BlackMo Coconut Latte

  • BlackMo
  • Coconut Latte
  • Made with Molasses as its sole sweetener.
  • 360gm x 12 packages Per Carton, 35 Cartons Per Pallet, 608 cartons Per 20ft Container, 1478 cartons Per 40ft Container
  • 360 Gram
  • 18 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of BlackMo Coconut Latte

  • Usage: Remove the lid off of the BlackMo Coconut Latte tub and locate the individually packed sachets inside. Remove a sachet (or two for an even stronger flavour) and slowly cut open the top of the sachet. Empty the contents of the sachet into a cup or a mug of 180ml (6oz). Fill the cup with boiling hot water of approximately 120°F or 49°C and dissolve the coconut latte mix into the hot water. A teaspoon may be used to stir the mixture gently until it is dissolved.
    To add the molasses that can also be found in the individually packed sachets, gently cut open the top of the molasses packet and add in the desired amount of the molasses. As one of the selling points of this product, the amount of sweetness added to the coconut latte is entirely dependent on the consumer as the amount can be adjusted according to one’s taste. The entire packet can be added to achieve a stronger sweetened taste that is also laced with the flavour profile of the coconut.
    The taste of the coconut latte can also be modified by adding several other ingredients such as cream or granulated sugar, depending on one’s individual taste.

    Certification: As an acknowledgement of the stellar service and quality provided by the BlackMo branding, the establishment has been awarded several certifications that serve as tangible proof of the contribution provided by the company:-

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified: To serve as an acknowledgement of the effectiveness of the product line, the ISO 9001:2015 was awarded to BlackMo, further encouraging a better workforce and work ethic.

  • JAKIM Halal Certified: In reliance on the standards and regulations upheld by the Islamic Law of consumption, this coconut latte has been acknowledged and accredited with the Halal certification to indicate that this product is safe to be consumed by all Muslims globally, as practised by the Sharia Law. 

  • MeSTI Certified: The MeSTI certification is granted to establishments and businesses that have obtained the relevant recognition from the food safety assurance system as a proven record for food hygiene and food safety.

  • Made In Malaysia Certified: This coconut latte beverage has been acknowledged and recognised as a locally sourced and made product, thus bearing the Malaysia-made or ‘Buatan Malaysia’ logo.

To ensure the maximum safety and freshness as well as the quality of the product, the coconut latte is packed into individual dual-pack sachets of 20 sachets per tub. This not only ensures that the coconut latte is protected against spills or leaks but also helps prevent moisture from entering the sachets which can further taint the taste and texture of the coconut latte.

Guan Tong Industries Coconut Latte Overview: 

The Guan Tong Industries Coconut Latte is truly the epitome of constructing your very own perfect cup of coffee. Although it is a humble premixed instant coffee, everything from the packaging to the taste of the product itself has been specifically designed to provide the optimal consummatory experience.
By providing individual elements such as the separately packed sweetening agent, the coconut latte provides an opportunity for everyone to be able to construct their perfect cup of coffee exactly the way that they want to. With oat milk being premixed into the coffee mix as a substitute for a regular dairy element, not only can this coconut latte be enjoyed by those who do not prefer dairy products, but will also aid in enhancing the flavour profile of the coconut latte by giving it a nuttier taste.
Sit back with your very own meticulously crafted cup of instant coffee that will give all artisanal coffee a run for its money.

About Black Mo: 

Stepping into the business back in 1948, Black Mo has been diligently involved in the making and manufacturing of caffeinated drinks and other beverages. With more than 70 years of experience being added to the company’s belt, Black Mo slowly expanded its business resulting in more than 100 products being launched and manufactured. The company takes immense pride in having obtained the JAKIM Halal certification over all of its products, thus ensuring that its products are safe to be consumed by Muslims in Malaysia and all over the world as well. 

One of the most recognised aspects of the company is the passion and diligence shown by the RND team who are always committed to finding new ways and new innovations to contribute to the efficiency and productivity of the company. 

Black Mo Coconut Latte Specifications:

- Made from a combination of micro-ground and freeze-dried coffee granules
- Contains mildly intense coffee flavour
- Contains flavour profile of coconut
- Suitable for those who prefer milky and creamy lattes
- Has a shelf life of 18 months
- Net weight of 360 grams or 12.7oz
- Separately packed molasses as the sweetening agent
- Contains oat milk powder as a substitute for the dairy element
- Contains vitamins and minerals derived from sugarcane
- Adjustable sweetness from separately packed molasses
- Contains vital minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and manganese

Additional Information: The BlackMo's brand of instant coffee, with its immediate drink of coconut latte, is featured as part of its exporting regime towards the United Arab Emirates. In-Joy Marketing Sdn Bhd, the advertising arm of Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd, has set its sight in the aid of supplying a healthier set of beverages across the world.

BlackMo's instant coffee supplier website may be seen where it's specifically targeted for UAE. Batches of coconut latte in this case can be bulk ordered for retails and convenience store shelving.


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