat macroplankton, which includes prawns and fish eggs.
The mating period in the arctic latitudes occurs from March to September. It's between September and March in the southern latitudes near Seychelles. Fertilisation happens in bunches; the embryos are placed in the sea and fertilised topically. The roots of the Indian mackerel are also not guarded and are allowed to grow by themselves. Youths eat microalgae such as dinoflagellates and tiny zooplankton such as cladocerans and sea urchins. Their stomachs shrink as they age— their nutrition shifts to accommodate mostly macroplankton juveniles such as prawns and small fish.
The lean, innumerable-finlet, greasy flesh of the Indian mackerel is what makes it famous. Mackerel's most significant nutritional advantages come from its fatty meat and Omega-3 fatty molecule, most commonly called fish oil. Protein- and nutrient-dense Indian mackerel contains iron, sodium, zinc, and mg minerals. Nutrients including niacin (B3), choline, folate, E, D, A, K, C, and B12 may all be found in healthy amounts in mackerel.

About My Frozen Seafood

My Frozen Food is a provider of genuine icy seafood. Our headquarters are at Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor. Daily, we deliver chilled seafood to stockists, banquets, diners, marine diners, and neighbourhood clients.
We focus on providing a diverse range of high-quality seafood items. Our commodities are supplied solely by reputable, nationally recognized, and halal-certified vendors that match our dedication to excellence.
My Frozen Seafood is frozen while fresh and constantly kept to prevent decay and germs. In addition, before sending our fishery items to consumers, our experienced fishermen inspect them. Kindly call us regardless of any concerns or want further knowledge. We would gladly respond to any questions you may have.

My Frozen Seafood’s Indian Mackerel Specifications

  1. Fresh, oily mackerel
  2. Have a distinct, moist, soft flesh texture
  3. A good source of essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acid
  4. Rich with complete vitamins: Vitamin A, vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K
  5. Ideally refrigerated at -1°C and 2°C (30.2°F or 35.6°F) for better quality
  6. Consume between (the shelf life)
  7. 10kg (352.74 oz) net weight
  8. Licensed with JAKIM-Halal certificate
  9. A product of Malaysia
  10. Serving suggestions: The base for Penang laksa, fried mackerel, serve with sambal (chili paste)

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