De’Blenz Cappucinno - 8 Sachets

  • De'Blenz
  • Creamy
  • Finest premium coffee beans
  • 330 x 460 x 254 cm
  • (8 sachets x 30g) 24 packs per carton
  • 240 Gram
  • Malaysia

Product details of De’Blenz Cappucinno - 8 Sachets

Usage: Are you looking for a lovely method to improve your mornings or enjoy a special treat? Look nowhere else! De’Blenz's Cappuccino is available to transport your taste senses on a luxurious adventure. This premium cappuccino premix, which was created with love and skill, guarantees an amazing experience that will leave you wanting more. Take a moment to picture waking up to the aroma of freshly made coffee and a cappuccino with a thick, creamy froth on top. With Cappuccino, you can replicate this enchantment in the comfort of your own home. It dissolves rapidly in hot water and creates a smooth foundation that makes a fantastic cup of cappuccino because of its excellent quality and delicate texture. At its core, Cappuccino is versatile. This product is your blank canvas to experiment with flavors, whether you want your cappuccino classic and straightforward or love to experiment. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top to add a touch of elegance or use cocoa powder to give yourself the authentic Italian experience. Let your creativity soar and be creative. There are countless options!

Cappuccino is more than simply a beverage; it's an invitation to enjoy life's better things. Imagine yourself relaxing in your favorite recliner while sipping on a warm cup of decadence. When you take a sip, the smooth texture will caress your lips while the flavorful fusion of coffee and creamy froth dances on your tongue. This is the happiest time of your life. Cappuccino is the ideal companion all day long, not only in the mornings. Why not reward yourself with a refreshing pick-me-up after a hard and exhausting afternoon? As you sip on this delicious beverage, practice the art of relaxation, and let the calming flavors lull you into a state of serenity. Are you a fan of desserts? The Cappuccino is your go-to tactic! Use this luscious powder to elevate your favorite sweet dishes. For an immediate flavor boost, sprinkle it on top of cakes, cookies, or even a dish of ice cream. Let the harmonious combination of coffee and cream create a symphony of mouthwatering pleasure. Cappuccino brings a sense of sophistication and elegance to any situation, whether you're hosting friends or relaxing by yourself. With your loved ones, share this enthralling experience, and let the sumptuous flavor and rich scent foster a feeling of coziness. Cappuccino is more than simply a powdered drink; it's an opportunity to indulge and savor the little things in life. Treat yourself to a cup of absolute decadence, let your imagination go wild, and learn all the different ways you may savor this magnificent cappuccino premix. Improve your mornings, indulge your palate, and make drinking Cappuccino a part of your blissful daily habit.

Certifications: Since its founding as the Guan Tong Coffee Factory in 1948, the company has expanded in terms of both management and goods to become what it is today—Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd. Only the greatest coffee products will be offered, according to Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd. Their accolades and credentials demonstrate to their commitment to creating newborn foods of the highest calibre and level of security. Below is a list of the certifications they have attained over the years.

  1. Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) Halal Certified: Products manufactured by Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd must be halal-certified by JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) to be sold to Malaysian Muslims. All foods from Malaysia are of the same high grade. The Halal certification demonstrates that the product complies with Shariah throughout production and that the components are suitable for Muslim eating. As a result of our commitment to the stringent legal requirements imposed by Shariah, JAKIM recognized them as Halal.

  2. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI): To be accredited by MeSTI (Food Safety is Industry's Responsibility), corporate workers must successfully complete the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) course. They will then be audited based on what they learned throughout the course. They will receive the certificate and be permitted to sell their goods in Malaysia if they satisfy the standards. Based on its credentials, Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd has been recognized as a Malaysian-made brand.

Storage Instructions: Proper storage is crucial for preserving the life and quality of your Cappuccino. Here are some guidelines to remember:

1. Keep It Dry and Cold: Keep the cappuccino powder out of direct sunlight and in a dry, cool environment. The flavor and texture of the product may change because of exposure to heat and humidity. The optimum position is a pantry or cabinet away from the stove or any other heat source.

2. Seal It Tightly: Always be sure to properly shut the packaging after each usage. To prevent clumping and maintain the powder's freshness, it is advised to store the powder in airtight or resealable bags.

3. Avoid Moisture And Odors: Avoid moisture and smells since cappuccino powder is quite sensitive to both. Keep it away from high-humidity places like the vicinity of the washbasin or refrigerator. Additionally, keep it away from aromatic items like cleaning products and spices because they might absorb their smells and alter the flavor of the cappuccino.

4. Avoid Freezing: Although it may seem like a smart way to extend shelf life, freezing is not advised for cappuccino powder. When a powder is frozen, moisture can accumulate and produce clumping, which lowers the product's quality.

5. Check The Expiry Date: Although Cappuccino has a long shelf life, it is always a good idea to check the expiry date before making a purchase and on a regular basis while keeping the goods. The best flavor and quality are guaranteed if the cappuccino powder is consumed within the suggested time limit.

You may prolong the rich and exquisite flavor of Cappuccino by following these storage recommendations, which also ensure that you will always have a cup of cappuccino that is consistently enjoyable.

Packaging Information: Cappuccino comes in an air-sealed sachet that guarantees the product's quality and freshness. The sachet and box are packaged together for convenient transport. The brand's dedication to sophistication and elegance is demonstrated by the packaging, which has a pleasing aesthetic. It has a user-friendly design, legible product information, and convenient resealable closures. To accommodate a range of tastes, the package is offered in several sizes. Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd also emphasizes sustainable practices in the design of its packaging. Overall, the De’BLENZ Cappuccino packaging blends eco-consciousness, aesthetics, and utility to improve the cappuccino experience for the consumer.

