De’BLENZ Lateccino Latte Powder - 360g

  • De'Blenz
  • Special blend Italian style instant latte coffee
  • (12 sachets x 30g) 24 packs per carton
  • 360 Gram
  • Malaysia

Product details of De’BLENZ Lateccino Latte Powder - 360g

Usage: The latte powder is an instant mix of coffee powder made easy for you to make and serve. To use it, the steps are simple. Firstly, pour the latte powder into a cup. Add 180ml of hot water to each sachet used. You can serve it iced if you prefer to have it cold. The latte powder is suitable to have, especially on café menus where they serve a variety of drinks like Mocha. Like the mocha which has multiple variances which result in drinks such as the Cappuccino Mocha Art, the latte powder can make brewing drinks such as Himalayan Beet Latte, Japanese Hojicha Latte, Iced Cinnamon Latte, Pink Velvet Latte, and Iced Chocolate Latte so much easier.

Even for offices, the latte powder would be a blast to have in the pantries, making hearts warm with its comfy taste and aesthetics.

Certification(s) And Mentioning(s): The manufacturer has acquired several important certificates, allowing them to be trusted by consumers and distributors in having their products.

  1. JAKIM Halal: The halal certificate awarded by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department allows the users to know that the product is Muslim-friendly and its production adheres to the laws and practices when manufacturing goods.

  2. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI): The Malaysian Health Ministry issues the MeSTI certificate to confirm that the company's production procedure is safe and up to industry standards.

  3. ISO 9001: ISO 9001 helps companies to meet international criteria when it comes to the implementation of specified procedures, a focus on customers, and encouragement of ongoing development, the standards guarantee that organisations fulfil the criteria for customer satisfaction, regulations, and performance.

  4. Malaysian Brand: The SME Corporation Malaysia and SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. bestow the Malaysian brand designation to goods that uphold the nation's standards for excellence, distinctiveness, and product quality.

Packaging: The packaging of the latte powder is non-translucent and holds up to twelve 30g sachets. Each carton ordered will have 24 packs of latte powder. The small packaging makes it easy to be brought around and is easy to be kept in a different packaging such as a small bottle or Tupperware for the sachets.

Storage Instruction(s): Keep the latte powder optimally for prolonged shelf life. It should be stored in a dry room at room temperature and should last until its expiry date.

Latte Powder Overview

Today, more complicated drinks like bubble tea, matcha green tea, Sakura sparkling drink, and blue rose drinks have been introduced to the masses, allowing for a variety of choices that allows everyone to get something of their preference. However, back in simpler times, the most popular drinks were chai or coffees such as latte powder. The latte powder, originally known as caffè latte, is of Italian origin as it came into existence in the late 19th century. It was introduced as a milder and less concentrated version of espresso shots by mixing creamer into the coffee. Today, any alternative milk like almond milk, for example, can be added as latte coffee is made to cater to individual preferences.

It is a good morning beverage as it was initially common for breakfasts, and it was thought to be a way to begin the day with a mellower coffee flavor while still giving one a caffeine rush. It was frequently consumed by Italians with pastries or cookies. In the latter decades of the 20th century, the latte's appeal began to grow beyond Italy. Coffee shops in other nations started to offer lattes on their menus as Italian coffee culture spread internationally, satiating a rising demand for beverages made with espresso. The coffee culture that began to spread in the 80s and 90s along with the rise of Starbucks has also contributed to the popularity of the latte powder, as it introduces the drink to a larger audience and also receives a good reception due to its relaxing taste.

Today, latte powder coffee has seen itself evolve into different variations and integrated into different drinks. For example, vanilla or caramel-flavored lattes and latte powder are added with soy milk and almond milk. Initially, to make the latte powder, there are 3 steps that may be complex to go through. Firstly, use an espresso machine to make a shot of espresso. In this method, a portafilter is used to firmly compress finely ground coffee beans, which are then used to brew hot water under pressure. A delicious and concentrated espresso shot is the end product. Then, using the steam wand on an espresso maker, steam milk. The steam wand injects steam into the milk, heating it and producing microfoam at the same time. For a latte, the milk needs to be heated to a temperature of between 150°F and 160°F (65°C and 70°C).

Lastly, in a cup or glass, pour the espresso shot that has been made. With a spoon, gently pour the steaming milk into the cup while containing the froth. Add the remaining foam on the surface gently as you get close to the top, and you have got a latte! Sounds complicated, but with latte powder by De’Blenz latte is made easy and instant. Not needing the skills of a barista or needing to bother whether turmeric would be a good spice to add to make an exotic coffee from a culture you never tried, simply use the instant latte powder which you can use instantly and even bring anywhere outside of the home to the office.

About Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd

The company is founded in 1948 in Malaysia by two businessmen after they arrive from Hainan, China. Initially, a coffee shop that started with only 6 workers, the company has since grown into an established name that manufactures and distributes tea and coffee across the country along with other products such as cordials and juices.

Latte Powder's Specifications

- Features

  1. Instant
  2. Easy to brew
  3. Can add other ingredients according to preference
  4. Uses non-dairy creamer

- Packaging

  1. 12 sachets per pack
  2. 30g per sachet (360g per pack)
  3. 24 packs per carton

- Ideal usage

  1. Perfect to be served both hot and ice cold anytime of the day
  2. Convenient for office pantries to have

- Certification(s) and mentioning(s)

  1. JAKIM Halal
  2. ISO9001
  3. Makanan Selamat Tanggung Jawab Industri (MeSTI)
  4. Malaysian Brand

Latte Powder's Ingredient List:


 - Non-Dairy Creamer [Glucose syrup]
 - Hardened Vegetable Fat (Coconut/Palm Kernel Oil)
 - Sodium Caseinate
 - Stabilizers (E340, E452i)
 - Emulsifiers (E471, E472e)
 - Free Flowing Agent (E551)
 - Colour (E160a)]
 - Sugar
 - Instant Coffee Powder.

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Guan Tong Industries Sdn Bhd

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