Charmain's Venture Bulk Semolina Flour - 1000g

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Charmain's Venture
  • Coarse and pale yellow in color
  • Mildly earthy and nutty
  • Carotenoid-rich and high gluten wheat flour
  • 320 x 420 x 180 mm
  • 1000g x 12 packets per carton
  • 1000 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Charmain's Venture Bulk Semolina Flour - 1000g

Usage: Semolina flour is a multipurpose coarse flour that is frequently used in baking and cooking of many varieties. Durum wheat, a textured kind of wheat with high protein content, is used in the mass production of bulk semolina flour, giving this type of flour a distinctive flavour and texture. Despite being a somewhat common household item, not many know the right way to utilise semolina flour and what can be done with it. Here are some examples of items that can be made with semolina flour in bulk.

Making pasta in large batches is one of the common use for bulk semolina flour. When cooked, it has a firm, chewy texture that retains its shape well. Various types of noodles such as spaghetti and lasagna often benefit from the richness of the nutty flavour of semolina pasta, making it a hit with the elderly crowd.

In addition to that, our bulk semolina flour can also be used to produce loaves of bread and pastries in addition to pasta. The course texture of the flour gives these baked items a lovely golden crust as well as a satisfying crunch and texture. Not only that, our bulk semolina flour's high gluten concentration gives the dough structure and elasticity, which gives the final product a light and airy bite in every mouthful.

Additionally, you can also thicken soups and stews with Charmain’s Venture’s bulk semolina flour. With its rich gluten content, it gives every stew or gravy a velvety, smooth consistency that improves the dish's overall texture.

Furthermore, you can also use our pale yellow, bulk semolina flour in desserts that use semolina flour such as biscuits, scones, cookies and also various types of snaps. The bulk semolina flour will add a velvety exterior texture and flavour to puddings, cakes, and cookies whilst retaining that ‘snap’ for a crunchy bite and a somewhat gritty texture.

Certifications & Mentionings: As a leading manufacturer of healthy and natural food and beverages, Charmain's Venture is happy to have acquired the following accolades, which attest to the high quality of its products and services and are stated below as proof of authenticity and assurance:

  1. JAKIM Halal certified: JAKIM, Malaysia's regulating authority for Halal certification and responsible for assessing whether food, commerce, or services are Halal, is the Halal Division of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia. Charmain's Venture's large quantity of bulk semolina flour has received the aforementioned Halal certification, allowing customers, particularly Muslims, to be more confident in purchasing this product because it adheres to cleanliness criteria and Islamic rules by following the instructions.

  2. Without Any Artificial Flavourings & Colourings: All of Charmain's Venture's goods including our bulk semolina flour are created without the use of artificial flavourings and colourings, allowing consumers of all ages and health problems to enjoy the brand's healthy products.

  3. Zero Waste Policy: Charmain's Venture truly believes in a waste-free production line, thus all of its products, including the course, bulk semolina flour, are created from eco-friendly packaging materials, are ethically processed, and can be recycled.

Packaging: Charmain's Venture's nutty, bulk semolina flour is carefully packed in eco-friendly paper packaging that protects the product from external contamination. An easy-tear ridge around the top reinforces the package, as does a zip-lock seal, which keeps the grass flour weighing 1000g (35.2oz), airtight and fresh. In order to accommodate and ease the process of B2B order placements, here are the required details of our product:

1 Packet

1000g (35.2oz)

1 Carton

12 Packets

Min. Order

50 Cartons


Storage: Semolina flour's low moisture content allows it to have a longer shelf life than normal flour, making it a practical pantry need that can be stored for a long time without it going bad.

To retain the crisp quality of the bulk amounts of Durum flour, storing it in a dry and cold place or simply refrigerating it, away from direct sunlight and moisture will keep the gritty bulk semolina flour smooth and fresh by preventing oxidation.

Bulk Semolina Flour Overview

Semolina flour is known to be frequently used to produce pasta in both professional and home cooking. Its coarse texture contributes to the firm, chewy, and well-formed pasta that is synonymous with quality and excellence. The flavour of semolina flour, which is slightly nutty, gives depth and variety to a whole different range of pasta recipes. In relation to that, our bulk semolina flour can also be used to give soups and stews a smooth, velvety texture by acting as a thickening agent, whilst also simultaneously flavouring them.

The advantages of using bulk semolina flour in baking are countless and truly fascinating as well. The flour tends to give loaves of bread, pastries, and cookies a satisfying crunch and texture due to the course nature of the flour itself. But at the same time, our bulk semolina flour also gives baked goods structure and elasticity due to its high gluten concentration, resulting in a light and airy texture for each, individual loaf of bread or biscuit.

Did you know that semolina flour's high protein level is one of the primary components which gives dough its flexibility? For gluten to develop, protein is necessary and because of this, our bulk semolina flour is especially well suited for doughs that need structure and power, like pasta and bread in addition to aiding in the browning of baked foods, giving them a pleasing golden hue.

Fibre is another essential component of semolina flour that is beneficial for maintaining digestive health and controlling blood sugar levels. Compared to conventional all-purpose flour and other types of refined flours, Charmain’s Venture’s bulk semolina flour offers an additional source of nutritional fibre for all your dishes.

Beyond its distinct texture and flavour, semolina flour also has several advantages over normal wheat flour. Semolina is known for having a lower glycemic index than refined flour, therefore raising blood sugar levels more gradually. People who are managing diabetes or trying to control their blood sugar levels may find our bulk semolina flour to be helpful in giving a more well-rounded meal. Not only that, semolina flour is also a good source of iron, magnesium, and B vitamins, as well as other vitamins and minerals, making it an ideal choice for growing kids and toddlers.

About Charmain's Venture

At Charmain’s Venture, we are committed to providing our customers with unique, healthy natural foods and beverages, as well as health and wellness care items, because our main goal is more than just selling things; it is also about boosting local economic growth and making a positive and long-term impact on communities. We believe that everyone has the right to consume healthy and nutritious food, and we work hard to find the best ingredients for our products such as our line of instant drink mixes and flours such as our well-loved bulk semolina flour. We also strive to make the earth a better place for everyone by contributing to the development of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. 

Bulk Semolina Flour Specifications

  1. Net weight of 1000g (35.2oz)
  2. Shelf life of 1 year
  3. Course texture
  4. Pale yellow in colour
  5. Mildly nutty and earthy flavour
  6. Rich in Caretonoid & high in gluten
  7. Lower moisture content than regular flour
  8. Lower GI than refined flour
  9. Can be used as a thickening agent
  10. Ideal for making pasta, cakes and spaghetti

Ingredients: Durum wheat

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