De’Blenz's Cappucinno Overview

Coffee lovers all around the world have a special place in their hearts for the popular beverage recognized for its delicious fusion of coffee and creamy froth. Cappuccino honors this time-tested classic by providing an opulent and decadent experience that goes above and beyond the norm. Cappuccino drinking gives several advantages to individuals who indulge in this savory experience, in addition to its great taste. The energizing boost offered by the naturally occurring caffeine content in coffee is one of the main benefits. A cup of cappuccino may be a nice pick-me-up and assist awaken the senses in the morning or during a noon slump. In addition, antioxidants, which are found in coffee, have been linked to several possible health advantages, including enhanced cognitive performance and a decreased chance of contracting illnesses. The rich coffee culture of Italy has had a considerable impact on the development of cappuccino. The Capuchin friars are a religious order distinguished by their characteristic hooded robes, and they bear the name "cappuccino" after them. The cappuccino beverage got its name from its hue, which was influenced by the color of the friars' robes. There is some controversy regarding the exact origins of the cappuccino, although it is generally accepted that it first appeared in Italy in the 17th century.

The method of making cappuccino changed over time, resulting in the contemporary interpretation we are familiar with today. Coffee, milk, and foam were traditionally combined in equal proportions to make cappuccinos. Today's cappuccino, however, is made with one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk, and one-third frothed milk. The characteristic layers that characterize a well-made cappuccino are produced by this careful balancing of flavors and textures. The cappuccino, which represents the craftsmanship and pleasure involved in savoring a properly made beverage, has become an essential component of café culture. The act of drinking a freshly made cappuccino involves more than just the flavor; it is an all-encompassing sensory experience. A moment of perfect enjoyment is created by the scent of freshly brewed coffee, the silky smoothness of the milk, and the delicious contrast of the foam. Cappuccino shines as a premium product that captures the pinnacle of delight in this world of great cappuccinos. Cappuccino, which is expertly made with care and accuracy, offers a superior experience. To create a bold and fragrant flavor profile that enchants the senses, carefully chosen coffee beans are skillfully roasted and blended.

Cappuccino stands apart due to its commitment to excellence and meticulousness. Opening the container releases a tantalizing scent of freshly ground coffee, which creates the ideal environment for a genuinely exceptional cappuccino experience. Each sip of Cappuccino is a symphony of flavors and sensations that dance on the palate thanks to the careful balancing of coffee, milk, and froth. Cappuccino also provides flexibility and customization to accommodate specific tastes. Cappuccino offers a blank canvas for imaginative exploration and a voyage of taste, whether you want a traditional cappuccino finished with a dusting of cocoa powder for a touch of refinement or you have a talent for experimenting with unusual flavor combinations. Coffee drinkers across the world retain a special place in their hearts for a cappuccino. Cappuccino honors the origins and advantages of this popular beverage by providing a unique and luxurious experience. Cappuccino encourages you to savor the age-old enjoyment of a finely prepared cappuccino via its dedication to workmanship, excellent flavor profile, and chances for personalization.

About Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd

A respectable business, Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd, is committed to providing premium coffee beverage items to customers all over the world. Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd is highly renowned in the sector for placing a high value on quality, innovation, and customer happiness. The company's objective is quite clear: to deliver items that are superior in taste, quality, and value to customers. Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd guarantees that its goods satisfy the highest standards of excellence by adhering to strict quality control systems and using state-of-the-art production techniques. Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd concentrates on research and development while aiming to introduce intriguing new alternatives to coffee beverages to the market. The team of seasoned specialists at the firm is committed to developing new and distinctive flavors, continually pushing the frontiers of taste, and introducing customers to cutting-edge culinary experiences. Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd is pleased with its dedication to ethics and the environment. The business prioritizes ethical ingredient sourcing, ecologically sound business practices, and positive working relationships with suppliers that share its values. To have a beneficial effect on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future, Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd includes sustainable practices in their everyday operations.

Numerous awards and certificates are evidence of Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd's commitment to quality. These certifications include halal compliance and food safety regulations, which guarantee that their products fulfill the demands of various clientele. Because of the company's dedication to quality, customers from all over the world have come to trust and respect it. Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers and continually strives to go above and beyond expectations in addition to placing a strong emphasis on quality and innovation. The business cultivates a strong sense of trust and loyalty among its consumers by consistently communicating with them, taking their input into consideration, and continuously improving its goods and services. The broad selection of coffee products offered by Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd, which satisfies various client tastes, is a part of their whole offering of goods. They create their products to be portable without sacrificing flavor or quality. A well-known business, Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd, places great importance on customer happiness, innovation, and quality. The company maintains a strong dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices while providing top-notch food and beverage goods to customers all over the world, winning their confidence and loyalty. Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd has continued to be a pioneer in the business and has set new standards for flavor and quality because of its commitment to excellence and the never-ending search for new flavors and experiences.

De’Blenz's Cappuccino Specifications

- Brand Name:
- Taste: Creamy
- Feature: Finest Premium Coffee Beans
- Dimension: 330 x 460 x 254 cm
- Packaging: (8 Sachets x 30g) 24 Packs per Carton
- Net Weight/Unit: 240 Grams
- Country of Origin: Malaysia

Ideally Served:

- Start your morning with Cappuccino to awaken your senses and set a positive tone for the day.
- Stop for a coffee break at any moment of the day and treat yourself to Cappuccino.
- It pairs wonderfully with your favorite dessert; however, you may also enjoy it as a post-meal treat on its own.
- Sipping hot coffee made with Cappuccino might make your workday better by promoting relaxation and focus.
- Whether hot or cold, the beverage may be enjoyed at any time of day.

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